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BobUI core

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 1,394 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/15/2013
  • Created 04/29/2013
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: BobUI liscense
  • Newest File: r2

About BobUI core

This the Core addon for BobUI you can download the full suite here

BobUI is a Default UI replacement addon written and intended to be as light as possible on memory while still retaining the functionalities of a fully usable UI. If you break it down it's pretty much the default UI skinned by !Beautycase and has a few added bells and whistles.

Known Issues: Nameplate castbars look like crap Aurora Skin is not complete (I'm still working on it, it may take some time)

Upcoming Features: Expanding skin support for other addons Diminishing Returns (there is beta code on BobUI\modules\diminishing.lua)

Please post all bugs/issues/qq/death threats in the comments.

Credits to Zork, Quilight, Tukz, Monolit, Blooblahguy, Kemayo, Horau, Nightcracker, tekkub, Tuller, Neal, Gello, Choonster.

More information on BobUI can be found on my wowinterface portal page. If you don't know how to config BobUI or addons like it you can watch this video I made. Or you can ask me personally on my live stream

Source Code Check out a beta version sometime Request A Feature Submit a bug report

r2 | cksboy15 | 2013-12-16 05:01:51 +0000 (Mon, 16 Dec 2013) | 14 lines
Changed paths:
   A /trunk/BobUI
   A /trunk/BobUI/BobUI.toc
   A /trunk/BobUI/changelog.txt
   A /trunk/BobUI/config.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/!Beautycase.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/HoverBind.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/Macro.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/RangeCheck.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/cc.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/compat43.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/lib/jpack.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/media
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/backdrop.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/blank.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/buttons
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/buttons/RaidPanel-Toggle.blp
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/buttons/UI-Panel-MinimizeButton-Disabled.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/buttons/UI-Panel-MinimizeButton-Down.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/buttons/UI-Panel-MinimizeButton-Up.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/font.ttf
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/glowTex.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/mail.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/picomenu
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/picomenu/picomenuAchievement.blp
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/picomenu/picomenuHighlight.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/picomenu/picomenuNormal.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/picomenu/picomenuTalents.blp
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/statusbar.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/textureDebuff.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/textureNormal.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/textureOverlay.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/textureShadow.tga
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/unitframes
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/unitframes/ToT.blp
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/unitframes/petframe.blp
   A /trunk/BobUI/media/unitframes/unitframe.blp
   A /trunk/BobUI/misc
   A /trunk/BobUI/misc/license.txt
   A /trunk/BobUI/misc/test.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/OpenAll.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/actionbars
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/actionbars/bars.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/actionbars/hideblizz.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/actionbars/macro.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/actionbars/xpbar.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/announcements
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/announcements/interrupt.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/announcements/misc.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/auras.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/bag.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/bag2.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/castbar.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/chat.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/datatext.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/diminishing.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/loot.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/minimap.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/nameplates.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/raidmod.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/talents.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/tooltip.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/tweaks.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/unitframes
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/unitframes/arena.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/unitframes/boss.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/unitframes/raid.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/modules/unitframes/unitframes.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/skinning
   A /trunk/BobUI/skinning/Aurora.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/skinning/BigWigs.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/skinning/skinning.lua
   A /trunk/BobUI/test.lua

Files were corrupt in 5.4 not sure what happened

Skinned boss frames... partially. They have same issue as arena frames might just make an texture for them both
Corrected target aura skin
fixed rFilter3 skin, yes it took me 3 months to realize I never put a border on it.
Optimized data text, by completely rewriting it of course
XP Bar is now colored by cfg.bColor rather than it's own standalone coloring, optimized some code there as well
fixed bank frame skin bug for those who haven't purchased all the bank tabs
removed micromenu button for store
added store option to micromenu list on minimap
Rearranged Minimap micromenu and renamed Help to Customer Supprt
fixed border issue on DropDown Menus
r1 | svn | 2013-12-16 04:52:49 +0000 (Mon, 16 Dec 2013) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /branches
   A /tags
   A /trunk

bobui-core/mainline: Initial Import


  • #9

    Couple new things, new integrated Quick Talents options are a little buggy on config but works great out of the box except for... two options I believe, if you don't want it you can disable it in the config.lua file for BobUI

  • #7

    Any DPS AddOns recommended for this UI?

  • #8

    For a DPS meter I personally use Numeration, though Recount or Skada work fine. For timers I use rFilter3 which is a little complicated to setup, TellMeWhen is an easier variant.

  • #3

    Just wondering if there's an ETA for 5.4 compatibility.

  • #4

    5.4 seems to work fine, did fix a few chat bugs I noticed, put on an update just waiting for curse approval.

    The most up to date version is always on, I often forget to update here

    Last edited by cksboy15 on 9/16/2013 4:25:36 PM
  • #6

    If you find out which addon let me know I'll see about sorting out a way to make BobUI work with it.

    As for customizing BobUI I have plans for in game config down the road, I'm experimenting with it on one of my simpler addons because I've never set it up and my .lua knowledge isn't that great . So it may very well be an option in the future. But, there is a config file in the BobUI folder if you wanna try your hand at .lua config rather than in game.

  • #5

    You're right - I must have had a conflict with another addon that was causing major lag. I have yet to figure out which one. What I can't figure out, though, is where there would be some configuration window. I wanted to customize the layout of the action bars.

  • #1

    Trying to find the video that you made to config your UI.  Love it so far, just would like to tweak it a bit.  How do I do this?


    Thank you!

  • #2

    0.0 I actually forgot to save the video I'll make a new one when I get a chance sorry about that.

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