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  • World of Warcraft
  • 4,720 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.1.0
  • 465,403 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/25/2015
  • Created 09/06/2009
  • 831 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v2.6.0
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About Bazooka

Bazooka is a Data Broker Display similar in functionality and looks to FuBar.

Feature highlights

  • Top/Bottom alignment or free moving of bars.
  • Left-click drag moves, alt-right-click drag resizes the bar (unless the frames are locked).
  • Drag-and-drop plugin placement with highlighted drop positions.
  • Configurable background / font / icon size.
  • The usual options for data broker displays (show text/icon/label, optionally show title in place of label if it's missing).
  • Support of iconCoords and icon[RGB] (TomTom arrow, for example).
  • Left / Center-Left / Center / Center-Right / Right placement position for plugins within bars, allowing easy layout of plugins. Plugins placed in the Center area are centered as a bunch.
  • Optional auto-fade while in combat / out of combat.
  • Optionally disable mouse / tooltips.
  • Optional simple tooltips (just show title if Alt is held while moving the mouse pointer over the plugin).
  • Optional highlight on mouseover for the active plugin.
  • Load-on-demand configuration options, small memory footprint for "standard" operation.
  • Bulk mode configuration that allows configuring multiple bars/plugins easily.
  • Restrict plugin text width
  • Disable minimap icons
  • Tooltip scale override
  • Support for OnMouseWheel, OnReceiveDrag and OnDoubleClick script handlers for plugins
  • Optionally override plugin defined text colors


Getting started

  • Create new bars from the main options window
  • Drag plugins to desired location
  • Drag plugins off bars to disable them
  • Dragging bars while holding Alt will change their attached/detached state. Otherwise top/bottom bars will snap back to top or bottom depending on where you drop them.

Using the bulk configuration (standard method)

  1. Uncheck Auto-apply.
  2. Check the bars/plugins you want the settings to apply to.
  3. Check Apply next to the settings you want to change, and set them to the value you need.
  4. Click Apply at the bottom of the options. The changes you selected will be applied to all selected bars/plugins at this point.

Using the bulk configuration (auto-apply method)

  1. Check Auto-apply.
  2. Check the bars/plugins you want the settings to apply to.
  3. Change the settings (or click the Apply text next to them if their current value is the one you want). The changes will be applied immediately to all selected bars/plugins.

Slash commands

Open configuration.
/bazooka locked
Toggle locked/unlocked state.
/bazooka hidebars
Make the bars hidden. If no bar numbers are specified, then it works on the marked bars (see bar options).
/bazooka showbars
Make the bars visible. If no bar numbers are specified, then it works on the marked bars (see bar options).
/bazooka togglebars
Toggle hidden/visible state of bars. If no bar numbers are specified, then it works on the marked bars (see bar options).

Obtaining plugins

You can find Data Broker plugins at these places:


r273 | mitch0 | 2015-02-25 12:35:29 +0000 (Wed, 25 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v2.6.0 (from /trunk:272)

Tagging as v2.6.0
r272 | mitch0 | 2015-02-25 12:17:48 +0000 (Wed, 25 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Bazooka.toc
   M /trunk/Bazooka_Options/Bazooka_Options.toc

toc bump
r271 | mitch0 | 2015-02-25 12:17:08 +0000 (Wed, 25 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Bazooka.lua
   M /trunk/Bazooka_Options/Options.lua
   M /trunk/Bazooka_Options/localizations.lua

added ExtraLaunchers option
r269 | mitch0 | 2015-02-22 18:04:52 +0000 (Sun, 22 Feb 2015) | 6 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Bazooka.lua
   M /trunk/Bazooka_Options/Options.lua
   M /trunk/Bazooka_Options/localizations.lua
   M /trunk/localizations.lua

added option to hide bars and mark them for easy hiding
added /bazooka showbars, /bazooka hidebars and /bazooka togglebars slash commands
these operate on marked bars unless a space-separated list of bars are supplied as additional parameter
left-click on the bazooka icon now toggles the marked bars (shft-click locks/unlocks the bars)

r268 | mitch0 | 2015-02-09 08:58:23 +0000 (Mon, 09 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Bazooka.lua

minor changes in tooltip handling...
r266 | mitch0 | 2015-02-05 12:18:43 +0000 (Thu, 05 Feb 2015) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Bazooka.lua

fix broken logic with manualTooltip setting...


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  • #250

    Howdy. So I made a plugin for Bazooka that works well in all respects but one.

    I'd like it to default to showing the text field. Instead of needing to go into the addon and turn it on myself.

    I can't find documentation for this to save my life. Any guidance for what I'm looking for?

