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Baud Bag

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,650 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 477,459 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/14/2014
  • Created 12/18/2006
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BSD License
  • Newest File: v6.0.0

About Baud Bag


Thanks for your patience, I'm finished with my thesis and updates are rolling again. You shoule be aware, that the current beta build does not yet contain the full functionality of the reagent bank (i.e. you can't buy it yet). Having said that you should be able to already use it. As I have made substantial changes to the cache and debug system this beta is prone to contain some bugs, so please save your current config before proceding and be sure to visit the bank first thing after logging in to update the cache!


Allows you to combine your bags into a single, larger one, yet gives you the power to choose which bags to combine. Complete with a user-friendly graphical menu for changing how your bags will display. Use /baudbag, /bb, the menu button on any of BaudBag's containers or the addon options interface of WoW, to change the settings for this addon.

Feature List

  • Customizable bag joining.
  • Various background choices, including 3 of Blizzard's bag skins.
  • Bank contents viewable at any time.
  • Bag slot coloring for item rarity (Uncommon, Rare, Epic).
  • Tracking of up to 5 Tokens in the first bag container
  • Bags are scalable and column count can be adjusted.
  • Free slot count.
  • Easy to use options menu.
I search for some international users of BaudBag who could help me validate and complete the translations of the current localizations in all languages except English and German!


For any bugs or suggestions please use the ticket tracker at: CurseForge (please do not post bugs or suggenstions in the comments!). Thanks to Baudzilla and Suddendeath2000 for creating and maintaining this addon for so long!

=== Changelog ===
  - adapted to braking changes in API & base container addon
  - added workaround for slider value bug introduced in live 5.4.0 builds (see
  - fixed blue borders in offline bank view when bank hasn't been visited in a session
  - fixed search when caged battle pets are present in the bags open for search
  - added new option
  - fixed faulty behaviour when BB is deativated for the inventory (Ticket 77)
  - hotfix for changes made to original BagSlots by Blizz
  - fixed my sloppy coding resulting in tainting sloppy coded blizzard addons with patch 5.0.4
  - removed obsolete code to get rid of some error messages
  - fixed up size of Bag Slot Container Frame (thx to KanadiaN for the patch!)
  - finally fixed AutoOpen function for bags when going to a vendor or mail terminal
  - removed keyring to adapt to the current WoW Interface changes introduced with patch 4.2.0
  - fixed open bags closing when opening merchant window
  - backpack now opens correctly when all bags are opened even if it is not joined with other bags
  - corrected backpack toggeling to close or open all bags at once instead of opening closed and closing opened bags
  - worked around some tainting issues

  - adopted Changes for Patch 4.1 (new ToggleAllBags behavior)

  - added bag search (allowing lua style pattern matching)
  - added option setting to close the whole bag set when closing the first container of a set
  - added highlighting of container slots when mouse hovers over bags slots in bank or backpack
  - fixed opening of original bankframe when baudbags own bank frame is disabled

  - major restructuring of inner workings
  - added new token view for up to 5 tokens in the first backpack container
  - moved options to regular wow options interface
  - changed rarity coloring to be a bit more discrete (thanks to eldaveo)
  - added russian and korean translations
  - fixed cost view for next bank slot
  - fixed auto open issue when visiting a vendor or mail

  - updated a big part of the addon to comply with recent changes in the UI-API
  - updated toc to 40000

=== Known Issues ===

If the columns of the first bagpack container are set to a low value the visible tokens and money may be visible outside the bag frame.


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  • #630

    Since updating via curse to the latest version my bags won't open at all. I have downloaded the previous version files; how do I instal them myself please? Thank you very much for keeping baud bag going, I hate being without it. (Thurmal bag now, surely :P )



  • #631

    Yea I was made aware today that for some chars the addon throws errors over errors. I think I may have found the error, but I will do some more check tomorrow. If everything works out as I expect there should be a new beta later tomorrow.

    If you want to use an earlier version just extract the zip and put the BaudBag folder inside the following folder: <your WoW directory>\Interface\AddOns overwriting all exiting files.

  • #622


    I really love the addon and I've used it for many years but now that the reagent bank is implemented I a have really annoying issue.

