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  • World of Warcraft
  • 298 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.5
  • 640,620 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/22/2012
  • Created 09/26/2008
  • 668 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)
  • Newest File: BossTactics 4.0.0
Support development! **

About BossTactics

BossTactics improves and simplifies explaining boss tactics in World of Warcraft.

***Looking for coders to assist.*** Would like to bring this back

Knetik (aka Czarknetik) has taken over this addon in an attempt to keep it going. This has been a great addon that has helped many guilds to simplify fight strategies and setups.

Sorontur's final statement before handing it off

After over 5 years of WoW, it is time for me to end my time ingame. It was really a great time, raiding with so many friends and achieving so much. Cataclysm is really not what WoW used to be, so this is a good point to stop this. But this also means, that i will not continue my work on BossTactics. I put really much effort in it and I hope you have had lots of benefits. I tried it in 4.2 and there where no lua exceptions for me, so maybe you can use it for a while until Blizzard again changes the complete API. Maybe someone likes to continue the work, feel free to do so, just send me a message on curse and i will grant you permissions.
So this is my good bye to you! Have a good time in Firelands. Sorontur

Main Features

* Tactics for all Raidinstances ingame * Maps for every bosslocation, to show where people have to stand * Buttons for playerpositions * Raidleaders can add/remove/move/name Buttons * Raidleader chat * Control if people are actually watch the right scene * Short Bosstactics for the Raid-chat * Sessions for explainig a Bosstactic * Save your own tactic for Bosses or Trash and switch between yours and the standard * Trash tactics, if available * Ping on the map * Paint on the map * Chat channels for classes and rols * Synchronizable tactic texts * Queries for Addon- and Item-Checks * Assigning tasks to tanks, healers, and special roles depending on the bosses * ID tracking for all your characters. Realm independent. * 5-man instances quickinfos and tactics * Raid leaders can start acclamations

Instance Modules

This version contains only the framework, if you like to download only a few instance modules, you can find them here: Dragon Soul Firelands Pack of all Cata-release Modules Throne of the four Winds Blackwing Decent Bastion of Twilight Baradin Hold Cataclysm 5 man instances Pack of all WOTLK modules (i know this link is sometimes broken, still this is a curse issue, i have no clue why. just try again later) BC-Modules

Video Guides

I've set up a video guide for raidleaders to show all the functions containing in BossTactics. You can find it on youtube: Part 1 (Without Music) Part 2 (Without Music)


This is a well tested release but still bugs can be there. If you find a bug please tell me at Thanks for help.

Slash Commands

/bt or /bosstactics for overview /bt show opens bossframe (check the others in the overview)


See changelog.txt in the BossTactics folder.


If someone likes to add language support to BossTactics you can post the locales here: The strategy texts are too big for this feature so there it cannot be used.

r96 | sorontur | 2012-10-22 13:00:14 +0000 (Mon, 22 Oct 2012) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BossTactics.lua
   M /trunk/BossTactics.toc
   M /trunk/Dialogues.lua
   M /trunk/Groups.lua
   M /trunk/Gui.lua
   M /trunk/Instances.lua
   M /trunk/changelog.txt

- updated to work with MoP


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  • #360

    miss this addon!!!!!!!

  • #359

    Its a Shame this hasnt seen recent updates. It really seems like an excellent tool, that would allow even novice raiders like myself to lead more organized and more informed PUG raid groups. I can hardly believe that nobody else out there has attempted to mimic an MOP updated version of this revolutionary guide. 

    I guess the only people out there smart enough to create such addons dont really have a need for such a utility in the first place :-P

  • #357

    Can't event use it anymore, one of the many error message I get, however they alls eem to refer to GetInstanceDifficulty

    Message: Interface\AddOns\BossTactics\BossTactics.lua:2374: attempt to call global 'GetInstanceDifficulty' (a nil value)

  • #358

    I managed to fix it forgot they removed that:) could use with some BC guides:)

  • #356

    I would like to start by apologizing to everyone who has enjoyed this addon.  I have had a very difficult past year with work which has given me little to no time to work on this addon.  I haven't even had time to login to wow very often.  Looking ahead right now I should start to have some free time and I will try to work on fixing the bugs and get modules out.  I don't think I will get any modules out for MoP, but I will try to get WoD when it comes out.  Thank you all for your support and I hope we can get this back on track.  Also if you have the knowledge to work on addons and would like to help, please send me a message.

  • #355

    Hi there just checking in to see if there were going to be any new updates of this add on? I am able to open it in game, but when I load a module and pick an instance the Bosses button stays greyed out. Any chance there is a simple update to fix this? I dont it to be updated with the newest raids, as I can add the pictures and edit the menus myself. I am just hoping its possible to get the basic function of the add on to work again. Thanks

  • #352

    I would like to this updated for mop raids for Raid Lead here and i think this would be a good addon to maintain

  • #351

    Yeah, think i got it again to work. i will finish the new MoP instance list, so i will publish a new version of the Framework in the next days. But i don't have time to provide all the guides. Hope there is someone out there how likes to create them! If someone needs help feel free to ask.

  • #353

    Any progress on this? I saw the alpha for Pandaria, but I mean the MV module and toes and hof. We will manage without guides, will take them from elsewhere, but need the pictures for each boss!y

    Thnx ;)

    Last edited by MrLanc3lot on 10/29/2012 1:53:52 AM
  • #354

    since i'm not raiding any more it is hard to make the guides and images for me. i will try to get some images at least, but it will take a while

  • #349


    i've had on pre MOP some free trial days for the patch and i realized that BossTactics is hardly damaged since the raid members api changed. Are there still any people out here liking BossTactics to work on MoP? Then i'll try to fix that.

    Looking forward to seeing some comments :)

  • #350

    I think many want this updated, as its a legendary addon since 2008. Hope you or someone else can put it to work again!

  • #348

    Will this be updated for 5.0/MoP?

    Thanks :)

  • #346

    I believe it's not work any more guys ? all out of date :(

    So if will not update what can use the same as it ?

  • #347

    You can select load out of date and it will still work.

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