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  • World of Warcraft
  • 701,717 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 21,775,314 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/24/2015
  • Created 09/14/2008
  • 18,379 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 4.6.7
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About Bartender4

Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars.

WoW 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor

The latest version of Bartender (4.6.0) is fully compatible with WoW 6.0 and Warlords of Draenor!


  • Support for all Action Bars and all related bars
    • 10 Action Bars
    • Stance Bar
    • Pet Bar
    • Bag Bar
    • Micro Menu
    • XP/Reputation Bar
  • All Bars are fully customizable (Scale, Alpha, Fade-Out settings, ...)
  • Very flexible and customizable Show/Hide driver based on Macro Conditions
  • Additional Layout and Paging settings for Action Bars
    • Page all bars based on Stance or Modifier
    • Possess Bar support
    • Custom State driver support with Macro Conditions
  • Options to hide specific elements of the buttons (Macro Text, HotKey, more could be added on demand)
  • StickyFrames support
  • Masque/ButtonFacade support!
  • Easy Hotkey Binding using KeyBound
  • Options to control the hiding of the default blizzard artwork (you might still want that to be displayed..)


Q: How do i access the Configuration?
A: You can open the configuration with the Slash Commands (/bt or /bartender) or through the Bartender4 LDB plugin.

Q: Can Bartender4 import settings from Bartender3?
A: No. Those two mods are too different to be able to import settings.

Q: Where are my keybindings? And how do i bind new keys?
A: BT3 Keybindings will not be ported over either, you have to use the new KeyBound to re-bind your keys. You can access KeyBound by its slash command (/kb) or through the button in the BT4 config. Hover a button, press key → voila!

Q: CyCircled Support? I like my button skins? :(
A: No reason to cry! There is a sparkling new skinning addon/library out there! ButtonFacade is way easier to work with as a action-bar author, and its easier to write skins for it too! Alot of cyCircled Skins have already been ported to ButtonFacade, and more are on their way! After installing ButtonFacade just use its configuration to change the skin of the BT4 buttons (/bf)

Q: How do i disable the snapping of the bars?
A: Currently, you can temporarily override the snapping by holding down the Shift Key while moving your bars, or uncheck the option in the popup when your bars are unlocked.

Feature Requests/Bug Tracker

Please submit Bugs and/or Feature Requests using the Ticket System on the WoWAce Project page or in the Bartender4 Forum Thread. Please provide as many information as possible, including your client language, the exact version you are running, how to reproduce any errors, and a stack trace, if applicable.

WoWAce Project: Bartender4 on WoWAce
Custom State Header: Info page on WoWAce
Forums: Bartender4 Forum Thread
ButtonFacade: WoWAce ButtonFacade Project

tag 4.6.7
Hendrik Leppkes <>
2015-02-24 15:31:01 +0100

Tag as 4.6.7


Hendrik Leppkes:
    - TOC for 6.1
    - Improve micro menu padding in the blizzard preset
    - Fix micro menu in 6.1


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  • #4429

    I can confirm I have this too, was just coming here to see if anyone had the same issue.

    I read elsewhere enabling the Rep bar fixes it but that hasn't worked for me.


  • #4426

    Please remove the in-combat config blocker, or add an option to disable it.

  • #4424

    there seems to be some sort of bug when it comes to warlock spells that have charges.


    as a destruction warlock, conflagrate has 2 charges. you can use it back to back, or once and then wait until 3 backdraft stacks are used, and then recast after dropping backdraft stacks and wait for it to regain a charge.

    the issue appears to be that the ability lights up and says it has a charge when in fact it is still on cooldown for 4-6 seconds, giving the indication that the ability is available for use when in fact it isn't.

    this issue also comes up with various demonolgy spells such as demonic slash, and hand of gul'dan.

    also, while not exactly related, some spells are showing up wrong for different specs. this could be a blizzard ui related issue and not something that pertains to bartender in particular, but an example would be where i switch specs from demo to destro, and where immolate should be on my bar, it appears as corruption, in icon and tooltip. /reload seems to resolve this issue, but for demonology it persists due to stance dancing. example: go into meta, shadow bolt becomes demonic slash, leave meta and it remains as demonic slash.

  • #4423

    ExtraActionButton1 for Ultraxion/Madness does not show up.

    Macro /click ExtraActionButton1 for the time being...

