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  • Updated 02/25/2015
  • Created 09/27/2008
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About BankItems

BankItems v6.1.0.0

Feb 25, 2015 (r226 on wowace)
For use with Live Servers v6.1.0.19678

An addon that remembers the contents of your bank, bags, mail, equipped, currency, auction house, void storage and display them anywhere in the world. Also able to remember/display the banks of any character on the same account on any server, as well as searching and exporting lists of bag/bank items out.

Type /bi or /bankitems to see what is currently in your bank. You must visit your bank once to initialize.
Type /bigb or /bankitemsgb to see what is currently in your bank. You must visit your guild bank once to initialize.

  • /bi clear : clear currently selected player's info
  • /bigb clear : clear currently selected guild's info

Read below for other commands.

BankItems will also remember the contents of Guild Banks if you are able to view them. Use /bigb to see them. Note that Guild Banks are a shared repository and changes can occur to it by other members of your guild.

  • Curse:
  • Project site:


These plugins allow clicking on the panel/plugin icon to open BankItems, giving a summarized view of inventory slots and money of each character on the same realm, and deleting data with the menu quickly.


  • /bi : open BankItems
  • /bi all : open BankItems and all bags
  • /bi allbank: open BankItems and all bank bags only
  • /bi clear : clear currently selected player's info
  • /bi clearall : clear all players' info
  • /bi showbuttun : show the minimap button
  • /bi hidebutton : hide the minimap button
  • /bi open charname : open bank of charname on the same server
  • /bi charname : open bank of charname on the same server
  • /bi search itemname : search for items
  • /bis itemname : search for items
  • /bigb : open BankItems guild bank
  • /bigb clear : clear currently selected guild's info

Most options are found in the GUI options panel.

Not a bug

If you close your bank after retrieving/storing an item in it too quickly and the server hasn't updated your inventory, BankItems is unable to record the change to your bank when the item actually moves later. The WoW API does not give you any data about your bank once BANK_FRAME_CLOSED event has fired.

Tooltip information regarding items on the Auction House, Mailbox and Guild Bank(s) may be out of date and thus be inaccurate. They will only be updated on your next visit to the respective places.


Original concept from Merphle
Last maintained by JASlaughter, then Galmok@Stormrage-EU.

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Change Log

Changes from v6.0.2.2 to v6.1.0.0 (25 Feb 2015)

  • For use with Live Server v6.1.0.19678
  • Fixed an error with search results being prefixed incorrectly with "Equipped:" for items not equipped.
  • Fixed global leak.
  • Remove BoP restriction from tooltip. (Hearthstone and Garrison Hearthstone excluded)
  • Key bindings to Addon category.
  • FIXED : Filter bags and bank, added to lower after replace accents
  • ADDED : Show pet species texture for caged pets in player bank and bags
  • ADDED : Export button now will include the equipped bags as items to export
  • UPDATED : /bi command when used to close frames it will close all open frames
  • FIXED: BankItems guild bank filtering should now update while only the BankItems guild bank is open.
  • FIXED: Moved setting of current tab above population loop for void storage frame to allow filter to work properly on tab changes.
  • UPDATED: Updated guild bank frame to support filtering and added search overlays to tabs. Filtering will only happen if the bank items guild bank frame is shown.
  • UPDATED: Added search overlays to void frame tabs.
  • UPDATED: Updated closed bags filtering to remove the need for an extra function and keep variables uniform between bags.
  • UPDATED: Merged void storage filtering back into main filter function since it was always called with the main filtering anyway.
  • FIXED: Fixed code for page/slot adjustment in reagent bag filter and added adjustments for void bag filter.
  • UPDATED: Make BankItems_SpecialCharactersLocalization work on more accented characters for all locales.
  • UPDATED: Updated reagent bank frame and general bank frame to use new localized filtering.
  • Ticket 50: Added hook for SetCurrencyTokenByID tooltip function. Should fix the issue with various ui frames not displaying counts in currency tooltips.
  • Fixed VoidStorage tab2 filter
  • Hightlight closed bag with items maching filter
  • Filter and search not accent sensitive
  • Search equipped bags (the bag itself)
  • Fix reagent bank and void storage highlight button not shown
  • ADDED: Alt and Ctrl clicking the LDB feed can now show Guild and Reagent banks
  • Ticket 43: Updated mail sending/return functions to work when recipient is the full charname-realmname format (connected realms and boa mailing).
  • Ticket 46: Updated GetAuctionItemInfo variables in BankItems_SaveAuctions function with patch from Mithdoronir.
  • UPDATED: Bank open slash command now also supports characters on different realms using charname-realmname format.
  • ADDED: New frames to display contents of void storage and reagent bank that look similar to the Blizzard frames.
  • UPDATED: Void storage and reagent bank saving functions adjusted so saved variables will reflect empty slots for new frame displays. Must visit void storage on each character after update for empty spaces to be recorded and displayed properly.
  • ADDED: New options to revert to the old method of displaying void storage and reagent bank in bags.
  • UPDATED: Coding to various functions updated to so the old bag display method for void storage and reagent bank skips empty slots despite new save method reflecting them.
  • UPDATED: Item button frames and functions now use the default "icon" and "Count" keys created by ItemButtonTemplate inheritance instead of concatenated global references being assigned to the "texture" and "count" keys.
  • UPDATED: Removed global name for GBButtonAr frames since the new local keys remove the need for a global reference on these buttons.
  • ADDED: Registered PLAYERREAGENTBANKSLOTS_CHANGED event so reagent bank contents update while crafting.
  • UPDATED: Void storage and reagent bank saving functions now check to make sure the currently selected bag page isn't greater than the new maximum page number to avoid getting stuck in an empty bag page.

