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Blood Legion Cooldown

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,298 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 233,107 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/23/2015
  • Created 03/22/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.64

About Blood Legion Cooldown

Helps track raid cooldowns visually with icons and bars. It is designed to have minimal impact and be very simple to understand and configure.

/blcd opt :: open the options screen
/blcd show :: toggles visibility of the addon
/blcd reset :: reset all running cooldowns and available counts
/blcd wipe :: reset cooldowns after a wipe
/blcd lock :: lock/unlock the cooldown frame position
/blcd extra :: filter out extra raid members (only the first 10/25 members of the raid will be tracked)
/blcd clearextra :: resets extra filtering to show all players
/blcd rescan :: rescan the raid for talents

When reporting a bug please include the following information:
- What version of BLCD did you see the error in?
- Do you have ElvUI installed and enabled?
- Do you have any other addons installed and enabled? (Please list them)
- The full text of any lua errors (installing BugSack and !BugGrabber will allow you to easily report lua errors)

Todo List:

- Adjustable bar size
- Adjustable bar text size
- Bar texture and font
- Resume current bars after /reload or when joining a group (latter option would require other users to have addon)
- Horizontal layout

- New way of setting extras

- Added support Paladin to charge spells when spec'd Clemency
- Added option to disable battle res monitor
- Add option to set bar fill/drain direction
- Regroup addon options to make it look pretty
- Add Remaining charge spells
- Fix: 3 min CDs reset on wipe
- Add adjustable bar size and font
- Fixed mouseover bug on who's cd is available

- Fix click to announce on paused bars

- Funkydude: Helped fix bar issues with bigwigs

- Brez bug fixes

- Fix Spirit Shell CD
- Fix Stampeding Roar when not glyphed
- Various bug fixes, trying to fix anchoring interfering with BigWigs
- Remove sologroup and always show, causing too much pain for now

- Add separate battle rez tracker, shows on boss engage. Top of the frame.
- Handle players that release/insta-res better
- Add minimap button

- Send chat messages to specified channels
- Fix: Set extras (hopefully)
- Fix: Various utility cooldowns for WoD (Shattering Throw removed, RC non prot, Zen Med non MW)
- Various other bug fixes

- WoD Update
- Fix: HoTW not tracking correctly
- New: New cooldowns added and old removed for WoD
- New: Now tracks the amount of battle resurrections you have in an encounter, this will show up as the amount you have available (1 at the start of an encounter)

- Fix: Anchoring issues when bar growth is set to "Left"
- Fix: Styling issues conflicting with BigWigs (hopefully)
- Fix: Show the mover when you unlock it w/out ElvUI

- Fixed total number of CD's not showing again when ready mode is off.

- Added option to show always show bars called Ready Mode.
- Report bugs please if using the ready bar feature. I believe a lot of bugs are gone now b/c of the alpha testing.
- Class color bars now an option. You can also click them to send a whisper to the person asking them to use the CD.
- Added group version tracking. /blcd who
- Changed the look of the addon without ElvUI
- Fixed total number of CD's not showing.
- Retain cooldown roster through reloads. You can issue a roster rescan via /blcd rescan

- Bug fix when not tracking a CD but received addon comm about it
- Added Raid/Party option on when to enable BLCD

- Large internal update
- No more reloading when choosing cooldowns and their settings such as bar direction
- Removed tracking ankh, does not show in the combat log in ANY way
- Wipe/Boss Defeat detection, better resetting cooldowns
 *Be on the lookout for CD's that reset but are 3 mins, ie Revival
- Addon comms allow CD's to be tracked across different player states/realms such as Norushen. Both players must have the latest BLCD for this to work.

- Update ToC to 5.4
- Update to reflect changes in 5.4 (Note: tooltip changes will be in a future patch)

- Fix Ancestral Guidance

- Added Shadow Priest Void Shift tracking
- Position now saves to profile

- Merge InKahootz dead player code

- Update ToC to 5.3

- Tagged as 3.16
- Added more commands to /blcd command list
- Added wipe detection and CD reset

- Tagged as 3.15
- Added Paladin's Light's Hammer and Hand of Purity
- Added Warrior's Intervene
- Corrected Hand of Salvation spellID

- Tagged as 3.14
- Reduced number of active cooldowns on Default settings
- Added Paladin's Holy Avenger
- Added Shaman's Ancestral Guidance
- Added Druid's Heart of the Wild
- Added Paladin's Hand of Salvation
- Corrected Void Shift and Hymn of Hope tooltips

- Tagged as 3.13
- Added Shadow Priest's Vampiric Embrace
- Added Warrior's Shattering Throw

- Tagged as 3.12
- Added AceTimer-3.0 back to libs as AceBucket is dependent on it
- Added Shaman's Reincarnation
- Added missing argument in Scale function
- Added names for available CD to tooltip

-Tagged as 3.11
-Updated TOC

-Removed libraries from repository

-Returned to latest LibCandyBar-3.0 release

-Corrected .pkgmeta paths

-Added repository to WowAce


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  • #40

    Position reset is fixed in 3.20

    Last edited by andfalcon on 7/17/2013 8:16:29 PM
  • #32

    I can't move my BL_CD bars, even with the unlocked function, known error in 3.16?

