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Bitten's SpellFlash: DK

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 303,626 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 2,931,127 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/15/2014
  • Created 05/01/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 60000.15

About Bitten's SpellFlash: DK

This module flashes suggested spells for all three DK specs. You can find *lots* more information on its website.

If you download using the Curse Client it will come with everything you need. If you download your addons manually, you must also get SpellFlash.

Please see the FAQ before posting a question. If that doesn't address your issue, or you have a suggestion to improve this addon, please either leave a comment or create a ticket.

Bitten's SpellFlash modules replace Blizzard's default proc highlighting to flash the button you should press next to achieve maximum dps on a boss fight. Or if you are a tank, to maximize your survivability. For healers, they are just slightly smarter proc highlighters. Dps modules follow or are similar to priority schemes found in SimulationCraft and/or Icy Veins. Sometimes you have to be smarter than SpellFlash, e.g. when saving a cooldown for a specific boss mechanic, but in general following the recommendations will improve most people's performance.

Some modules have AoE modes. Check the descriptions of each rotation to see if one is available for the spec(s) you use.

Version 60000.14

Fix flashing for Unholy pet summorn.

Version 60000.13

Update to latest BSF library.

Version 60000.12

Fix Soul Reaper. It would never fire, which is crazy. One tiny line later and it should now work, which should see a nice jump in DK DPS across all specs.

Version 60000.11

Debugging and work-around for ticket 200, in which our rune cooldown is nil for a level 58 DK. Since I can't reproduce this trivially, and I don't want to try and level to 58 to verify it for sure, this adds inline debugging and protects the code against the error spam.

Version 60000.10

Rewrote Unholy rotation for 6.0; this brings it up to both technical and in-game parity with frost and blood. As with any major rewrite bugs may exist, but this is fairly well play tested, and should be solid.

Version 60000.9

Bump priority of plague strike for DW Frost, so that we actually get blood plague on, well, pretty much anything. It was spending almost exclusively on Obliterate instead, just because of the way runes stacked up in the rotation.

Version 60000.8

  • Fix manual BT error for all specs.

Version 60000.7

  • Fix Unholy lua error, from operator precedence fail.

Version 60000.6

  • Bump priority of Plague Strike for Blood Plague.
  • Various internal cleanups to rotation.
  • Cleaner "delay until just before this spell" implementation. - This should improve prediction and flash timing for resource cap avoidance.
  • Flash Death Strike with Dark Succor for self-healing as Frost.
  • Fixed Death Strike inappropriately flashing for Blood. - possibly other inappropriate flashing for other specs, if an ability required more than one rune.

Version 60000.5

  • Internal rotation changes to smooth out flashing, etc.

This shouldn't substantially change the externally visible rotation, but it does bring a number of improvements notably, that spells should now indicate if they expect to be ready *now*, or if they are flashing to indicate what the next action will be once a rune cooldown is finished.

Hopefully that will both improve the experience, and help highlight anywhere that our logic for handling runes and/or Runic Power is off.

Version 60000.4

  • Don't pool RP toward the end of a fight, use it instead.
  • Soul Reaper should not fire at very low target health.
  • ERW should not flash unless all runes are used up.

This release focuses on tuning fights against both quest-level mobs, and bosses, with a view to avoiding wasting resources by pooling too long, or by using SR when it is very unlikely to actually land.

Version 60000.3.1

  • all: fix misuse of blood boil on targets without both diseases.

Version 60000.3.0

  • Frost AoE rotation enabled (with newer BSFL.)
  • Defile added to rotations.
  • Convert to utf-8-unix.
  • Reindent to modern lua 3-space indentation everywhere.

Version 60000.1.1

  • fix Frost Strike with Killing Machine for DW Frost.

Version 60000.1.0

  • Updated for 6.0.2, major rewrites to all rotations.
  • NOTE: currently no AoE or "solo" DPS rotations exist.
  • Added "Macroed BT" option (assumes *all* abilities have it macroed).
  • Removed "Mastersimple", as it is thoroughly dead with 6.0 changes.

Version 50400.4.0

  • Frost: Added an option to switch to a Mastersimple rotation. See the website for (a few) more details.

