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  • Updated 09/02/2015
  • Created 09/08/2012
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  • Newest File: 1.8.4

About BattlePetCount

In the battle, cage or npc tooltip, show the quality of battle pets you already own of that species.

2015-09-02  Robin Schoonover  <>

[7b8553127f54] [1.8.4]
* CritterItems.lua

Add pets new to 6.2.2 (including those who only now have the item visible).


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  • #87

    You need to be more specific which features you think can't be disabled.

  • #82

    I do not know if it is at all possible, but would you be able to show Pet quality (Common, Poor, Rare, Uncommon) in the tooltip when hovering over a BattlePet in some zone?


  • #83

    No information about a pet's quality is available until you start the pet battle.

  • #80

    Currently I am using IceTip addon for NPC tooltip. BattlePetCount works with it but displays the battle pet info twice. It looks like:




    Level 1 Wild Pet

    You own this pet: Rabbit (L5)

    You own this pet: Rabbit (L5)


    With original Blizzard tooltip or with TinyTip addon everything is as it should be.

  • #81

    I think I have an idea how to avoid this, but a fix probably will have to wait until I release the next major version. 

  • #84

    Thanks :)

  • #78

    Somehow this addon is preventing me from interacting with Steven Lisbane correctly (one of the tamer quests). He does not show any option to battle him, just some text.

    I googled the problem and it seems that others have seen that too. And sure enough, as soon as I disabled this addon, everything worked fine again.

  • #79

    I will investigate, although I have no idea how the gossip action would be getting blocked.

  • #76

    Love this one.  Gives me exactly the info I was looking for.  If you can get it to play a little better with Auctioneer's tooltip (as noted by Karthus) it would be much appreciated.

  • #73

    The tooltip currently is running into the tooltip from Auctioneer. Anyway to fix that?

  • #77

    Ok, thanks, I believe this is fixed in the latest alpha.

    I'll push a release later after I do some testing.

  • #74

    What version of Auctioneer, and can you provide a screenshot?

  • #75


  • #71


    Well my suggestion is this, it was already known that the internal variable "breed" defined along the rarity which the strength, speed and life of the pet, then according to this stuff and remembering that in patch 5.1 can "evolve" and then the pet is no longer a rarity at the time of capture that counts but their "breed" that indicates its power within its genus (higher HP, higher attack speed or greater) suggest the following improvements :

    In Battle:
    - Include a test if the pet savage enemy is better than yours captured (eg, compare wild bunny with rabbit in journal)
    - Include the identification of sex (male or female)

    In the tooltip and minimap (in this case we have to check if it is possible verifiar the breed of a pet in the wild without this battle)
    - Include the identification of sex;
    - Check if this is better than yours (just as in battle)]

    Another suggestion;

    At the moment we put on a pet mouse or the AH, or chat, in battle or anywhere where it appears the status of the pet, I suggest the option to include, eg, hold SHIFT and then view the status of your pet for identical a comparison, how the comparison of items blizz.

    Last edited by nomadbr on 10/18/2012 12:59:29 PM


  • #72

    I'm still determining what I want to show when 5.1 releases.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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