  • #31

    Is there anyway to not track cooldowns of people that are dead? not sure if there's a way to enable that or not.

  • #38

    Added in 3.18

    Last edited by andfalcon on 7/17/2013 7:57:07 PM
  • #30

    Hey there just wondering if it is possible to add shield wall into the Warrior CDs? :) thanks for an amazing addon helps RL so much

  • #27

    Is it possible to have different scale values for both the icon and the timer bar?

  • #28

    This should be possible with a relatively minor change. I'll look into doing it for the next update.

  • #26

    I really like how this addon works, however there are many cooldowns I'd like to track that aren't included. Would it perhaps be possible to give the option of adding custom cooldowns (since adding everything that someone, somewhere finds interesting to track might clog up the interface)?  DBM can be set to track these abilities but their implementation of it is really, really bad compared to BLCD.

    If not, I'd love to be able to track many individual cooldowns like shield wall effects/ice block/divine shield/cloak of shadows/deterence/PvP tinket etc. In PvE it is really nice to see what abilities the tanks/soakers themselves have availible, and in PvP it would be really nice to know exactly what cooldowns I can call on teammembers to use or predict that they will.

    Last edited by Jeniwyn on 4/14/2013 8:23:20 PM
  • #29

    I want to add the ability to track anything but the current method of building the cooldowns makes it difficult. This is on my list for a future version but I'm not sure when it will be happening.

    For now my plan is to expand the list of available cooldowns greatly to hopefully cover more of what people want. A major update to the list will probably happen within the next month, though the timing of 5.3 will effect when this is released.

  • #24

    hey great work I really like the addon. One Request though.I would really like a feature where you can sort the cooldowns by yourself. Currently they are sorted by class. I would really like to sort them by CD. Or say that you could place the external CD like PainSup, Guardian Angel, Hand of Sacrafice etc. on a diffrent spot. 

  • #25

    When I add custom grouping you will be able to sort in any way you want, but for now so much of this is hard coded that it can't be added quickly.

  • #21

    Great to see someone taking up this addon again!

    You mistakenly added Clemency's ID ( spellID = 105622 ) to Hand of Salvation ( spellID = 1038 )

    Possible additions

    -=Single target Damagereduction=-
    Hand of Purity ( spellID = 114039,  cast = 6, class = "Paladin", talent = 4) possibly default.

    Intervene ( spellID = 3411,  CD = 30, cast = 10, class = "Warrior" )

    Safeguard ( spellID = 114029, CD = 30, cast = 6, class = "Warrior", talent = 5 ) replaces Intervene

    -=Raid Cooldowns=-
    Light's Hammer ( spellID = 114158, CD = 60, cast = 18, class = "Paladin", talent = 6 )

    Tranquility Symbiosis( spellID = 113277, CD = 480, cast = 8, class = "Priest", spec  = 258 )
    From what I've heared it's not that strong but can't really confirm since we don't have a shadow prriest.

    -=DPS Cooldown=-
    Shattering Blow Symbiosis( spellID = 112997, CD = 300, cast = 10, class = "Druid", spec = 103 )

    Stampeding Roar ( spellID = 106898, CD = 120, cast = 8, class = "Druid" ) possibly default

    Stampeding Shout Symbiosis ( spellID = 122294, CD = 300, cast = 8, class = "Warrior" spec = 71 or 72 )

    I haven't managed to implement the Symbiosis spells cleanly (haven't delved into lua or wowaddon syntax that deeply),

    If you get the custom grouping done, it would be nice to have kockback ,pull spells and possibly AoE Stuns added as well (right now it would just add bloat).
    Spell I'd have in mind would be: Typhoon, Ursol's Vortex, Thunderstorm, Capacitor Totem, Binding Shot, Ring of Peace, Charging Ox Wave, Leg Sweep, Clash, Death Grip, Remorsless Winter, Gorefiend's Grasp, Shockwave, Mocking Banner, Shadowfury.

    Last edited by killuha on 4/4/2013 10:37:37 PM
  • #23

    Hand of Salvation fixed.

    Implementing Symbiosis didn't work out last time I tried but I'll look into it again (leveling my Druid so I can test it myself).

    Safeguard doesn't work right now, not sure if it's my code or something else, so it isn't in this update.

    Other spells added.

    Last edited by andfalcon on 4/5/2013 11:59:07 AM
  • #20

    Add the option to announce the list of available cooldowns to RAID_WARNING instead of just RAID?

  • #22

    Coming soon

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