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Bitten's SpellFlash: Mage

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 128,391 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 2,662,881 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/15/2014
  • Created 04/30/2012
  • 514 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 50400.4

About Bitten's SpellFlash: Mage

This module flashes suggested spells for all three Mage specs. You can find *lots* more information on its website.

Important note: Fire Mages must set the "Minimum Combustion Total Damage" option to achieve good results. More information is available here.

If you download using the Curse Client it will come with everything you need. If you download your addons manually, you must also get SpellFlash.

Please see the FAQ before posting a question. If that doesn't address your issue, or you have a suggestion to improve this addon, please either leave a comment or create a ticket.

Bitten's SpellFlash modules replace Blizzard's default proc highlighting to flash the button you should press next to achieve maximum dps on a boss fight. Or if you are a tank, to maximize your survivability. For healers, they are just slightly smarter proc highlighters. Dps modules follow or are similar to priority schemes found in SimulationCraft and/or Icy Veins. Sometimes you have to be smarter than SpellFlash, e.g. when saving a cooldown for a specific boss mechanic, but in general following the recommendations will improve most people's performance.

Some modules have AoE modes. Check the descriptions of each rotation to see if one is available for the spec(s) you use.

Version 50400.3

Update to latest BSF library.

Version 50400.2.5

  • I have gotten a pretty good response, so I think (and hope) Bitten's SpellFlash will live on!

Version 50400.2.4

  • The future of Bitten's SpellFlash: Mage is in question. I no longer wish to maintain this addon, starting with patch 6.0. If you are interested in taking it over, keeping up with optimal rotations, and you have programming skills, please leave a comment or PM on Curse.

Version 50400.2.2

  • Frost: In AoE mode, if you have Frost Bomb, Freeze flashes just before the bomb explodes.

Version 50400.2.1

  • No change, just taking it out of beta.

Version 50400.2.0beta

  • Arcane: Added a priority for Arcane Blast for use with 2pT16.
  • Arcane: Tweaked the conditions for Arcane Power, Arcane Barrage, Rune of Power and Evocation.

Version 50400.1.2

  • Arcane & Frost: Added flashing for Ice Floes when you are moving.

Version 50400.1.1

  • All: Flashes WoW's 9th Anniversary Celebration Package.

Version 50400.1.0

  • Fire: Updated the combustion monitor to reflect the nerf from this patch. You should update your "Minumum Combustion total damage" accordingly.
  • Fire & Frost: No longer tries to re-apply Rune of Power or Invoker's Energy early when solo. It always waits until it falls off before flashing, because you might just finish your enemy during that time.
  • Frost: Remove the priority for stack Frostbolt's debuff, since that debuff was removed.

Version 3.4.3

  • Fire: Bugfix - update to the latest Bitten's SpellFlash Library to fix an issue w/ Presence of Mind.

Version 3.4.2

  • All: Added flashing for Ice Barrier when solo.

Version 3.4.1

  • Frost: When solo, Icy Veins no longer waits for 3 stacks of the Frostbolt debuff when glyphed.
  • All: Added flashing for food buffs.
  • All: Rune of Power and Evocation now flash before combat when an enemy is targeted for your level 90 talent buff.
  • All: When solo, Rune of Power and Evocation no longer flash in combat until their buffs completely expire.

Version 3.4.0

Updated for patch 5.3.

  • Arcane: Updated the AoE rotation based on new research.

Version 3.3.3

  • Arcane: Don't flash Presence of Mind if Arcane Blast's cast time is below 1.2 seconds (instead you should save it until the haste buff(s) wear off).
  • Arcane: Delay Presence of Mind until immediately before Alter Time if the cooldowns are close.
  • Arcane: Adjusted the small/yellow/green flashing of Presence of Mind and Arcane Missiles that indicate what to do if solo and/or not using Arcane Power immediately.
  • Arcane: Only flash Evocation when at zero stacks of Arcane Charge (sims at higher dps).

Version 3.3.2

  • Arcane: Added movement fallthrough flashing.
  • Arcane: Now flashes for you to apply either Frost or Mage armor.
  • Fire: Updated the fire rotation w/ new research, including adding Alter Time.
  • Fire: Scorch is now flashed Orange when you are moving, to be consistent w/ the other specs.
  • Frost: Played with the conditions for Freeze and Deep Freeze when solo.
  • Frost: Bugfix in the conditions for the higher priority Rune of Power and Invocation.
  • All: Bugfix - the duration of Rune of Power was not calculated correctly, causing it to flash much more than it should.

Version 3.3.1-beta

  • Fire & Frost: No longer flash Conjure Mana Gem unless you take Invocation.
  • Frost: Now flash Mana Gem before resorting to Evocation when under 10% mana.
  • Frost: Bugfix - Rune of Power was broken.
  • All: Bugfix - Nether Tempest was broken.

Version 3.3.0-beta

  • Frost: Updating the rotation, including the addition of Alter Time.
  • All: Added flashing for the heal from Cold Snap.

Version 3.2.3

  • Frost: Added flashing for Deep Freeze.
  • Frost: Ice Lance now flashes at its highest priority when the target has Deep Freeze.
  • Frost: Frostbolt no longer flashes at a higher priority to stacks its debuff when solo.