Changes from v60000 to v6.0.2.2 (22 October 2014)

  • For use with Live Server v6.0.2.19034
  • VERSION: Naming changed (WoW client version + Addon sub version)
  • UPDATED: koKR and zhTW localization.
  • FIXED: Invalid total string position at total money frame.

Changes from v50004 to v60000 (19 October 2014)

  • For use with Live Server v6.0.2.19034
  • NEW: Added Reagent Bank support
  • NEW: Supports Void Storage page 2
  • UPDATED: "Show All Realms" option is now persistent
  • FIXED: Battle pet cage in inventory or bank now shows correctly
  • Fixed various bugs.

Changes from v50002 to v50003 (13 October 2012)

  • For use with Live Servers v5.0.5.16135.
  • FIXED: Fixed incorrect item linking bug introduced in the last update.

Changes from v50001 to v50002 (7 October 2012)

  • For use with Live Servers v5.0.5.16057.
  • UPDATED: Add workaround for crash problems with the game client if the user has taint log enabled.
  • NEW: Added Void Storage support (thanks cybermind)
  • FIXED: Fix the bug where a 4-slot or smaller sized bag doesn't display the bottom background texture.

Changes from v40300 to v50001 (23 September 2012)

  • For use with Live Servers v5.0.5.16057.
  • UPDATED: Upgrade all saved data to new itemlinks format.
  • UPDATED: Added search filtering. Does not work for bankitems guild bank.
  • FIXED: Remove Keyring and ranged slot + ammo (thanks iceeagle), and remove their data.
  • NEW: Add ptBR and itIT localization files - the actual localizations are not in though.

Changes from v40200 to v40300 (3 December 2011)

  • For use with Live Servers v4.3.0.15050.
  • FIXED: Fix errors caused by patch 4.3 when visiting the Auction House.
  • TO BE IMPLEMENTED: Void Storage/Bag search filter.

Changes from v40000 to v40200 (3 July 2011)

  • For use with Live Servers v4.2.0.14333.
  • FIXED: Fix errors with the export/search result frame's scrolling edit box.
  • UPDATED: Reimplemented currency recording.

Changes from v30300 to v40000 (13 October 2010)

  • For use with Live Servers v4.0.1.13164 or Cataclysm Beta Servers v4.0.3.13117.
  • UPDATED: All stored data for items are updated to the Cataclysm item format.
  • FIXED: Fix bug where ammo is not registering as unequipped when you unequip ammo.
  • FIXED: Fix error that occurs for freshly created characters.
  • UPDATED: Items with the same name but with different itemIDs (such as heroic and non-heroic versions of the same item) are now treated as different items in the tooltips.
  • UPDATED: Upgrade all saved data to Cataclysm itemlinks.
  • NEW: Add "/bi open charname" and "/bi charname" command to open the bank of desired character on the same server.
  • TODO: Currency recording is temporarily disabled. The live servers, beta servers and PTR servers are too different.

Changes from v30200 to v30300 (24 December 2009)

  • For use with Live Servers v3.3.0.11159.
  • FIXED: Ammo will no longer count double when equipped.
  • NEW: Add support for oGlow (github version -, not the wowinterface one).

