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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 21,702,947 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 09/14/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 4.6.7
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About Bartender4

Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars.

WoW 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor

The latest version of Bartender (4.6.0) is fully compatible with WoW 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor!


  • Support for all Action Bars and all related bars
    • 10 Action Bars
    • Stance Bar
    • Pet Bar
    • Bag Bar
    • Micro Menu
    • XP/Reputation Bar
  • All Bars are fully customizable (Scale, Alpha, Fade-Out settings, ...)
  • Very flexible and customizable Show/Hide driver based on Macro Conditions
  • Additional Layout and Paging settings for Action Bars
    • Page all bars based on Stance or Modifier
    • Possess Bar support
    • Custom State driver support with Macro Conditions
  • Options to hide specific elements of the buttons (Macro Text, HotKey, more could be added on demand)
  • StickyFrames support
  • Masque/ButtonFacade support!
  • Easy Hotkey Binding using KeyBound
  • Options to control the hiding of the default blizzard artwork (you might still want that to be displayed..)


Q: How do i access the Configuration?
A: You can open the configuration with the Slash Commands (/bt or /bartender) or through the Bartender4 LDB plugin.

Q: Can Bartender4 import settings from Bartender3?
A: No. Those two mods are too different to be able to import settings.

Q: Where are my keybindings? And how do i bind new keys?
A: BT3 Keybindings will not be ported over either, you have to use the new KeyBound to re-bind your keys. You can access KeyBound by its slash command (/kb) or through the button in the BT4 config. Hover a button, press key → voila!

Q: CyCircled Support? I like my button skins? :(
A: No reason to cry! There is a sparkling new skinning addon/library out there! ButtonFacade is way easier to work with as a action-bar author, and its easier to write skins for it too! Alot of cyCircled Skins have already been ported to ButtonFacade, and more are on their way! After installing ButtonFacade just use its configuration to change the skin of the BT4 buttons (/bf)

Q: How do i disable the snapping of the bars?
A: Currently, you can temporarily override the snapping by holding down the Shift Key while moving your bars, or uncheck the option in the popup when your bars are unlocked.

Feature Requests/Bug Tracker

Please submit Bugs and/or Feature Requests using the Ticket System on the WoWAce Project page or in the Bartender4 Forum Thread. Please provide as many information as possible, including your client language, the exact version you are running, how to reproduce any errors, and a stack trace, if applicable.

WoWAce Project: Bartender4 on WoWAce
Custom State Header: Info page on WoWAce
Forums: Bartender4 Forum Thread
ButtonFacade: WoWAce ButtonFacade Project

tag 4.6.7
Hendrik Leppkes <>
2015-02-24 15:31:01 +0100

Tag as 4.6.7


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - TOC for 6.1
    - Improve micro menu padding in the blizzard preset
    - Fix micro menu in 6.1


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  • #2911
    Now Bartender isn't working at all with this last patch.
  • #2913
    In my experience the single biggest factor in updated addons not working after the patch is the player's failure to wipe out their WTF folder and start again. This often is necessary because your old settings use commands, features that have been obsoleted by the patch.

    Start fresh, you will have far fewer problems.
  • #2951
    I downloaded the previous release 4.4.11 and now BT4 is working.
  • #2950
    I downloaded the previous release 4.4.11 and now BT4 is working.
  • #2910
    The Guild Tab is not showing on the micro menu... Is there a setting I have missed or does it need to be added?
    Thanks! Great Addon!
  • #2905
    The next/previous action bar hotkey to change "bar 1" does not work like it used to.
    Would love for this issue to be resolved in the near future. its a big deal with my play style
  • #2906
    Pull up the Bartender options, choose Bar 1 on the left pane, choose the State Configuration tab on the right pane, and make sure that ActionBar Paging is checked.

    (You only need it on this bar.)
  • #2907
    Thank you very much Tziamat :D
  • #2903
    Pressing 'o' used to open the guild/social pane. However, it's still opening the guild pane when it should open the social pane ('j' is now guild). Is this your addon somewhere maybe? Others with Bartender seem to have the same issue.
  • #2902
    Hi there, first off great addon.

    I am having an issue in game with the new version of bartender.
    At the moment, I have a couple bars that overlay each other. This is due to specific needs for multiple characters. Ie: I have Bar 10, which I only use for my shaman, over the Stance Bar, in the same position, which I only use on my Druid.

    However, before this current patch, I used to be able to 'click through' so to speak, the Bar 10 on my druid and hit the stances. Now, I cannot do that, and must hit click through on bar 10 so i can get to it. THEN when i go back to my shaman, I have to 'reactivate' the bar in order to use it. And so on and so forth when i switch characters.

    I never had to do this before, but now I do.
  • #2899
    Addons such as Inline Aura and Dominos BuffTimes don't seem to work on my bartender bars, but they do work on default bars. I can't seem to find an option to turn on this functionality in those addons or in bartender. Any ideas how to fix this?
  • #2898
    Any way to get the fly-out option to work for the new "Call Pet" for hunters? Only way I can get it to work is to put individual pets out. Thanks for awesome Addon btw.
  • #2904
    Hmmm works for me....
  • #2897
    Got home from work excited to see an update that I hoped would resolve the button dragging issue but sadly it is not solved :( If I have shift pressed and click a button I can (inadvertently) move it both in and out of combat. Every addon disabled except BT4 and it happens. Deleted everything in WTF folder and the problem persists :(
  • #2896
    really cool addon, but the last patch put the world map and calendar buttons covering the mob level. Is there a way I can fix it, still new to addons. thanks
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