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  • Updated 11/17/2012
  • Created 12/23/2010
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About AltUI(BlizzArt)

Please see the ReadMe and MenuList file for information on how to add or remove skins


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  • #236

    I don't know if you will see this trullan but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPLOAD ALTUI AGAIN PLZZZZ
    Altui was the best graphical addon in this game's history and i know, I've checked every single texture for every single one, your altui was the ONLY addon that added graphics without making a giant banner at the bottom of the screen.

    I know graphical mods don't do so well on wow because everyone is so invested in their freaking numbers that they can't possibly afford to put anything beautiful on their setup, but if you leave it up to the boring people everything would be grey and we'd have no drawings to decorate our caves, please upload it just for the sake of niceness and your talent at making it.

    Using the transmog vendors as the voice and face of the addon is epic lol
    PLEASE look into it again trullan

  • #235

    I come back a year later to see my favorite addon hasn't been updated for the expac. But seeing the status changed to "planning" keeps me hopeful.

  • #233

    Any word on an update? I love the addon, you've done an excellent job with it.

  • #234

    Guess this addon is done. It's a shame it was a very clean simple set up. best UI replacement I've ever used in all my years playing wow (since 2005). It didnt disturb the feel of wow like other UI's that pull you out of the experirnce by not melding well with wow's look.

  • #232

    Broken with patch 5.2 plz update.

  • #231

    Any possibility of these getting an update to go with Masque/Button Facade? Also the top bars, when displayed and filled, block out the dismount button. Any chance to move that button around or make the top bar independently adjustable to fix?

  • #230

    Really love this UI set up, it's simple and non-instrusive. Though I'm getting a lot of errors with quest items and it auto-diabling my ability to get in mounts and quest vehicles. Is this a common issue? 

  • #229

    Hi mt8 i likes the work youve done but i cant fint the option to leave the lect target  unit frame the way default was. not i never kwon if im selecting a frindly, neutral or enemy. can you tell how to select the correct options to that

  • #228

    The update was a nice surprise from my days away from gaming. You beautiful man, you added my row/column request. Thank you thank you. It's just what I'd always hoped for. Also happy holidays.

  • #227

    I made some changes on how the settings are saved and couldn't keep them. They should be saved per character again in the new version. I can't test the old version since i dont have a copy, hopefully you don't have to delete your wtf folder. I'm so sorry.

    Last edited by tru11an on 11/17/2012 1:45:27 PM
  • #225

    So just updated with today's new version and now I notice that before where I can set up a view for each of my characters, now they all share the one.  Was this intentional or am I doing something wrong?

  • #221

    I played around with BarTender4 in conjuction with this. On the plus side it leaves the bar artwork in tact (I believe it used to strip it away.) Everything basically works, but one may have to tinker with the settings of both addons to get them to display properly. For example, the micro menu has the Customer Support button re-enabled a-la BarTender, but will cover up the Backpack button in the process. Not a huge deal, but a bit irksome for obsessive compulsive people like me.

    All I really want to achieve is have the first six buttons of Bar 1 and 2 be Keys 1-12 and page together as though they were a single bar. Perhaps as an alternative, could the 2nd bar on the bottom be made to function along with Shapeshifting/Paging in the same way the main action bar does? Oh and what if we could apply the horizontal/vertical bars to the Cast Bar as well making it look like fire or ice? Sorry it's just this addon makes me unexplainably giddy!

    Last edited by TouchedPrawn on 10/30/2012 5:58:12 PM
  • #214

    Hey tru11an I wanna tell ye what I think about this latest Version of yer UI-Addon:


    Finally I'm able to chose on my own requirements if I wanna use 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 slots for the two main actionbars. That's exactly what I'm lookin' for. Also I'm able to selecti on my own which Frame should be transmogrified with with background, which frameborder should be used and so on. It's fantastic. There is only one thing that mess' me up. The Minimap stays as it isby default  and only the top area of the whole Frame (where the zone title is situated) is moged. Could ye provide yer fans with a possibility to select a transmogrification for the "Circular" frameborder of the minimap, please? Ye did the same for UnitFrames and BagFrames before, so it should not be much more difficult to realize this for the minimap too, right?

    Finally I wanna tell ye all again my opinion about this addon: This Addon is the new definition for awesomeness if ye look for this word in a dictionary you should find a screenshot of this addon.

  • #213

    Can you make this compatible with Bartender?  Your addon won't let me move the micromenu/stance bars, won't let me do fade outs.  Nuthin'.  :(    People could even make there own rows as TouchedPrawn suggested.  AltUI seems to take priority over them.  Maybe just a toggle in AltUI to turn control of the various bars on/off?


  • #212

    Excellent additions with the AltUi update. I like that I can mix and match now. Why Blizzard didn't use this kind of layout from the start is beyond me. The resizing feature is a nice surprise, though I'm still having my fingers crossed for column/row options. :)

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