    When the reagent bank is open and my bags are not, I'd want the addon to move items from the bank to the reagent bank when I'm right clicking them, also, I think it should move things directly from the bags to the reagent bank when it's open atm I need to move items to the bank and then manually drag them to the reagent bank.

    The current behaviour is really annoying.

    Thank you for such a great addon! :)

  • #623

    Hi, I'm aware of that issue and am looking into a way to include the right-click behaviour. At the moment this is a bit tricky, because there doesn't seem to be a way to recognize if an item is a reagent or not. The workarounds I have thus far are highly undesireable.

    For now you actually have the "deposit all" possibility (in the header of the reagent bank), so you don't need to manually put in each reagent. With that it becomes less annoying that right-click doesn't work as one would hope.

    Last edited by Thurmal on 12/13/2014 8:19:44 AM
  • #629

    I see, well, I trust your judgement. 

    Thank you for an amazing addon! :)

    Last edited by Lynxium on 12/15/2014 4:38:35 AM
  • #628

    Well for one, I had the used solution before you posted yours ;) Also trial and error usually isn't a good way to go. Because of all the error handling it isn't easier to use or maintain than detecting and doing it right the first time and bound to break some stuff in the process. Manually trying to put items somewhere is a bit cumbersome, as you have to try out every bag one after another (so reagent bank first, then regular bank, bag1 of bank, bag2 of bank etc.) until you know it's been successfully placed somewhere which isn't very desirable.

    The best approach is to stay as close to the original code as possible or in fact use the original code to avoid tainting issues alltogether, which unfortunately didn't work because the needed function to use and/or put items in the bank is a protected one. Thats why it's deactivated in the current beta. I have thought of another workaround which I couldn't try yet so it didn't made it to the current beta :)

  • #627

    Yeah haha.. :p

    Can you tell me why did you choose to go with this approach and not the approach I suggested?

    Given I'm not aware of all of the scenarios so I probably missing something but yeah I don't know why you need to know the type of the item.

    I mean when a person click on item you can just try to put it in the reagents bank if it's open; otherwise, you will get an error, I dunno but it seems a lot faster, safer and you save yourself quite a bit of time and maybe many tainting issues haha..

    Not saying the approach you've taken is bad or anything but yeah I'm just trying to be helpful! :)

    P.S. I just checked the latest version and I cannot put anything in the reagent bank.

    Last edited by Lynxium on 12/14/2014 11:53:17 PM
  • #626

    I solved recognition by scanning the tooltip, now I 'just' gotta get that ui tainting under control... protected functions suck like hell :P Don't worry, will get it to work somehow.

  • #625

    This is merely an idea but there you go.

    You don't really need to know whether it's a reagent because if it's not it will not allow you to put the item there, just try to put the item there whether it's a reagent or not.

    You can also know whether it's a reagent pretty easily.

    You know the destination of the item and you can listen to UI_ERROR_MESSAGE, if you get a message that tells you, you can't put it in the destination which is the reagent bank then you can grasp that the item isn't reagent and fallback to the bank itself.

    You don't even need to fallback to the bank itself if you don't want to, you can just try to put the item in the reagent bank as long as it's open.

    Last edited by Lynxium on 12/14/2014 11:52:55 PM
  • #620

    I'm not sure why but I can't see the reagent tab at all. Nor the clean up button but I'm not sure that it's implimented yet? Am I missing something?

  • #621

    As this isn't fully finished and stable yet, it's only available in the beta (not the release). If you wan't to try it out you can either download manually or set your curse clients release preference to beta for that addon (rightclick on the entry). If you want to be safe just wait for a little longer, should be stable soon.

  • #614

    Thanks for the update Love the additions. Is there any way we could get a button to open the components menu or maybe a deposite all components button next to the clean up button on the main bank tab page.  Like the RClick idea.

  • #615

    I'm not sure I follow what you are refering to. Do you mean the filter options from the default bags? When you left-click on the bag icon?

  • #619

    Please check if the following option is enabled inside Baud Bag Options:

    1. Select "Bank Box" in the Bag Set dropdown
    2. Click the button for the reagent bank (icon to the far right which has no checkbox for joining
    3. Enable the check box "Auto Open"

    If this option is already set I'll have to take a deeper look, but I haven't had an instance where this didn't work yet.

  • #618

    Well its not opening the reagent bank every time.

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