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Battle Pet BreedID

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.1.0
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  • Updated 03/02/2015
  • Created 10/14/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v1.3.4

About Battle Pet BreedID

Battle Pet BreedID is a standalone addon that will display the Breed of any pet in the following situations:

  • In Battle
  • In your Pet Journal's scroll list
  • In your Pet Journal's pet description tooltips
  • In Item tooltips
  • In Chat Link tooltips
  • In the "Collected ..." line (with BattlePetCount installed)

Theorycrafting is up to you... but if you know what stats you value most, now you can find them! To learn how the Breed ID affects your pets, go here:

This addon uses the letter system by default (B/B for breed ID 3, etc), but if you want to switch to the number system used by other resources, just type "/breedid" or go to Interface->AddOns to open the Battle Pet BreedID options panel. You can change the format type at the top in the Dropdown box, along with over 20 other different options!

Please report addon conflicts (especially with tooltips) and other errors in the comments on Curse/CurseForge.

For more information on breed IDs, see:

To learn about our api (for developers), see

2015-03-02  MMOSimca  <>

[b4ee9152fbdc] [v1.3.4]
* BattlePetBreedID.lua

Added calculation support for a new aspect of WoD Pet Battles - Wild pets now have a 25% reduced Power stat.
Additionally, adjusted calculation weights when determining breed so that HP differences are now valued equally with Power and Speed differences (instead of being worth 5x as much).


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  • #161

    So when I view auctions, if I mouse over the original item from which you learn the pet, it can't show breedid, I assume this is working the way it should (under miscellaneous / companion pets category of AH).

    Now when I go into the Battle Pets section and look under each family category (or generically at all without family breakdown), I can see that I own the pet and it's current stats, but it isn't showing family. I'm assuming these are Caged Pets and not items which teach the pet BTW. Should this be functioning this way? Or is it a glitch (on either the addon's side or Blizz)?


  • #163

    It's a known issue for the addon right now. I'm going to look into re-adding functionality for Pet Cages on the AH in the near future.

  • #160

    Installed in addons, does not load

  • #159

    Simca do you think you could expose possible breeds for other addons to use?

    In an addon I'm writing, I've made a pet tooltip that's in the form of a playing card.  If Battle Pet Breed ID is enabled it will put the pet's breed on the front and I was going to put possible breeds on the back, but it looks like the latter information isn't exposed.

    Do you think you could add a function that exposes possible breeds?  Something like:

    -- populates breedTable will all possible breeds for a speciesID
    function BPBID_GetAllBreeds(speciesID,breedTable)
    if BPBID.BreedsPerSpecies[speciesID] and type(breedTable)=="table" then
    for i=1,#BPBID.BreedsPerSpecies[speciesID] then

    There'd be no chance of other addons messing up your tables and we could display possible breeds in our addons.


  • #162


    In v1.1.0, I have exposed all of my pet data arrays globally under the alias "BPBID_Arrays". I will assume good intentions on the parts of other authors, so they are readable and writeable, in case somebody thinks of something clever that requires write access.

    I hope this helps and sorry for the delayed response.

  • #158

    For some reason the tirisfal batling is now showing (???) instead of breed, and tooltip is confused and has 2 breeds * at the same time.

    Last edited by died98 on 10/11/2013 1:20:45 AM
  • #156

    Your addon shows the battle pet, Ruby Droplet, as only having two breeds H/S and H/B.  It actually has five breeds.  I noticed this when I was researching into what breed to buy off the AH and only two breeds showed up.  I have not checked the rest of 5.4 pets to see if they are accurate.

  • #157

    The only way for me to know the possible breeds (and by extension, the addon) is through seeing them myself, seeing them on WarcraftPets, or seeing them on

    That said, I was sitting on some updates, including the one you mentioned to the Ruby Droplet, so I just published a new version with breed updates for the Ashleaf Spriteling, Azure Crane Chick, Dandelion Frolicker, Droplet of Y'Shaarj, and Ruby Droplet.

    Maybe I should add a way to point out to users that the breed list is probably inaccurate for certain new pets. After this update, for example, most 5.4 pets will be 100% accurate, but Kovok's breed list may not be exhaustive because nobody has been seen with Kovok except the single breed of him I got on PTR.

    Last edited by MMOSimca on 9/17/2013 6:09:47 PM
  • #153

    Hey, how come the colouring of level 25 stats for my rare pets has changed from blue to purple? Is there any way I can change it back to blue?


    Edit: seems like for every type they're all one rarity higher than they should be. Uncommon are now blue, rare are now purple, epic tamer pets are now orange, legendary beasts are now the heirloom colour.


    Last edited by Lommie on 9/11/2013 8:15:14 PM
  • #154

    Fixing it now.

    Needed to release a new version anyway, I gots official armory base stats for Patch 5.4 now, which point to updates for 3 player pets and several tamer ones.

  • #155

    Thanks so much ! :)

  • #151

    Updated to v1.0.9 for 5.4, and info all came out wrong. None of the stats matched what my maxed pets actually had, so assume that all stats are broken. Went back to v1.0.8, and the stats were correct again. Guessing that datamining PTR for stats wasn't the best of ideas. Old version works still. Great addon, opened world of pet battling for me, but new version needs a tweak.

    Last edited by Riptoff on 9/10/2013 6:30:59 PM
  • #152

    Edit 3: Fix uploaded as v1.0.9a.

    Turns out I can't do math involving subtraction and division and messed up a change intended to improve accuracy.

    Last edited by MMOSimca on 9/10/2013 10:25:09 PM
  • #148

    @Simca: Not sure if you're interested, and it's not a drastic enough improvement to be necessary, but you can reduce the size of those huge BreedsPerSpecies and BasePetStats tables by ~13% by creating ordered arrays with 'false' in place of missing entries (so no other code needs changed).  The way tables are stored, unordered indexes take up more room.  Base code 90k, table in this version 553k after opening pet journal/collectgarbage(), tables reformed into ordered indexes 490k after opening pet journal/collectgarbage().

    Thanks for your work on this!

    Last edited by Gello on 9/8/2013 10:56:00 PM
  • #149
    Thanks for the tip; new to optimization in lua. Should actually be extremely easy to do, too, since I generate that lua file with an excel script and just have it ignore blank rows atm. I imagine I only have to fill values with false from 1 to the highest int used?
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