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Blizzard Raid Frame - Indicators

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 58,696 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 12/01/2010
  • 98 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 1.8

About Blizzard Raid Frame - Indicators

Configurable indicators for Blizzard Raid Frames showing time of buffs/debuffs on all units in the raid.

There are 9 indicators for each raid member, one on each corner, one on each side and one in the middle.

Indicators can be configured to show any buffs/debuffs of your choice and you can configure several buffs/debuffs in the same indicator. Some simple options lets you select to show only if the buff is missing, only cast by you, stack sizes and more.

As an added bonus there's also an option to turn off the standard buff/debuff icons.

Example of indicators on a unit. Left lower corner shows remaining time of my Rejuvenation, center botton shows stack size and time remaining of my Lifebloom, bottom right shows time left of my Regrowth.
Example of indicators in a raid. The big red dot on Stormfront is an indicator showing he's missing Mark of the Wild or Blessing of Kings.
Also show in this picture is: Blizzard Raid Frame - Raid Icons
Another example, using icons as well as stack size coloring of the Earth Shield buff.

The configuration can be reached through the standard addon options (ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> Raid Frame Indicators) or by typing:
/indicators config
Show when Blessing of Kings or Mark of the Wild is missing on the unit


  • Indicator Font - The font used for an indicator
  • Show Icons - Show/Hide the standard buff/debuff icons
  • Enable - Enable/Disable the addon

Indicator options
The following can be used as buffs/debuffs:

  • Name of buff/debuff - Make sure this corresponds exactly to the name of the buff/debuff as it is called when it's on the unit (you can see the name if you cast the spell on yourself and it's not necessarily the same as the spell name)
  • "Magic/Poison/Disease/Curse" - To show any debuffs of that kind in that indicator
  • Spell ID - ID of the spell to track
  • "PvP" - To show if a unit is PvP flagged
  • "ToT" - To show if a unit is the target of your target

Other options:

  • Mine only - Only look for buffs cast by yourself. Can be used for example to track only hots cast by yourself
  • Show only if missing - Only show the indicator if all the buff/debuff specified are missing. Will be shown with a "blob" instead of numbers
  • Show on me only - Only show the indicator on yourself. Can be used to track missing self buffs or procs on yourself
  • Show text counter - Will show a number counting remaining time
  • Show decimals - Will show remaining time with a decimal for times < 10 s
  • Use stack size coloring - Will color the counter based on the stack size (>=3 green, 2 yellow, 1 red)
  • Color by remaining time - Will use the selected coloring for time > 5 s, yellow for 3-5 s, red for < 3 s remaining time
  • Show stack size - Will show the stack size if the buff/debuff can stack
  • Show icon - Will show the spell icon

V.1.8 - Patch 6.0.2 ready

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  • #88

    Make sure it is installed correctly and enabled. Try disable all other addons and see if that helps.

  • #85

    I found this addon to be really useful with this one

  • #83

    Ver - 1.15

    I can't seem to get the addon to activate at all. I had this problem once before and solved it by updating the Ace library myself.  But for the life of me I can't figure out how to get this addon running this time.  Symptoms: addon configuration doesn't show up under the [addons tab], /indicators config tells me the command is invalid.  It's odd but I seem to be the only one who has this issue.  Not sure if you have any ideas but I' love to get back to using this addon xD.


  • #87

    I've updated the ACE3 libs in the latest release. See if that helps.

  • #84


    I had the same problem myself and  it turned out that if i had Grid addon turned off Raid Frame Indicators wont work too. Solved it by copying AceEvent-3.0 folder from Grid libs to Raid Frames libs folder.

  • #80

    Great addon.

    Only one thing i like to  have  or  know  how to do  it:

    I like  to have  3+ buff or  debuff in same  line.

    Let say i like  to see on right  top coner Renew/Shield/Spirit Shell  icons.

  • #81

    You just add all spells to the list for the top-right indicator, each one on a new line (see the screenshot showing Mark of the Wild/Blessing of Kings). If you have more than one on you at the same time it will show whichever is highest up in the list.

  • #92

    Yeah, but it would be nice to show all the ones you have on the list, not just the one highest up

  • #78

    I really love this addon, it's great! Do you think it is at all possible to make an indicator that shows whether someone is PvP-flagged? When I'm healing in a raid for a world boss, I'd like to be able to avoid healing PvP-flagged people and getting flagged myself.

  • #82

    New version should be up soon (1.13) which has the "pvp" flag implemented. Just use "pvp" as a buff name and it will show a pvp icon if the unit is pvp flagged.

  • #79

    Yeah, that's possible. It's not a buff/debuff so I'd have to make a custom status for it, but it's not very complicated. If I have time I'll get it done this weekend.

  • #76

    Im getting tooltips when i hover over a spell icon or text in the raid frames, its very annoying, can i turn it off? never had it before, example, when i cast rejuvenation on someone and I come with the mouse over the icon the tooltip show up over the fram so you cant see nothing.

    Last edited by krugt on 10/3/2012 5:43:34 PM
  • #77

    You can turn them off. If you go to the settings for that indicator, under the headin "icon" you'll find a checkbox "Show tooltip".  Observe that this is on a per indicator basis, you'll have to do this on all indicators. I could make a global option I guess. 

  • #74

    I seem to have some off configuration issue, when I click top left, top right etc, nothing shows up in the box next to these options.

    Though none of the options are showing up, I would love a setting that shows a player with the largest cluster of players around them to benefit from AoE healing effects.

    Just an update this is the error my UI pops up when I try to use this addon.

    Message: ...AceGUI-3.0\widgets\AceGUIWidget-MultiLineEditBox.lua:282: CreateFrame(): Couldn't find inherited node "UIPanelButtonTemplate2"

    A quick fix for anyone having this problem: Update the Ace library with the most current ace files from, fixed it for me anyway.

    Last edited by MyBestLaidPlans on 9/10/2012 2:40:55 PM
  • #75

    You use the box to put the names or spell id's of the buffs/debuffs you want to watch. There is no buff in regards to players being close to each other, so that's not possible. I tink I've seen such an adon for Grid though, you might want to take a look at that one.

    Thanks for the info about ACE 3, i'll uppdate them.

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