  • #4425

    Just did Ultraxion LFR, and it was there.

  • #4421

    Got this trying to set a focus target:

    Date: 2012-08-31 00:29:12
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: AddOn: Bartender4
    Count: 1
    Message: Error: AddOn Bartender4 attempted to call a forbidden function (FocusUnit()) from a tainted execution path.
    [C]: FocusUnit()
    ..\FrameXML\UnitPopup.lua:1677: func()
    ..\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:710: UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick()
    [string "*:OnClick"]:1:
    [string "*:OnClick"]:1
    Swatter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    WowheadLooter, v50005
    NPCScan, v5.0.0.1
    NPCScanOverlay, v5.0.0.1
    ACP, v3.4
    AucAdvanced, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucFilterBasic, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucFilterOutlier, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucMatchUndercut, v5.14.5335.5225(5.14/embedded)
    AucStatHistogram, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucStatiLevel, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucStatPurchased, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucStatSales, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucStatSimple, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucStatStdDev, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucStatWOWEcon, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.14.5335.5133(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilAppraiser, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilAskPrice, v5.14.5335.5160(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilCompactUI, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.14.5335.5238(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilFixAH, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.14.5335.5237(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilScanButton, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilScanFinish, v5.14.5335.5153(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilScanProgress, v5.14.5335.4979(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilScanStart, v5.14.5335.5153(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilSearchUI, v5.14.5335.5335(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilSimpleAuction, v5.14.5335.5208(5.14/embedded)
    AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.14.5335.4828(5.14/embedded)
    Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)
    Bartender4, v4.5.1
    BeanCounter, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    Chatter, v1.0
    Configator, v5.1.DEV.330(/embedded)
    DBMCore, v
    DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.312(/embedded)
    EasyMail, v
    Informant, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.324(/embedded)
    OmniCC, v5.0.1
    SexyMap, v2.0
    SLDataText, v5.0.0
    Stubby, v5.14.5335 (KowariOnCrutches)
    SunnArt, v3.60
    TidyPlates, v6.7.0 (R521)
    TidyPlatesGraphite, v
    TidyPlatesGrey, v
    TidyPlatesNeon, v
    TidyPlatesQuatre, v
    TidyPlatesThreatPlates, v6.001
    TidyPlatesHub, v
    TidyPlatesWidgets, v
    TipHelper, v5.12.DEV.315(/embedded)
    BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v5.0.4.50001 <us>


  • #4419

    I am using this in addition to Spartan UI.

    Since the new update Aug 28 for MoP, my dungeon finder, talents etc. bar is showing up empty.

    Also, my aspects (Im a hunter) are also not showing up.

    Lastly, in encounters requiring a vehicle, the vehicle special skills are not there, and all the bars are completely empty.

    Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?


  • #4418

    or get the new addons that are updated


  • #4417

    Hey guys,

    you have to reset your game ..then put the addons back into the addon folder

  • #4414

    xp bar is not showing up =[

  • #4415

    I am still having the same problem, even after the update.

  • #4416

    Me too. XP bar shows up when it feels like it. And thats rare. Please fix.

    Edit: If you reload the UI the XP bar shows. But thats annoying to have to do that all the time.

    Edit 2: When posting, please be sure that the content of your post does not violate our Terms of Service. Posts in violation of the terms of service will be deleted. Users who make abusive posts will be permanently banned.

    No wonder people perfer WOWI. Exactly what is in my post that violates your ToS? NOTHING!


    Last edited by Paffendorf on 8/30/2012 4:47:09 PM
  • #4413

    There is a bug or something that causes extra not real players to pop up on the map when in a battleground raid group. May be a blizzard issue with the addon, or something you would know better then me. Just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

  • #4409

    XP bar is not always showing up.

    Last edited by Keskasidvar on 8/30/2012 1:03:47 PM
  • #4405

    How come Stealth and Shadow Dance share the same bar now? Now, thats REAAAALLY inconvenient!!! I hope it'll be fixed soon, cause this is no playing X_x

    Edit: Srry, I just read ur message. Blizz made the stealth bar used for SD?! WHAT???!!!! Now I rlly hate Blizz. There's honestly no way anyone would've used exactly the same skills on the SD bar as the skills on stealth bar...this rlly rlly sucks!

    Last edited by Whatever34 on 8/30/2012 1:08:41 PM
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