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BOLT - Beacon of Light Timer

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.1
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  • Updated 04/26/2011
  • Created 10/12/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Bolt_v1.71

About BOLT - Beacon of Light Timer

by Daltanious of Kul Tiras - Updated by Illisis of Barthilas

BOLT is designed for holy paladins, will help you to keep up the Beacon of Light and Judgements of the Pure spells/effects.


  • Beacon of Light and Judgements of the Pure trackers(working)
  • Auto hide function when spells or talents are not available(untested)
  • Button focus: save an independent focus target for each button and right click to re-cast the spell on your saved target(working)
  • Real time duration check: if your buff get removed the countdown will stop with a sound alarm(working)
  • Customizable sound and flash alerts(working)
  • Button scaling, drag&drop, pin/unpin, custom alpha level(working)
  • Auto hide when not in combat(Untested)
  • Russian localization(untested)
  • Lightweight (100Kb) and non intrusive


  • SHIFT - Doubleclick to Pin/Unpin a Button on the screen
  • CTRL - Doubleclick to set up a target as focus for BOL


If you have had a previous version of BOLT I recommend you delete your BOLT.LUA file(s) in your WTF folder. This corrects some issues regarding the Sacred Shield spell the addon used to monitor as SS has not been entirely coded out yet.

Any suggestions, bug reports or 'fixes' you can offer would be great! just send me(illisis) a PM.

v1.71 (27 Apr 2011)

- Update for 4.1

v1.7 (26 Feb 2011)

- UI options fixed

v1.61 (24 Nov 2010)

- Update for 4.0.3a

v1.6 (26 Oct 2010)

- Update for 4.0.1

v1.581 (04 Feb 2010)

- Fixed wrong encoding in localization file BOLTLNG.lua

v1.58 (01 Feb 2010)

- Internationalization support

- Russian internationalization

v1.5.7b (10 Jan 2010)

- Very little fix to support locales other than english

v1.5.7 (08 Dec 2009)

- Maintenance release: various small internal adjustments and TOC ready for patch 3.3

v1.5.5 (18 Oct 2009)

- NEW TIMER BUTTON: Judgements of the Pure!

- Now BOLT will override visibility templates if the related spell or talent is not available

- Fixed minor lag-bug on buff dispelling

- Minor code improvements


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  • #6
    As mentioned by another if you could add a timer for Judgement of the Pure this would rock.

    Outstanding mod. Love the visual of this one over the bars.
  • #7
    Be happy, JotP is now supported with the incoming v1.55 version! :-)
  • #2
    Cheers for this. Does almost everything I need it to. Couple of asks, if possible please.
    Main thing I really wanted to request of you was if it's possible to have a setting where if Beacon is cast, then the sound doesn't play for Sacred Shield (if it's switched on). But if Beacon hasn't been cast and isn't counting down, the sound plays for SS.

    Also, er, how do I lock the buttons? Can't seem to find anything that lets me do this.

    Other than that, really nice work on this addon. Thank you!
  • #3

    as you suggested in the next release I will slightly enlarge min/max scale brackets.

    About buttons: you can pin/unpin a button with a SHIFT-doubleclick on it.

    About sound alerts: can't promise, I will try.

    Check the Readme.txt file in the BOLT addon folder :)
  • #5
    Hi again.

    Played with it all evening yesterday and loved it.
    is there a way I can change the sound volume to make it a bit more pronounced? Noticed it's a bit quieter than my old addon BeaconCountdown (this is using the loud sound on BOLT btw). But appreciate that some people will prefer it to be less intrusive.

    Seriously, can't thank you enough though for this addon. Really helped.
  • #1
    I am currently using a beacon of light timer but after seing this I may just have to change. I like the visuality in seconds of the spells and remaining time. I will be trying this for tonights raid. I would like to make a few suggestions however.

    1. A third timer for Judgements of the Pure would be great showing how much time is left on the buff.

    2. A fourth timer for Judgement of the light on a target enemy.

    Example addon that I use currently for tracking these 4 buffs is:

    What I like most about this addon as I said is the visual aspect. Good work on your first addon, cant wait till see it ingame later tonight.
  • #4
    Thx for your suggestion.

    At the moment I'm trying to consolidate BOLT, removing bugs and adding only very simple additional features. I will plan to make more consisent changes (like your suggested points) with the 2.0.
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