Version 50400.3.2

  • Blood: Adjusted some flashing for Rune Strike when you take Runic Corruption, to waste less Runic Power in certain situations.
  • Blood: Death and Decay flashes when in AoE mode, it is free, and your diseases have plenty of time left.
  • Blood: Bugfix - Smoothed out a quirk having to do with the Runic Power granted by Blood Boil.
  • Blood: Bugfix - one of the Rune Strike priorities was firing at the wrong time.

Version 50400.3.0

  • Frost: Updated the dual-wield rotation (because there is much more haste on gear now).

Version 50400.2.2

  • All: Flashes WoW's 9th Anniversary Celebration Package.

Version 50400.2.1

  • Blood: Bugfix - Soul Reaper and Heart Strike were sometimes flashing when you had no target.

Version 50400.2.0

  • Blood: Added Soul Reaper.

Version 50400.1.2

  • Blood: Adjusted the priority and conditions for Dancing Rune Weapon when you have 4pT16.
  • Blood: Does not flash Vampiric Blood when solo until you have runes to cast Death Strike.
  • All: Fixed quirky flashing as you cast Empower Rune Weapon.

Version 50400.1.1

  • Blood: Lowered the priority of Dancing Rune Weapon. Since it no longer requires Runic Power, it is no longer necessary take advantage of situations when you have it. It is still top priority in damage mode.
  • Frost: Added Horn of Winter to the AoE rotation.

Version 50400.1.0

  • Blood: Updated Dancing Rune Weapon for 5.4.
  • Blood: Bugfix - it was assuming that Blood Boil cast under Crimson Scourge would grant 10 Runic Power, but it does not.
  • All: Accounts for the new Glyph of the Loud Horn.
  • All: Updated the conditions for Plague Leech for 5.4.
  • All: Added support (but not translations) for Italian localization. To contribute translations go to
  • All: Smoothed out some quirky flashing.
  • All: More accurate anticipation of which runes will be used by queued spells.

Version 3.7.1

  • Blood: Now checks for the proc from Indomitable Primal Diamond before flashing your mitigation cooldowns.
  • Blood: Now checks for a number of external mitigation cooldowns before flashing one of your own.

Version 3.7.0

  • Blood: Added flashing for Plague Leech.
  • Blood: Higher-priority disease applications are now based on Weakened Blows, rather than Blood Plague.
  • Blood: Don't flash Bone Shield out of combat until an enemy is detected.
  • Blood: Bugfix - No longer expect Scarlet Fever to trigger when Blood Boil misses.
  • Blood: Bugfix - Blood Boil was sometimes flashing at its higher priority when it should have been at the lower.
  • All: Anticipate incoming Blood Charges.

Version 3.6.6

  • Frost: Ok, maybe this time I will have fixed all the Lua errors ...

Version 3.6.5

  • All: Bugfix for a Lua error.

Version 3.6.4

  • Unholy: Bugfix - one minor case had less-than-smooth flashing on non-English clients.
  • All: Now flashes food buffs.

Version 3.6.3

Update for patch 5.3.

  • Blood: Bone Shield now refreshes a 1 minute when out of combat (instead of 2 minutes).

Version 3.6.2

  • Unholy - Bugfix for a Lua error.

Version 3.6.1

  • Bugfix - there were a couple more places to check for 45% vs 35% health when wearing 4pT15.
  • Death Siphon, Death Strike, Death Pact, Rune Tap and Conversion now all consider incoming heals in their logic.

Version 3.6.0

  • Blood: Blood Boil was flashing too much in the single-target solo rotation (a bug introduced in a recent version).
  • Frost & Unholy: Soul Reaper now flashes at 45% if you are wearing 4pT15.
  • All: Now flashes Strangulate & Asphyxiate as interrupts.
  • All: Horn of Winter will now always flash if a raid member needs the buff.

Version 3.5.2

  • Frost: Bugfix for a Lua error.

Version 3.5.1

NOTE: This version includes a new version of Bitten's SpellFlash Library that I tried to test well, but if you find any issues please let me know right away.

  • Unholy: No longer tries to flash Icy Touch for Frost Fever (now simply uses Plague Strike).