Version 3.2.2

NOTE: This version includes a new version of Bitten's SpellFlash Library that I tried to test well, but if you find any issues please let me know right away.

Version 3.2.1

  • Frost: No longer flashes Freeze when targeting a boss.
  • Frost: Improved the timing of Freeze so it never flashes before its cooldown is ready.

Version 3.2.0

NOTE: Your options will be reset when you upgrade to this version.

  • Repackaging so that Bitten's SpellFlash Library is included with the addon, instead of downloaded separately.
  • Several other internal changes.
  • Arcane: Updated rotations (both single target and AoE) for 5.2.

Version 3.1.2

  • Arcane: Arcane Power no longer flashes if you have the talent Incanter's Ward, but none of its benefits.
  • Arcane: Bugfix - Arcane Power was never flashing if you had the talent Rune of Power.
  • Arcane: Bugfix - minor fix in the AoE rotation.

Version 3.1.1

  • All: Bugfix - Frost Bomb was broken in the last release. Sorry!

Version 3.1.0

  • Arcane: By popular demand, Arcane Blast now stays at its higher priority until you have 4 stacks of Arcane Charge (simulations showed no difference in dps).
  • All: There is now a "Solo Mode" option that adjusts things when you are not in a group. See the (new) website for more details.

Version 3.0.2

  • Arcane: now flashes Arcane Barrage if Arcane Charge would fall off otherwise.

Version 3.0.1 beta

  • Arcane: added an AoE rotation.
  • Arcane: no longer prioritize Arcane Blast based on number of Arcane Charges.


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  • #149

    That's odd.  Maybe it's position got messed up if you changed your screen resolution or something like that?  Try this command to make it return to the center of your screen:

    /bcm reset

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #154
    Quote from diola »
    Quote from Xemnosyst »

    Is it flashing your rotation like it should?


    I'm stumped.  These are the conditions that must all be fulfilled in order for the combustion monitor to be shown.  I'm pretty sure we've already covered them all, but just to be sure:

    • You must be in fire spec
    • The "Flash Fire" option must be on in the options
    • The "Show Combustion Monitor" option must be on
    • Spells must be flashing (or have the potential to be, like buffs out of combat.  So, for example, if you do not have "Flash Out of Combat" selected in the options, the combustian monitor will be hidden out of combat.)
    Last edited by Xemnosyst on 12/9/2012 12:45:47 PM

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #153
    Quote from Xemnosyst »

    Is it flashing your rotation like it should?



  • #152
    Quote from diola »

    No, that does not help. The window had previously never seen. The screen resolution or by the UI was never changed.

    Edit: I've disabled all other addons. And of course, every time I started a fight. But no, there is no window.

    Is it flashing your rotation like it should?

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #151

    No, that does not help. The window had previously never seen. The screen resolution or by the UI was never changed.

    Edit: I've disabled all other addons. And of course, every time I started a fight. But no, there is no window.


    Last edited by diola on 12/9/2012 2:46:26 AM
  • #142

    I hope it's just something I've inadvertantly messed up, but my Fire Spec mage is now seeing mana gem and evocation lighting up as priorities, despite my Tier 6 talent being Invocation.  It was ok until 12/2 I believe when I update the add-on.

  • #143

    From the description above, they should flash under these conditions:

    Evocation: When you have Invocation but not Invoker's Energy.

    Conjure Mana Gem: If you are out of combat and have less than three charges left on your current Mana Gem, or less than 7 charges on your Brilliant Mana Gem.

    Is that different than you are observing?

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #147


    it was NOT working, as a fire mage with Incanter's Ward should never see Evocation nor Mana Gem as a priority.  However, I logged out and in and it is working.  I'll post if this recurs and observe conditions.

    Consider this dead for now and thanks again.

  • #145
    Quote from Doug0416 »

    I'm getting those to flash during combat, Xem.  Almost as if I were an arcane mage with Invocation.  When I have all three charges of mana gem, right at the beginning of fights i get evocation lit up.  Thank you for being so prompt, impressive (and fortuitous).

    So it sounds like it is working as intended, right?  Does this mean everything is good, or do you see a problem with the intended priorities?

    Last edited by Xemnosyst on 12/3/2012 7:39:44 PM

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #144

    I'm getting those to flash during combat, Xem.  Almost as if I were an arcane mage with Invocation.  When I have all three charges of mana gem, right at the beginning of fights i get evocation lit up.  Thank you for being so prompt, impressive (and fortuitous).

    Sorry - my Tier 6 talent is INCANTER'S WARD.

    Bah - still getting these names mixed up.

    Last edited by Doug0416 on 12/3/2012 7:40:22 PM
  • #141

    i think you should just keep it flashing like the other spell becuase with the border being red and the icon being red its too hard to tell

  • #150

    Did increasing the thickness of the red border w/ the last release of Bitten's SpellFlash Library help?

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #139

    is there a way to get the old flash for pryoblast and frostfire bolt...the new flash for it is kinda hard to see

  • #140

    There is not a way to change the way individual spells flash, but in the options for SpellFlash you can set the size & such.  Also - I plan to increase the size of the red border w/ the next release of Bitten's SpellFlash Library ... maybe that will help.

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #137

    having trouble downloading it. It is saying dependency missing on library and spell flash...

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