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Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech

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  • Project Manager: Rinu
  • World of Warcraft
  • 48 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.1
  • 14,878 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/17/2010
  • Created 02/11/2010
  • 62 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: r21-release

About Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech

What is Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech?

Boss Mod: TTS plays on every important BossMod message a text-to-speech sound file, so you always now why your screen is flashing or what's going on around you.

The idea behind the whole thing: Messages are cool but a nice computer voice actually telling you what's happening at the moment is much better!

Boss Mod: TTS works with BigWigs, DBM and DXE.


I only want sound messages which are important to me

Boss Mod: TTS is hooking the message system of you Boss Mod. If you deactivate unimportant messages in your Boss Mod the sound messages are also deactivated. Simple.

I want to add more sounds!

The sounds are limited to the messages of your Boss Mod. If a Boss Mod doesn't have a message about a special event, there is also no sound for it.

Can I replace the sounds?

Sure, you just need to copy your new sounds to the BossModTTS/Sounds folder and replace the old ones.

r22 | rinu | 2010-10-17 21:10:35 +0000 (Sun, 17 Oct 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/r21-release (from /trunk:21)

Tagging as r21-release
r21 | rinu | 2010-10-17 21:09:43 +0000 (Sun, 17 Oct 2010) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BigWigs.lua
   M /trunk/BossModTTS.lua
   M /trunk/DBM.lua
   M /trunk/DXE.lua
   A /trunk/Sounds/adds.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/adds.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_defile.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_defile.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_defileself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_defileself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_harvestsoul.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_harvestsoul.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_infest.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_infest.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_plague.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_plague.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_plagueself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_plagueself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_quake.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_quake.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_ragingspirit.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_ragingspirit.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_ragingspiritself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_ragingspiritself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_soulreaper.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_soulreaper.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_trap.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_trap.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_valkyr.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_valkyr.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_vilespirits.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_vilespirits.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/arthas_winter.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/arthas_winter.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/deathwhisper_dnd.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/deathwhisper_dnd.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/deathwhisper_dominatemind.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/deathwhisper_dominatemind.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/deathwhisper_spirits.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/deathwhisper_spirits.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/festergut_blight.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/festergut_blight.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/festergut_inhale.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/festergut_inhale.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/festergut_spore.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/festergut_spore.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/festergut_sporeself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/festergut_sporeself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/festergut_vilegas.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/festergut_vilegas.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/frenzy.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/frenzy.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/gunship_mage.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/gunship_mage.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_breath.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_breath.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_fire.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_fire.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_fireself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_firesself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_laser.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_laser.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_meteor.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_meteor.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_shadow.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_shadow.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/halion_shadowself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/halion_shadowself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_pact.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_pact.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_pactself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_pactself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_shadow.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_shadow.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_shadowself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/lanathel_shadowself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/marrowgar_bonestorm.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/marrowgar_bonestorm.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/marrowgar_coldflame.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/marrowgar_coldflame.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/marrowgar_impale.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/marrowgar_impale.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/phase2.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/phase2.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/princess_inferno.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/princess_inferno.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/princess_shock.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/princess_shock.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/princess_switch.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/princess_switch.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/putricide_experiment.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/putricide_experiment.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/putricide_gasbomb.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/putricide_gasbomb.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/putricide_goo.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/putricide_goo.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/putricide_greenooze.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/putricide_greenooze.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/putricide_plague.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/putricide_plague.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/putricide_redooze.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/putricide_redooze.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/rotface_explode.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/rotface_explode.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/rotface_infection.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/rotface_infection.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/rotface_infectionself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/rotface_infectionself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/rotface_slimespray.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/rotface_slimespray.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/saurfang_blood.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/saurfang_blood.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/saurfang_mark.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/saurfang_mark.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/saurfang_rune.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/saurfang_rune.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_beacon.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_beacon.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_beaconself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_beaconself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_cold.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_cold.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_icetombs.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_icetombs.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_magicself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/sindragosa_magicself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/valithria_manavoidself.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/valithria_manavoidself.wav
   A /trunk/Sounds/valithria_portals.mp3
   D /trunk/Sounds/valithria_portals.wav

update sounds
fixed bug, when the hooked addon was not found
r19 | rinu | 2010-10-16 16:22:15 +0000 (Sat, 16 Oct 2010) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BigWigs.lua
   M /trunk/BossModTTS.lua
   M /trunk/BossModTTS.toc
   M /trunk/DBM.lua
   M /trunk/DXE.lua

updated for patch 4.01
fixed hook functions


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  • #26
    im having the same issue volume is very soft
  • #29
    ah So it isn't just me,
  • #24
    will there be an update for 4.0.1 i real like the addon and dont want to see it die
  • #23
    on Lord Marrowgar when he bone spikes the addon announces bone storm
  • #22
    i have suggestion since i have game sound playing thru speekers and vent on headphones is there any way to direct the boss mod:tts to play thru the headphones and keep game sound thru seekers some game sounds are important to hear and wold not wont to miss the que
  • #20
    nice please german sound^^
  • #19
    Like NicoBlack, I'm also interested in support for RaidWatch 2. Are there any plans?
  • #21
    maybe for cataclysm
  • #18
    Got this one poping up, hope you can fix it?

    Date: 2010-06-09 22:35:16
    ID: 1
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 13
    Message: ..\AddOns\BossModTTS\BigWigs.lua line 104:
    attempt to call global 'GetBossModule' (a nil value)
    [C]: GetBossModule()
    (tail call): ?
    [C]: NewBoss()
    ...e\AddOns\LittleWigs_Stratholme\Chrono-Lord_Epoch.lua:4: in main chunk
    [C]: LoadAddOn()
    BigWigs\Loader.lua:452: LoadZone()
    [C]: Show()
    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:28: InterfaceOptionsList_DisplayPanel()
    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:46: InterfaceOptionsListButton_OnClick()
    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:481: InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory()
    [C]: Show()
    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:28: InterfaceOptionsList_DisplayPanel()
    ..\FrameXML\InterfaceOptionsFrame.lua:46: InterfaceOptionsListButton_OnClick()
    [string "*:OnClick"]:2:
    [string "*:OnClick"]:1

  • #16
    DXE still failing a lot, specially in arthas HM encounter... :S
  • #17
    So whats the exact problem with DXE? Wrong sounds on events or no sounds on events or whatever.
  • #15
    Any plan on adding Raid Watch 2 support as I love the customization of that boss mod over any of the following and use it in my guild.
  • #5
    i dl it into addon folder went into FoS an got an immediate LUA error "cannot find a library of instance of "Ace Console3.0" any suggestions?
  • #6
    i am currently using the DBM mod
  • #7
    fixed in the newest alpha (available at
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