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Battle Herald

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 76 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.1.0
  • 12,359 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/14/2012
  • Created 06/12/2011
  • 30 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
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  • Newest File: Battle Herald 2.1

About Battle Herald

Battle Herald provides features to enhance your battleground/PvP experience!

  • Battle Herald provides a vocal announcer, with professional voice-overs, for important events as they occur in Battlegrounds and World PvP zones.
  • In addition to this, Battle Herald adds colourful, animated text alerts in the middle of the screen to help you react much more quicker to whatever happens in the battle. This also replaces the standard text pops in Arathi Basin and The Battle for Gilneas which were not very clear.
  • It replaces the standard battleground status text at the top of the screen with more visible and meaningful heads-up displays for select battlegrounds (ie. Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm, Isle of Conquest, The Battle for Gilneas and Twin Peaks).
  • In Capture the Flag maps, mousing over the flag icons displays the name of the flag carrier.

All this can be configured through the Interface Options menu (select Addons and open the Battle Heralds list) which lets you select which alerts you would like to receive as well as set the size of the Battleground info UI. You can unlock/lock the position of the Battleground UI by typing in /bh toggleui and reset its position again with /bh resetui.

Get Battle Herald and start owning your opponents in battlegrounds!

Battle herald v2.1

  • Reorganized addon files.
  • Options should be fixed now.
  • Added timer to AB. Planning to do that for other battlegrounds too, but I want to be sure the timer correct, so please report on Curse whether it is correct or not.

Battle Herald v2.0
Updated for MoP by Jeremybell. Addon is not fully bug-free, so if you encounter one, plz acknowledge me by posting a comment on or mail to JeremybellgamingATliveDOTnl

Battle Herald v1.04

  • Fixed an error that was appearing for "Assaulted" alerts inside Arathi Basin and The Battle for Gilneas.
  • Fixed a bug where the original Blizzard announcements were not being suppressed in Arathi Basin, The Battle for Gilneas, Tol Barad and Wintergrasp.

Battle Herald v1.03

  • Release version for WoW Patch 4.2.

Battle Herald v1.02

  • Fixed the v1.01 bugs. The features should now work correctly.

Battle Herald v1.01

  • Hovering your mouse cursor over the flag icons in Warsong Gulch and Twin Peaks now displays the name of the flag carrier.
  • Added the /bh toggleui command which unlocks the Battleground info UI and lets you drag it around the screen. Type it again to lock the UI in place. You can change the position of each battleground's UI separately.
  • Added the /bh resetui to reset the position of all Battleground info UIs.
  • Added a Battleground UI Scale slider in the Interface options which lets you set the size of the Battleground ground info UI.
  • Fixed an error that used to pop up.

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  • #45

    Scoreboard portion wholly broken as of WoD.

    This is sad, as this was a good addon.

  • #44

    Is this addon being actively updated? Last author action appears to be approximately 7 months ago, for 5.1.0 (We're now in 5.4.2 as of this writing.)

    The addon is getting somewhat hit and miss lately as to whether or not it loads correctly, particularly on my Horde characters for some reason. A friend is experiencing the same issue.

    Last edited by thejake420 on 1/30/2014 2:55:30 PM
  • #43

    Do you plan on updating this addon to work with 5.4?

  • #42

    I will be working on this next week (after my final exams) to try and fix the stuff. Reply with requests.

  • #41

    Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this addon upgraded I love it!!

  • #37

    Great Addon, here's an idea, why don't you and the creator of Pvpsound, merge the 2 addons

  • #35

    Really hope this gets a 5.2 update, I almost rely on the vocal announcements to keep track of everything that happens.

  • #38

    You can safely turn on load out of date addons. The patch 5.2 changes wont break the addon.

  • #34

    A quick update:

    Yes I am still working this, trying to fix a lot of bugged original code atm and might have to recode a lot. Features planned:

    Localization (translators needed for that), customization (lay-out stuff) and improvements to your PvP (expanding the AB timer). Also trying to implement the new bg's (need a voice-over for that).

    Sadly no date I could say, since it takes me more time than expected. Hope you enjoy this addon!



    EU - Grim Batol 

  • #36

    I'm the author of an addon of "PVPSound", an addon which is just like yours:

    I'm experienced with nearly all of the wow battleground API, so if you run into some kinda problem i can gladly help you.

  • #40

    Xml, are not that hard, but i'm not familiar with animations that much neither, tho i'm maintaining Power Auras Classic:

    Which has loads on animation in it.

    Anyway i really like the TextEngine in the addon. :) With PVPSound i'm also between big updates working on my alpha atm (, and there is so much work with it, so i can understand in what you going through.

    Last edited by Resike on 4/10/2013 2:56:05 PM
  • #39

    I will download your addon to see what it does and if it fits with this addon.

    The problem is not the lua/api part, but the xml part. Particularly the animation stuff ;p

  • #32

    fyi i've been doing isle of conquest call to arms. when i first join isle before the match starts battle herald shows alliance has all the nodes except 1 but when the game starts it goes all grey like it should. im pretty sure all nodes should be grey @ start apon joining a fresh isle of conquest game.

  • #33

    Hi, I have encountered this bug too and I am working on a fix. Ty for the report and if you find more bugs, plz report them =]

  • #31

    Options should be fixed now and everything should be able to be enabled/disabled. Instead of 0 and 1 it uses true and false now. If you encounter any bug or have an improvement, let me know!

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