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About BankStack

BankStack is the leading cause of things moving in your bags and bank.


  • sorts your inventory, bank, or guild bank
  • fills incomplete stacks in your bank with items from your inventory
  • compresses your bags by filling incomplete stacks within them
  • puts a chicken in every pot, and pot in every chicken

Quick command reference:

/bankstack : show configuration
/sort : rearrange your bags
/sort bank : rearrange your bank
/stack : fills stacks in your bank from your bags
/stack bank bags : fills stacks in your bags from your bank
/stack {group1} {group2} : fills stacks in group2 from group1
/compress : merges stacks in your bags
/compress bank : merges stacks in your bank
/compress {group} : merges stacks in group
/fill : fill empty slots in your bank from your bags
/fill {group1} {group2} : fill empty slots in group2 from group1

In the /bankstack configuration you'll find sections for "ignore" and "groups". Here's a bit of elaboration on the syntax for those parts.

You need, regrettably, to hear about bag ids first. Each bag has a number which addons use to interact with it.

Your bags are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 Your bank is: -1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

To ignore slot 1 of bag 0, the first slot in your backpack, go to the "ignore" panel and put "0 1" into the textfield and click "okay".

Groups are similar. Let's say that you're a herbalist, and only want to do some things to your herb bags.

You could put this into the "groups" textbox: herbs 3,4 Or this: bankherbs 10,11

You now have two custom groups, herbs and bankherbs. Presumably you keep massive herb bags in slots 3 and 4, and are making lots of money from this because you have the two most expensive bank slots as well (10 and 11).

Having created these groups you could:

/stack herbs bankherbs

Which would fill up stacks in your bank herb bags from stacks in your personal herb bags.

Predefined groups are: bank, bags, guild, all, and a few more. Click the "list" button in the groups config to see these.

There's an experimental faster guild-bank mode which you can enable by typing:

/script BankStack.db.conservative_guild = false

(This mode may not work well yet. We'll see.)

tag v35
David Lynch <>
2014-10-15 11:55:30 -0500

Tagging v35


David Lynch:
    - If you haven't bought the reagent bank, nothing can go into it


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  • #223

    Just type `/sort guild` and it should do it across all the tabs.

  • #229

    I can't test this because of the other issue that a bunch have posted about bank sorting stopping. 

  • #221

    I would like to see some sorting configuration possibilities, my guildies and I are a litttle OCD and the way this sorts through items seems to be a little off. Things like sorting by level for gear and cooking items in order of skill level (from the start of the guild bank. On top of that the option to order things in categories such as head|shoulders|chest|back etc. if this is part of the grouping system I really can't get my head around how that works without knowing which items are being categoriezed under which names.

    Let me know what you think. Will this be in a future update?

    Last edited by mysticlloyd on 3/18/2013 10:59:46 PM
  • #213

    Probably not the fix every one is looking for but i manage to get the addon working again by increasing the Processing Delay (Guild) to 1 in the settings under the Advanced options. I tried all the lower settings and although it would run a little longer it would never complete for me until i set it all the way to 1. Im just happy i can get it to work even if its slow, its better than nothing imo. Good luck :)

  • #227

    How large is your guild bank that your sorting ? Mine is max tabs with a pretty full inventory of items. I cant get past the first tab without it timing out and saying its confused. I have the guild bank cautious tabbed clicked and the settings at max so it takes its time. Any ideas on how to get it working ?

  • #234

    I'm able to sort with each tab in my guild bank at full one tab at a time at the settings I described without the add on stopping. Not sure why its working for me and not for most every one else. Maybe reaction time from the servers may very a slight for each server and I'm just lucking out. All I can say for now until the auther is able to come up with a fix, is to fiddle with the settings and see if you can find one that works for you. Good luck ;)

    Last edited by Droffilc_1 on 3/17/2013 1:10:50 AM
  • #218

    Do you have the "cautious guild" option in BankStack's advanced settings turned on or off?

  • #219

    I have it turned on. :)

  • #214

    I turned everything up to 1 in advanced and yes it works a bit better but still fails sometimes mid sort if you have a lot of moves to action, I guess it's something for the time being. I actually don't mind it being that slow just wish the fails would stop. I have looked at other sorting addons and noticed they are all failing in a similar fashion after 5.2, hopefully it gets sorted.

  • #215

    I would prefer Blizzard stop being stingy with bank activity or make their own sorting utility that runs server-side. Right now all they're doing is dragging things out unneccesarily to accomplish someting they won't even openly express to the community so we can work with them to that end. Oddly, communication can have positive results.

  • #212

    Not working properly anymore, even after the 5.2 updated ver. After a few guild bank moves it stops and your cursor changes into the last item that was being moved, and won't go any further until you either click a place to set the item or right click to cancel in open area. It will begin going again for a bit after this but will abort and say it's confused.

  • #216

    Do you have the "cautious guild" option in BankStack's advanced settings turned on or off?

  • #220

    yes, i have cautious guild option set on and after looking back here I have also set all the timing options all the way up to 1. It still breaks on occaision with that, but if i reloadui it will sometimes fix it. It almost seems that we need to be able to make the advanced settings even slower than 1

  • #209

    As of 5.2 I can no longer get this Addon to work for my guild bank. Last night (5.1) it worked fine, but today (5.2) it won't work for my guild. Still works great for my bank and for my bags.

    Issue: After I start sorting via /sort guild1 or whichever tab it may be, it prints to chat how many moves it has to make, and then it will start moving but after like 2 or 3, it stops and I have to leave my bank and come back to start again. When it stops it does so while an item is selected so if I click in a bank spot it will drop that item there, but I still have to leave and come back to continue sorting.

  • #217

    Do you have the "cautious guild" option in BankStack's advanced settings turned on or off?

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