  • #251


      In the default configuration the "launcher" type plugins have their text disabled.  If your plugin displays some meaningful data, then its type should be "data source", not "launcher", that way its text will be displayed on first install.

  • #249

    Thank you for your recent work on Bazooka to allow for toggling bars on and off!  The ability to "mark" my  bar#2 and then to toggle it on or off via a left-click of the Bazooka plugin's icon is exactly the behavior I was seeking with some of my prior comments. 

    I put all of my LDB launchers in this second bar, and I keep it hidden for the most part.  So it's very nice to be able to show it easily via a simple click.

    I appreciate all your hard work in providing this excellent addon!

    Last edited by charleslaine on 2/25/2015 6:09:03 PM
  • #246

    Is there a way to toggle a bar to show it vertically?

  • #247

    Not at the moment, but it's on my TODO list.


  • #243

    When I type /bazooka (or just right-click the icon) I get an empty window.  I'm in the addons window, and Bazooka is the addon which I would edit the settings, but the window has nothing in it.

    Got any idea what could be wrong here?

  • #244

    seems like the Bazooka_Options addon fails to load. Check if you get any errors (with BugSack, for example), and check if the addon (Bazooka_Options) is enabled (on the addons page after login)

  • #245

    Must have been a fluke, I closed WoW and restarted it (had something else to do), and now Bazooka works as intented.

    Well thanks anyway, sorry to have bothered you hehe.  /thread

  • #240

    Also, I have a feature request.  I'm looking at Bazooka's plugin configuration screens.  Some LDB plugins have icons that just look too small.  It would be nice to be able to re-scale individual icons. Have a slider that lets you adjust the scale of individual plugin icons, + or - 20% or something like that.

  • #241


      Have you tried playing with the "Icon Border Clip" plugin option?  It should work with icons that don't specify their own iconCoords.

  • #239

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did manage to find that  "hide during pet battle" feature and enable it ;-) Works great.

    Also, about ChocolateBar... I actually was using it at the time I wrote my initial comment.  I had been looking for a way to have a toggle to hide/show a separate bar, and in my searching around for solutions, I came across ChocolateBar saw that it had "MoreChocolate".  Since it's just an LDB plugin, one can actually embed MoreChocolate in a Bazooka bar and it works just fine.  But, I really didn't like the overhead of having two complete addons installed just to do this.  I also prefer to use Bazooka in general.  So, yes, an LDB plugin used to hide/show other Bazooka Bars would be a useful thing, if it's not too much trouble to code up.

    What I've done in lieu of this is to create a macro and slap it onto one of my action bars...

    /run if BazookaBar_2:IsVisible() then BazookaBar_2:Hide() else BazookaBar_2:Show() end

    I wanted to actually put this Macro in an LDB plugin.  Wouldn't that be cool... to have a generic LDB plugin that served as a Macro container.  Stick any macro you want into an LDB launcher and then drop it into a broker bar of your choice.  But I was unable to turn up anything that did this.  Do you know if there is an addon that can do this?  An "LDB Macro Launcher"?



  • #248

    I've added the show/hide functionality in v2.5.0.  Check the "Marked" and "Hidden" bar options.

    Marked bars are toggled by clicking the bazooka icon or using the /bazooka togglebars slash command.

    (there's also a /bazooka hidebars and /bazooka showbars command, all three take an optional list of bar ids to work on instead of the marked bars)

  • #242


      I'll take a look at adding show/hide bars functionality to the Bazooka LDB plugin (currently it just locks/unlocks Bazooka and opens the config menu).  I guess it'd be enough to have one LDB plugin toggle one or more extra bars together, right?

  • #236

    Love this addon but I have a couple of suggestions.

    1) Please add an option to "Hide bars during pet battles"

    2) I like to put all my "launchers" in a separate bar.  These are simply icons that are clicked to open up an addon's preferences pane.  This includes stuff like Dominos, Raven, PitBull, etc.  I don't want or need to show this bar all the time.  What I would like is an item in my primary Bazooka bar at the top of the screen that I can click to open up this "sub-bar".  Basically, a Bazooka icon that, when clicked, toggles the dislay of another bazooka bar.  Does this make any sense?

  • #237


    1) See the "Disable during pet battle" bar option

    2) you can have a similar effect by checking both the "Fade in combat" and the "Fade out of combat" bar options, and set the bar's "Fade opacity" setting to 0 (fully transparent). This way the bar with your launchers will only show on mouse-over.  If you'd really like a separate button press to activate the hidden bar, you could take a look at ChocolateBar, I believe it has such a bar.  I could probably also add an LDB launcher that toggles existing Bazooka bars.  Let me know if the above solution is not enough for you.



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