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BLT Raid Cooldowns

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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 10/28/2014
  • Created 12/15/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v3.6.4

About BLT Raid Cooldowns

Inspired from BloodLegion Raid Cooldowns. ElvUI greatly improve the core design.

BLT Raid Cooldowns tracks raid cooldowns (offensive and defensive), announces casts and availability, and provides a report on CD usage after boss fights.


Configure the options in the blizzard option panel (type /bltrcd config to open directly the panel)

There are 7 default categories :

  • AOE_HEAL : CD to protect the raid (tranquility, revival, ...)
  • SINGLE_HEAL : CD to protect one member (eg the tank)
  • REGEN_MANA : CD to regen mana to all members
  • REZ : tracks battle rez
  • AOE_DPS : tracks DPS raid CD (stormlash, crit banner, ...)
  • DEFENSIVE : tracks DEFENSIVE raid CD (Die By the Sword!, ShieldWall, Barkskin, ...)
  • MISC: tracks MISC raid CD (Gorefiend's Grasp, Alter Time, Remorseless Winter, ...)

Move categories panel using /bltrcd sim

You can add/edit/remove category and cooldown in the configuration panel using /bltrcd config

Icon tooltip show who can cast the spell, and how much it was used after each bossfight.

Left click on a CD icon to report who can cast the CD

Right click on a CD icon after a bossfight to report usage


  • /bltrcd config - Open configuration panel.
  • /bltrcd show - Show/Hide the frame.
  • /bltrcd sim - Lock/Unlock and Enable/Disable Simulation for each category of cooldown.
  • /bltrcd report - Show the report frame.

ToDo / Features ideas

  • plan rotation within a category
  • suggestions? :p


Please remember that we are always interested by your feedback. About anything you want to share or ask. You may file tickets from our project page about anything, and you may also contact us on IRC: @

tag v3.6.4
blt.myrdinn <>
2014-10-28 12:09:09 +0100



    - Rename cd.real_name to for QoL
    - Fix usage of an internal CD name : use spellid instead
    - Fix create category & cooldown


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  • #58

    awesome addon, just can't seem to make it stop telling some stuff, like fire elemental

  • #49

    Hey there,

    Been testing this addon out for few days now and got two ideas for improvement;

    1. Ability to arrange icons horizontally (with vertical bars)

    2. Alternative to bars for the icons; green border of icon when all instances of the spell are ready, red border with cooldown showing on icon for the spell that will come off cd  first (if multiple present). The cooldown could be shown using Blizzards default version of greying icon out.


    Thanks for the addon and hope that atleast parts of above can be changed :)


    Edit: Also noticed that it does interfere with BigWigs bars which is annoying. try using local variables and it should be fine :)

    Last edited by Colraw on 7/7/2013 2:01:07 PM
  • #51

    Hmm Bigwigs interference should have been fixed long time ago. I will check what happens. For new stuff, i have less time at the moment so I just add this to the TODO list ;)

  • #50

    How do you change the lua into local variables? Until they fix this, I noticed it's really annoying with the BigWigs bars. Would love a tempfix meanwhile. Thanks.

  • #66

    I noticed that if you set the max bars to max (10) in BLT, everything seems to work perfectly. So that is a temporary fix for now.

  • #65
    Quote from Myrdinn »

    Last alpha should contain some other bar fixes. If you still have the issue, come back to me plz !

    It looked better though, for a while, but unfortunately it still happens. Here's a new pic with latest alpha, a space inbetween some bars, which indicates that there's a missing bar;

  • #64

    Going to check this right away. Will come back with info.

  • #63

    Last alpha should contain some other bar fixes. If you still have the issue, come back to me plz !

  • #57

    Here's a shot;

  • #55

    I am going to try my best to explain what happens. Maybe can get a screenshot later on but starts with this. Atleast from what I've noticed is that the emphasized bars and/or the normal bars gets spaces above and/or below until the next ability comes. It does not happen with the Test bars.

    It gets a whole space just like it was an ability there but it's not. Like said, it's hard to explain, going to see if I can get a screenshot out.

    Why I think it's BLT that screw this up is because I haven't installed anything else since then, except BigWigs Alpha versions. So we'll see. Thanks for reading and replying. I'll be back in a bit.

  • #53

    Can you share a screenshot of Bigwigs/BLTRCD interference ? or better explain what happens.
    I checked the code and it should be OK regarding CandyBar stuff.

    I will try to see with funkydude, author of Bigwigs/CandyBar library, what happens here again.

  • #48

    Hi, i love this addon, and thank you.

    i have two questions.

    1. According to upper images, the texture of bars were changed  to other figuration. But, i can't find the option for change the texture of bars. How can i do ?

    2. Do you have a plan for localization to other language ?

    Last edited by vetsurgeon on 7/4/2013 1:55:40 AM
  • #52

    1. Bar textures is not configurable right now. Either it use ElvUI basic skin, either basic wow skin bar

    2. No plan yet.

  • #44

    Hi. How do I get everything into just ONE panel? I want all Druid CDs after each other, then all Paladin CDs after that, all in just one column. Is this possible?

    Another thing also, can I have the sorting from bottom to top instead of top to bottom for each panel?

    Lastly, whenever you are playing with people on other realms (LFR, OpenRaid etc), the cooldowns for each name will be doubled counted.

    So if I play with a guy named Coolguy and he's a druid, and he is on Outlands, I am on Grim Batol, it will show him as Coolguy-Outlands. Whenever he uses Tranquility, for example, he will be counted as Coolguy and Coolguy-Outlands. So suddenly there will be another Tranquility counted. Would love an option to remove the Realm-name from the actual name of the player and I guess this is just a bug though.


    Last edited by catonbreak on 6/23/2013 2:27:57 PM
  • #45


    Should be possible but a bit tedious to do I admit.
    Just create a new category and move the wanted CD to this one. Sort by class and voila.

    There is no way to revert the sorting for now, might have this indeed.

    And thx for the report on the LFR stuff, I will get it fixed !

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