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  • World of Warcraft
  • 197 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.3.3
  • 23,216 Total Downloads
  • Updated 03/31/2012
  • Created 06/17/2011
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: 8.2

About BoomyBalance

Gives a display of 9 buttons. Each button will cast it's assinged spell. the first three button are Starfire, Starsurge, and Wrath. The button for Starsurge "lights up" when shooting stars procs and it will track the cooldown until you are able to cast it next. the second three buttons are Moonfire/Sunfire, Fairie Fire, and Insect Swarm. Each icon tracks wether or not the debuff is active on your current target, and if say Insect Swarm wasn't on yer cruent target, it's button would light up. Further, it will track how long until the debuff will expire on yer target and lights up again when it expires. the last two buttons just allow you to cast Wild Mushrooms, Force of Nature, and Detonate.

Also includes spells for Feral, and Restoration

Slash Commands are as follows:

"/boomy" = To enter config mode. (right click the bar to bring up the config menu)
"/boomy o" = opens the main configuration menu.
'/kb' or "/keybound" = to enter keybinding mode.

8.2: Fixed the addon not loading do to feature in last update. 8.1: Added a slash command to disable the bar for a given spec 8: Long needed bug fixes! 7.5: Updated for patch 4.3. Now uses a custom library to build the options menu 7: Another Rewrite. Now uses KeyBound to handle keybings. 6: Reset saved settings, and made icons rearrangeable. 5.3: Fixed issue with spec swapping code. 5.2: Added a Feral Cat Bar, and fixed a few other issues. 5.1: Fixed the massive coding mistakes of last update, and added a Restoration bar, as well as a minimap button. 5: Next stage of rewrites are finished. Added a better options menu, and a frame to assist in positioning the buttons. Added better keybind interface. 4; Complete Rewrite to allow for future growth, added key-bind functionality. 3: rewrote most of the code to allow for additional features such as scaling, columns, and spacing. Added range indicators to the icons as well. Also add proper tooltips. 2: Minor enhancements 1: Uploaded


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  • #57

    New replacement is called Boomy_Elite. It'll be even more powerful soon!!!

  • #52

    this was an easy fix for me. replace all instances of GetPrimaryTalentTree with GetSpecialization.

    addin sunfire and its id, take out insect swarm, and chng a few spell ids and it is working fine. Granted I didn't check layouts or any other tree but balance.


  • #50

    I hope update will come soon.coz it was great to play with boomy...

    we r waiting for it

  • #51

    I haven't had a reason to use this addon on the beta... So I have no clue when I'll update  it. Sorry. Embarassed

  • #49

    Not working with MoP first patch.  Will updated version be created soon?

  • #47

    Hi Creator of Boomy. I think this is a really good addon. Something I would like to see if a Fade % options for the display. I like to have the buttons next to my char so i get clear visibility of my CD's, but just means i cant see whats behind my buttons, like a rouge!

  • #48

    I think I can do that. Shouldn't be to hard. I'll work on it in the next few days or so.

  • #45

    I really need me some addons and I have a mac D: I cant get it to load help! Please and ty c:

  • #46

    Did you install it to the correct location? First find the WoW folder in the Applications Folder and open it. Then find the folder called Interface, open it, then open the File called AddOns. Drop any addons you download into this folder.. they should load in game if they are placed in that folder.

    I use a mac as well, and it works for me. :-P

  • #42

    I've done everything to try to get this  mod unstuck from the middle of my screen and it won't move for nothing!

  • #44

    Type /boomy, a color should come up on top of the bar, this will allow you to drag the bar.  Right clicking on the bar will bring up the  options menu.

  • #34

    I'm not sure why the addon has broken for some users. I'll do what I can to try to fix it. 

  • #35


    4x BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance-8.1.lua:78: attempt to index field "Disable" (a nil value)
    BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance-8.1.lua:78: in function "OnSpecChanged"
    BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance-8.1.lua:50: in function <BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance.lua:49>
    BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance-8.1.lua:52: in function "Load"
    BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance-8.1.lua:11: in function "OnEvent"
    BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance-8.1.lua:779: in function <BoomyBalance\BoomyBalance.lua:777>

  • #39

    lol... Bet ya notice my lil thing to give myself 12 buttons instead of 9. :-P

  • #37

    Finally an error log! Now I know what needs fixing! Thanks you!

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