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Battle Pet BreedID

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 6,994 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 319,314 Total Downloads
  • Updated 05/29/2014
  • Created 10/14/2012
  • 307 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Battle Pet Breed ID v1.1.1b

About Battle Pet BreedID

Battle Pet BreedID is a standalone addon that will display the Breed of any pet in the following situations:

  • In Battle
  • In your Pet Journal's scroll list
  • In your Pet Journal's pet description tooltips
  • In Item tooltips
  • In Chat Link tooltips
  • In the "Collected ..." line (with BattlePetCount installed)

Theorycrafting is up to you... but if you know what stats you value most, now you can find them! To learn how the Breed ID affects your pets, go here:

This addon uses the letter system by default (B/B for breed ID 3, etc), but if you want to switch to the number system used by other resources, just type "/breedid" or go to Interface->AddOns to open the Battle Pet BreedID options panel. You can change the format type at the top in the Dropdown box, along with over 20 other different options!

Please report addon conflicts (especially with tooltips) and other errors in the comments on Curse/CurseForge.

For more information on breed IDs, see:

To learn about our api (for developers), see

  • [UPDATE] Added support for ArkInventory item tooltips.
  • [UPDATE] Now adds the breed ID to the first line of ArkInventory tooltips if chosen.
  • [FIX] Fix for Auction House tooltip display bugs.
  • (v1.1.1a) [DATA] Added base stats and known breed for Treasure Goblin and Dread Hatchling.
  • (v1.1.1) [FIX] Fixed a major bug which caused the addon to not display its breed tooltip at the Auction House.


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  • #119

    No problem - I'm glad to help.

    I just uploaded a new beta version that -should- support ArkInventory correctly, but I didn't see any obvious conflicts with TipTac actually. Let me know if you're still seeing conflicts with either Addon when using the new beta version (r9).

  • #118

    <3.  I also posted mesages on their site in case there are things to be done on their end to make them hog tooltips less. ;)

    Thank you again for such a great addon!

    Last edited by kittykatmax on 4/7/2013 9:53:36 AM
  • #114

    Love your addon but it conflicts with TipTac somehow - your window gets suppressed, so, for example, when I look at pets in the AH, I don't see their breed id.  Suggestions for another tooltip addon to try?

  • #113

    Is it now or could you add something to the tooltip to show which breeds of a pet we own? in a pet battle or other. If this is already shown please forgive my ignorance. It would be really nice for those times when your in a wild pet battle and you get a rare you werent looking for cause you had one but you dont know what breed you have.

    tyvm for an outstanding addon!

    Last edited by Derkesthai on 4/4/2013 2:16:41 PM
  • #117

    I can look into this, but you may want to look at instead - it works together with Battle Pet BreedID quite well.

  • #110

    According to Breanni's website certain breeds tell if the pet is male or female by the numbers. apparently it works like so:

    • MaleMale breeds = IDs 3-12
    • FemaleFemale breeds = IDs 13-22

    I am brand new to pet battle breeds, so i'm not sure if this info is what you need, or if thats really how it works. Still learning. Anyways if there is a way to work this using this method please do.

    Also Breanni noted in a later post that "A pet's gender does not have any bearing on its stats or appearance. However, Blizzard has stated they may implement a pet breeding system in the future, in which gender will play a crucial role."

    So hopefully this will come soon! I immagine it will work like pokemon, we take our battle pets to the stable master, and some sort of inventory screen or options screen allows us to breed pets. Perhaps we can breed 2 pets and get the desired 'breed' for that pet out of it. Meh, I'm just happy that we will be able to see male and female pets ^_^ helps with naming.

    Here's the link if you need more info :

    Last edited by begothprincess on 3/25/2013 3:18:21 AM
  • #111

    This is currently impossible to do in-game because all methods to obtain pet gender are broken (UnitSex and C_PetBattles.GetStateValue(76)).

    Maybe if we harass Blizzard enough we can get them to fix it for 5.3.

  • #107

    2 issues: Ocassionally ive noticed that the addon displays the purple max stats for pets. Which is unwanted as epic pets isnt available yet.


    Secondly the addon seems to be confused by Living Sandling pets. First claiming it only have 2 breeds. But when I got the one it claimed was the H/B pet and learned it, it suddenly turned into a H/H version.


    And according to theres actually FOUR different breeds.

    Exact same pet as shown in the first image.


  • #108

    The first issue is a unique bug I had not encountered. I'm trying out a fix for it in the next version, but it is an extremely rare bug (honestly, nearly impossible), so it may be hard to see if it is fixed.

    The second issue is just that I haven't updated the data for the 'final' Patch 5.2.0 update. I'm still missing confirmation data on the different breeds of the Ji-Kun Hatchling, and I didn't want to update until I knew its breeds. I'm going to publish an update tonight as I think it is fully complete now.

  • #109

    Purple glitch appears to be fixed.

  • #102

    I use to be able to see the rarity of pets during combat by just looking at their color by using this addon. But all pets are the same color for me now after I installed the 5.2 version. How can I fix that?

  • #103

    That's a hard bug to pin down exactly since only one other person has reported it before. I'm going to add an a new option that does the coloring in a new way. It would conflict with other pet addons more though, so I'm just making it an option and not on by default.

    Expect to see it in the next update (soonish).

  • #99

    I recently learned of your BattlePet Addons and have Binds, BreedID, Counter, Collector, Count, and Tooltip.  I really enjoy these addons so far, however, find that the 'window' that is on my screen listing all of the pets in a given area, is quite annoying, and 'clutters' the screen more than I am comfortable with.  Regrettably, I am not sure what part, or which ones of these addons is putting that info there and how to clear that from my screen.  The info in the chat window is find.  Can you please offer any insight into this?

  • #112

    Had this same issue. Press shift + p to bring up your pet journal. Botton right corner there should be a tickbox that says "Track pets". Just untick that and it should work.

  • #106

    its counts i had that problem too if you look on your map you will see in the top right hand corner the battle pet icon , hover of dlick on it ofr list of actions , you can turn it off , turn off all but missing or all but maxed or something to that effect.

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