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  • World of Warcraft
  • 47 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.0.4
  • 25,509 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/03/2012
  • Created 12/06/2010
  • 18 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v3.9.15
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About BossEncounter3

French redirection

Si vous comprenez le français, il est recommandé de lire plutôt cette page:


BossEncounter3 is a boss mod and the successor of BossEncounter2. Its purpose is to ease your time through bosses by providing tools such as timers, health bars, alerts, a radar and other more specialized tools. BossEncounter3's philosophy is to deliver these tools to the players in a fun, elegant, efficient and funky manner.




  • Selectable health bars for the main boss and its adds.
  • Timers for incoming events (rather similar to boss mods such as BigWigs and DeadlyBossMods).
  • Summary window telling you the name of the fight, as well as the combat time or the berserk timer.
  • Visible text for really, really important stuff you may not miss.
  • A radar which allows you to check your distances and the evil zones of doom which you mustn't stand into.
  • Other graphical elements are used for some bosses.
  • Evaluation of your performance each time a boss fight is cleared.


  • Completely standalone AddOn: no external library or AddOn is required or installed.
  • Automatic wipe detection.
  • No configuration to do in long and boring menus. The options for each boss are intentionally limited.
  • Widgets can be moved and resized. A test mode is available to set them.
  • Works best with French and English game clients. Correct performances can be expected with other languages.
  • Includes a bonus feature to check your equipment before a boss, for those who regularly forget to unequip fishing poles...


BossEncounter3 is also hosted on WoWInterface:

3.9.15 _ * This version fixes serious issues with many boss modules since the 5.0.4 update.

3.9.14 _ * Compatibility version for 5.0.4 major patch. Unless some nasty bugs occur, this should be the final version of BossEncounter3.

  • BossEncounter3 will be replaced by BossEncounter4 when Mist of Pandaria is released.

3.9.13 __ * Fixed some oversights in Hagara module: there's now an option to turn off Frostflake announces and Focalised Assault should be detected in all difficulties.

  • Also added some options to make alerts more aggressive for Hagara.

3.9.12 __ * Enhanced Hagara module: added a proper Focalised Assault alert and tools to announce and monitor Frostflake in heroic mode.

3.9.11 __ * Added a workaround in Yor'sahj's module which should prevent the radar from misbehaving due to a bug with the map of the game displaying the wrong floor sometimes.

  • Some small improvements on Yor'sahj positionning tool to add a slightly bigger margin of security.

3.9.10 _ * Ultraxion fading light alerts should now behave properly in all cases.

  • Yor'sahj's module has been even more enhanced for heroic mode (and kill order adjusted), as long as all raid members have installed BE3...
  • Indeed, a new option has been added to take care of all players positionning for you!

3.9.9 __ * Yor'sahj's heroic mode shadow debuff counter should now work properly. Also added ooze tips for heroic mode.

  • Alysrazor should have sensible timers in heroic mode.
  • Some miscellaneous fixes.

3.9.8 __ * Enhanced Madness of Deathwing module. The boss bar should display in phase 2, Shrapnel has had its warning redesigned and the boss module should trigger more reliably.

  • Modified Morchok module for heroic mode to reduce the spam. Also fixed the berserk timer.
  • Added a shadow debuff counter for Yor'sahj.
  • Added a Looming Darkness counter for Ultraxion hard mode.
  • Other miscellaneous changes.

3.9.7 __ * Fixed a bug which caused BE3 to fail the detection of LFR mode.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the plasma counter to stay full in Spine of Deathwing regardless of healing done on the target.
  • Killing the Tendrils in Spine of Deathwing should now stop the countdown timer properly.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes.

3.9.6 __ * Added Madness of Deathwing module.

  • "Skip cinematic" option of Spine of Deathwing module has been redone and should be cleaner.
  • Several issues with Spine of Deathwing module should be fixed in LFR mode.

3.9.5 __ * Added Spine of Deathwing module, it is now about 20% cooler.

  • Fixed a number of bugs in Blackhorn and Ultraxion modules.

3.9.4 __ * Transmog has broken the equipment checker feature when used on other players.