Changes from v30100 to v30200 (16 August 2009)

  • For use with Live Servers v3.2.0.10192.
  • NEW: Added a checkbox to toggle displaying data from the opposite faction (affects both dropdowns and tooltips).
  • UPDATED: Items on the Auction House are now shown in the tooltip information. Note that this information can be inaccurate if these items are sold or expired.

Changes from v30002 to v30100 (9th June 2009)

  • FIXED: Fix rare "selfPlayer (nil value)" error.
  • UPDATED: Remove all pre-Wrath compatibility code.
  • UPDATED: Export now exports equipped gear as well.
  • UPDATED: BankItems now uses the WoWAce localization system at
  • UPDATED: Update BankItems tooltip information to work with LinkWrangler's dynamic frame creation.
  • UPDATED: Linking items from BankItems should now behave like the default UI (including being able to link into the AH search box).
  • UPDATED: Significantly reduce string garbage generation. Also some code optimizations.
  • UPDATED: When taking items from the mailbox, the tooltip information is now updated immediately.
  • UPDATED: Add esES localization.
  • NEW: Currency tokens are now recorded.
  • NEW: The contents of the Keyring are now recorded.
  • NEW: Items you have put up for auction are now recorded when you visit the Auction House. These items are not included in searches or tooltips.
  • NEW: Register a LDB launcher if LDB-1.1 is detected during VARIABLES_LOADED.
  • NEW: BankItems will now only show/search characters and guilds from the same faction and realm. You will need to login at least once per character/guild for BankItems to save faction information otherwise these characters will no longer show up unless the "Show/Search All Realms" checkbox is checked.

Changes from v30001 to v30002 (24th October 2008)

  • FIXED: Fix errors that occur when used with HealPoints.
  • FIXED: Fix errors that occur when clearing data of a player/guildbank.
  • REMOVED: Removed support for Saeris' Lootlink, which is discontinued and no longer works in patch 3.0.2.

Changes from v30000 to v30001 (15th October 2008)

  • For use with Live Servers v3.0.2.9056 or WotLK Beta Servers v3.0.2.9061.
  • FIXED: Fix errors that appear when opening the Addon options frame.

Changes from v24001 to v30000 (14th October 2008)

  • For use with Live Servers v3.0.2.9056 or WotLK Beta Servers v3.0.2.9061.
  • FIXED: Fix errors resulting from the base UI code being rewritten to use locals and "self" arguments in WotLK.
  • UPDATED: Delay creation of some 600+ child frames and textures (mostly item buttons) until they are shown (saves 50kb). Experimental. May screw up Skinner.
  • UPDATED: Add upgrade function to convert old TBC format links to new WotLK format links.

Changes from v24000 to v24001 (16th May 2008)

  • For use with Live Servers v2.4.2.8278.
  • CODING: Removed redundant semicolons and brackets.
  • FIXED: Fix deleted/returned flags that mark if a mail item is going to be deleted or returned when it expires. Existing incorrect flags remain incorrect until you next visit the mailbox.
  • UPDATED: BankItems no longer stores iconpath data or itemcount data if it is 1. This results in roughly 30% reduction in savedvariable size.

Changes from v23003 to v24000 (27th March 2008)

  • For use with Live Servers v2.4.0.8089.
  • ADDED: Store mail expiry time for each item in the mailbox.
  • ADDED: New option to ignore soulbound items that are not stackable for tooltip information.
  • UPDATED: Moved the options window into the default UI's new Interace Options panel.

Changes from v23002 to v23003 (9th January 2008)

  • For use with Live Servers v2.3.2.7741.
  • FIXED: Fix for BankItems.lua: 3894: attempt to call global 'GetUIPanelWindowInfo' (a nil value)

Changes from v23001 to v23002 (2nd January 2008)

  • FIXED: Add a tooltip:Show() to force tooltip repainting after adding tooltip information.
  • FIXED: *Very- aggressively cache tooltip text that is added for performance (slight memory increase).
  • FIXED: Switched method of hooking tooltips to improve performance (credit to Siz).
  • FIXED: Rebuild alt-cache on returning items to an existing alt.
  • ADDED: Added a button to open BIGB in BankItems.

For older changes going all the way back to 2006, read the first part of BankItems.lua.

r227 | nbluewiz | 2015-02-26 02:13:29 +0000 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/ (from /trunk:226)

tag as
r226 | burstroc | 2015-02-26 01:02:47 +0000 (Thu, 26 Feb 2015) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BankItems.toc

Bump TOC version
Tag as
r225 | burstroc | 2015-02-09 03:46:51 +0000 (Mon, 09 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BankItems.lua

Fixed an error with search results being prefixed incorrectly with "Equipped:" for items not equipped.
r224 | nbluewiz | 2015-01-15 00:44:40 +0000 (Thu, 15 Jan 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BankItems.lua

Fix global leak.


