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About BankStack

BankStack is the leading cause of things moving in your bags and bank.


  • sorts your inventory, bank, or guild bank
  • fills incomplete stacks in your bank with items from your inventory
  • compresses your bags by filling incomplete stacks within them
  • puts a chicken in every pot, and pot in every chicken

Quick command reference:

/bankstack : show configuration
/sort : rearrange your bags
/sort bank : rearrange your bank
/stack : fills stacks in your bank from your bags
/stack bank bags : fills stacks in your bags from your bank
/stack {group1} {group2} : fills stacks in group2 from group1
/compress : merges stacks in your bags
/compress bank : merges stacks in your bank
/compress {group} : merges stacks in group
/fill : fill empty slots in your bank from your bags
/fill {group1} {group2} : fill empty slots in group2 from group1

In the /bankstack configuration you'll find sections for "ignore" and "groups". Here's a bit of elaboration on the syntax for those parts.

You need, regrettably, to hear about bag ids first. Each bag has a number which addons use to interact with it.

Your bags are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Your bank is: -1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

To ignore slot 1 of bag 0, the first slot in your backpack, go to the "ignore" panel and put "0 1" into the textfield and click "okay".

Groups are similar. Let's say that you're a herbalist, and only want to do some things to your herb bags.

You could put this into the "groups" textbox: herbs 3,4 Or this: bankherbs 10,11

You now have two custom groups, herbs and bankherbs. Presumably you keep massive herb bags in slots 3 and 4, and are making lots of money from this because you have the two most expensive bank slots as well (10 and 11).

Having created these groups you could:

/stack herbs bankherbs

Which would fill up stacks in your bank herb bags from stacks in your personal herb bags.

Predefined groups are: bank, bags, guild, all, and a few more. Click the "list" button in the groups config to see these.

There's an experimental faster guild-bank mode which you can enable by typing:

/script BankStack.db.conservative_guild = false

(This mode may not work well yet. We'll see.)

tag v35
David Lynch <>
2014-10-15 11:55:30 -0500

Tagging v35


David Lynch:
    - If you haven't bought the reagent bank, nothing can go into it


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  • #174

    Works as intended! Flawless! THANK YOU for saving me hours at a time!

  • #170

    When sorting my guild bank, I frequently have to run the addon twice to get everything sorted.

    Note:  I'm the only player in my guild.  My guild bank is full of inscription inks.

    Last edited by s-conley on 9/17/2012 6:51:28 AM
  • #171

    I'm having a variation on this issue, when filling in stacks from my bags to my bank, it often does 1 or 2 moves and then just hangs so I have to abort it and run it again and again. Annoying when it tells me it has 40 moves to make.

  • #169

    Hello! I wanted to congratulate you on this add-on. The improvements in the algorithms are truly notable. Just a quick feature request: is it possible to make it so it organizes the items by Alphabetical order rather than by type? I say this because it would be so much easier to order xmog items (and to see what parts I'm missing to completing sets). Thank you!

  • #168

    <p>I love this add-on! I have a problem though. I cannot get it to sort my guild bank anymore. It says perfection exists, but it doesn't, or it gets confused and stops. Any suggestions? I don't know if the command has changed, as I have not used it for a while at the guild bank. But I used to use /sort guild1, etc.</p>
    <p>Please help! Love this add-on!</p>

    EDIT:  I found where you do the groups and love the idea of sorting the entire guild bank. It stopped sorting though and didn't give me a message until I tried to start it again and it said a sorter was already working. Also, I read the comments and there was a comment about stacking by level. Is that possible and if so, how do I do that? We have a guild tab that is high end enchants, gems, gear etc. would like to sort that by type then level. Is that possible?

    Last edited by Peyana on 9/10/2012 10:29:17 AM
  • #167

    Any chance to get a way to sort across multiple tabs of a bank? would make searching a hell of a lot easier

  • #165

    I use v26 and the keyboard shortcut does not work. I set a shortcut at WoW keyboard setting for Compress Bag, but nothing happen.

  • #166

    It's ok with v27! Thanks :)

  • #164

    I love this addon, have been using since LK, but another same question like MagicMike304, there`s a way, or gonna be a way to ignore a entire bag? Because if I have bags with 22 slots, or more, gonna be a pain in the a$$ ignore all slots, and if change the position of the bag, or the bag, gonna have to change all again, or add/remove slot by slot.

    But it`s a great addon, and i just wanna see even better!


  • #163
    Faster guild bank sort -

    Is much faster only problem is sometimes it just stops for no reason. doesn't say anything just stops. Only thing i do is close and reopen the guild bank to start over.

  • #160

    Have a question?

    1. can i get this addon to sort certin types of items into certin bags? If yes how?

    2. Is there a way to get this addon to never type a certin item type namely the bind to account items?

    if you could hit me up with a reply or PM with the info that would be great Smile

  • #159

    Love this addon! A feature request: leave X amount of space between grouped items :)

  • #158

    Is there a way to change how it sorts equipment?  I have a guild bank tab specifically for gear and id like it to be sorted by the equip level, not by equip slot (so I can just grab the gear in order, once my enchanter is able to DE it).

    Life:  A sexually transmitted disease with no cure and 100% mortality rate.

  • #161

    me too , what the equip be sorted by i lvl

    how do this?

  • #156
    Ignore entire bag

    How can I go about ignoring an entire bag? For example I want to ignore bag 4. Just typing 4 into the ignore doesn't seem to work. Do I have to do "4 1" "4 2" "4 3" until I covered all the slots? I'm hoping not. lol.

    Last edited by MagicMike304 on 1/8/2012 1:57:17 AM
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