Version 3.5.0

NOTE: Your options will be reset when you upgrade to this version.

  • Repackaging so that Bitten's SpellFlash Library is included with the addon, instead of downloaded separately.
  • Several other internal changes.
  • Blood: Major work to the solo rotation, including AoE.
  • Blood: Solo mode can now be disabled in the options.
  • Frost: Added an AoE rotation.


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  • #156
    Quote from yaan »

    Thanks for your reply.

    Basically, I do think having a way to see which spell to trigger in the middle of the screen would be convenient: looking at your bars is not always the best thing to do if they are located at the bottom of the screen.

    I know there are combat rotation addons that do that for at least some classes.  I can't say how good any of them are - I never tried them.  I don't think SpellFlash will ever get that option (that would be a question for BigRedBrent - but I'm pretty sure he's said that he's not going to make that).

    On a related note - I use Bartender to move my action bars up closer to the center of my screen, and I love it.  Other action bar addons can do that, too.  It is by far my most preferred method, which is why I write addons for SpellFlash instead of one of those other addons.

    Last edited by Xemnosyst on 12/8/2012 12:46:25 AM

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #155

    Thanks for your reply.

    Basically, I do think having a way to see which spell to trigger in the middle of the screen would be convenient: looking at your bars is not always the best thing to do if they are located at the bottom of the screen.

    Combat text would be a way to avoid this. Showing the spell (non clickable, with transparency) on top of your character would be another one. Power aura allows you to show the spell at the right location; however, rules may be too difficult to achieve exactly what you did with spellflash.

    Thanks, Yaan

  • #151


    First of fantastic addon. I get the following error when the UI loads and the module wil not flash anything. Error Loading: Bitten's SpellFlash DK (Bittenspellflash_DK) (Interface_version) . If i go to addons and try to force load it says Couldn't load 22: out of date.

    Last edited by montra71 on 12/1/2012 9:13:09 AM
  • #152

    I added a question to the FAQ about this.

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #149

    You gotta update this one and the bitten's spellflash: library. Im waiting :D

    This is a great addon, i love it!

    Cheers, Zazzori.

  • #150

    Until I do, all my modules should be working fine if you check to "load out of date addons" (from the AddOns button on the character selection screen).  Please let me know if any of them give you problems after doing that.

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #147

    Thank you so much for all the work you do to keep all the class addons running!  Its amazing and very much appreciated!

  • #148


    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #143

    Currently, Plague Leech is lighting up (in Unholy spec) when there are no fully depleted runes, forcing the player to cast Outbreak to continue the rotation as Plague Leech cannot be cast when it cannot activate a rune.

    Also, I do not mean to nitpick the addon - it is an amazing tool that is helping me learn the Unholy rotation and rune/runic power management and is a well-presented and useful addon.

  • #144

    Please nitpick!  If nobody reports these issue you have to wait for me to find them myself ... which will be a long wait for specs I don't play.  Tongue out  So thank you for the report, and I will look into it.

    <Edit:> This should be fixed now.

    Last edited by Xemnosyst on 11/18/2012 9:59:29 AM

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #141

    Soul Reaper is currently not on the priority list for Unholy.,, and the Elitist Jerks forums confirm that it should be. Are there plans in the works to add it to the flash rotation?

  • #142

    There are now!

    <Edit:> It is now included.

    Last edited by Xemnosyst on 11/18/2012 9:59:57 AM

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #145

    Awesome! What a quick fix! This also goes for Plague Leech. :)

  • #139

    Hey, I love your addon it would be perfect except it doesn't show my Rime procs, nor does it show my killing machine procs for Obliterate. I tested it, and read the FAQs but it's not me. I can't seem to find anyone else with the same problem and I'm not sure how to fix it. Help would be appreciated. Laughing

    Last edited by Oweezy on 11/13/2012 1:13:04 AM
  • #140

    Try the beta of Bitten's SpellFlash Library - it should now put a red border around those spells when you have procs.

    <Edit:> It is no longer necessary to install a beta, just update normally.

    Last edited by Xemnosyst on 11/18/2012 10:00:26 AM

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

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