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  • #238

    I was excited to use this addon as the idea seems very useful. However, it is of no use to me at all! The addon does not tell the difference between "sub accounts" on my BattleNet ID. I have 1 BattleNet account, with 2 sub-accounts.

    My main is on one sub-account, and my alts are on another sub-account, but both are are on the same battle net account. When I log onto my alts, it scans their bank slots as it should do and creates a small profile for each character, but then when I log on to my main, that data cannot be seen at all.

    I just thought I'd leave this feedback, because it's hugely disappointing that the addon cannot work with multiple accounts. I sincerely hope that it's possible to add this feature to it.

    Last edited by Rentapest on 8/15/2012 8:02:33 AM
  • #241

    u cannot use any addon to record any data on other account, because each account save their own character data (including addon data) on different folder. most addons, if not all, only read data on the log-in account, i dont know if WoW have any restriction on the addons for reading datas on other folder. If it could, just imagine some malicious addon trying to read ur personal folders......

  • #240

    I've been using this addon with multiple accounts, and what I have to do is not elegant, but it works.

    When I log between accounts I go to the ...\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\accountname\SavedVariables directory and manually copy the BankItems.lua file from the account I've been playing to the one I am going to play next. Clunky, but it gets the job done.

  • #239

    Addons are only able to save data per character or per WoW account. They are not able to save data that is accessible to another WoW account (including another one on the same account).

  • #237

    There may already be a way to do this,if so i appologize (any help figuring out would be great).  But would love to see a way of searching the bank that would allow me to find yellow items scattered across characters.  Otherwise love this addon and thanks for all the hard work.

    Last edited by destacio on 6/9/2012 9:18:44 AM
  • #235

    I absolutely love this addon, I have been using it for years, with all 10 character slots filled, it comes in very handy.  I would like to suggest an update that includes the void storage of each character if that would be possible.  I often find myself getting random drops and wondering if I already have it saved for my transmog gear.  Thanks so much for your hard work!

  • #236

    Look at my post directly below.

  • #234

    Note: I am not the author of BankItems.

    I added Void Storage support to the latest version of BankItems. I do not know if this will work as a drop-in upgrade to previous versions, so upgrade to the latest version above first.

    The icon for the Void Storage "bag" is located next to the Currency bag icon (it's kind of an ugly place, but it works). It is considered a "bank bag" for the purposes of search filtering, but not for keybinds/commands that open up windows (i.e. it will not open up with /bi allbank).

    I uploaded the replacement BankItems.lua file to one of my addon's sites:

    Just unzip into the Wow\Interface\Addons\ folder like you were upgrading the addon normally and reload.

    Last edited by cybermind on 4/12/2012 10:14:49 PM
  • #232

    While on the Spine of Deathwing tonight in Looking-For-Raid, I was setting a Corrupted Amalgamation to my focus subject (to monitor its blood stacks) and Bank Items bugged out on me and disabled itself midbattle. I spent about thirty-forty five seconds waiting for a loading screen so I could get back into battle. This is a great program for using multiple characters but is causing lots of issues in-game for me by somehow affecting my wow default "user interface." I really hope I can continue to use this program without it hindering my gameplay. Also wishing there was someway to delete data from deleted characters, or if there is, I wish I knew how to do that.

  • #231

    I have a request to cross link the item "Enchanting: Enchanting Boots - Mastery with Scroll "Enchant Boots - Mastery"

    This would allow me to see all the stats that Bankitems provides as basic while I look through my enchanting skill book.

  • #230

    Would be great if will be seen exact Tab (1-8) and Column (1-7) in guild bank where item is located =)
    <Guild Name> have ## [Tab / Column]

  • #227

    It looks like there isn't any real reason (for me) to update right now, since you just changed the tag in the TOC.

    Anyways I LOVE your addon, and I don't mind waiting a bit for the void storage addition. Nevertheless, I hope you don't stretch out the work too long. Keep up the good work!

  • #228

    Well, you should update anyway, otherwise you may encounter errors when visiting the AH. The AH API changed in 4.3 with a new return value in the middle.

  • #225
    Patch 4.3



    ... would give a lap dance for an update :o)

  • #224

    Please update the Void Storage area to this addon I love it. <3

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