  • It will be removed for the remainder of Cataclysm because no acceptable substitution implementation has been found.
  • BE3 is now aware of LFR difficulty.
  • Ultraxion module has been redesigned.
  • Added Blackhorn and Alizabal modules.
  • Several fixes on the first Dragon Soul bosses.

3.9.3 __ * BE3 is now compatible with 4.3 patch.

  • Added the bosses of Dragon Soul raid (it is a work in progress).
  • Added a basic version of dungeon bosses.
  • Miscellaneous changes and fixes.

3.9.2 __ * Fixed a problem which caused heroic mode to be not detected in Cataclysm heroic raid.

  • Fixed an oversight in Ragnaros module which prevented detection of meteor debuff.
  • Shannox should no longer display phase changes on heroic mode.
  • Changed a bit the animation on boss health bar.

3.9.1 __ * Some important bug fixes on Staghelm module.

  • Ragnaros module has been improved.
  • Fixed some graphics drawing order issues.
  • Super alerts can no longer be clicked nor moved.

3.9.0 __ * An UI has been added to manage loaded musical plugins. It can be accessed through a new slash command.

  • Alysrazor module should now always correctly display timers when engaged and it has been significantly improved.
  • Removed Brushfire warning on Alysrazor.
  • Staghelm has been corrected and improved, especially the radar.
  • Ragnaros module is now implemented.
  • Volcanus module has been added.
  • Maloriak module has been enhanced for heroic mode.
  • Some minor changes to other modules.

3.8.1 __ * Fixed some unexpected bugs revealed by the previous bug fix on Rhyolith! Also added some extra alerts.

  • Improved a bit the boss health bar which should now display properly health thresholds as purple.
  • More work on Baleroc, Staghelm and Alysrazor modules.
  • Fixed a bug where health thresholds would be incorrectly displayed on Nefarian module.

3.8.0 __ * Reduced the intensity of the red fullscreen effect when standing on a red zone of the radar in easiest difficulty.

  • Critical timers now have a different sound. Important timers keep the previous sound and will now pulse yellow instead of red.
  • Added extra timers for Shannox, now traps are shown when cast on the tank and some other additions.
  • More work on Baleroc module. None for Alysrazor, Staghelm or Ragnaros, sorry (soon!).
  • Fixed a bad message on Beth'tilac. Drone add will also have its health bar shown in the enemy list as well as its timer.
  • Fixed some bugs on Rhyolith.

3.7.1 __ * Rhyolith module should now activate properly when selecting his feet.

  • A new type of option is being experimented with on Rhyolith: optimize settings.
  • This option will adjust your video settings to hopefully boost your FPS and reduce visual mess.
  • This kind of option will probably be extended on other bosses where massive visual mess occurs.
  • Some extra work on Shannox and Beth'tilac modules as well.

3.7.0 __ * BE3 is now compatible with 4.2 patch.

  • Added the new boss of Baradin Hold (Occu'Thar).
  • Added the bosses in Firelands (please note the some modules are still in development).
  • Some have been adjusted to take in account 4.2 nerfs to normal difficulty.

3.6.0 __ * BE3 is no longer in "Beta".

  • Debug option and debug slash commands should no longer be available to standard users.
  • Added a slash command to use the equipment checker on your fellow raiders, ensuring no one has forgotten to unequip their fishing pole!
  • Added a slash command to check healers' ranges on the radar. This will only work after setting raid roles.
  • The error detection system now gives the errors per minute per player instead of errors per minute.
  • Several adjustments have been made to Al'Akir, including the addition of an extra option.
  • Festering Blood bar on Cho'gall has been replaced with a normal timer.
  • Events list now has icons.

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  • #21

    This is a great add-on.

    It helped us a lot. thanks for the amazing job.

    One thing missing though (maybe I missed it) : the pull countdown message.

    Something like : "/be3 pull 5" to pull in 5 seconds would be great :).

    Keep up your excellent work.


    Last edited by Ruvinsson on 8/16/2012 11:35:33 AM
  • #20

    While running:

    7x BossEncounter3\code\gui\anims\cleared.lua:184: attempt to index field "?" (a nil value)

    BossEncounter3\code\gui\anims\cleared.lua:184: in function "Play"
    BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:287: in function "?"
    BossEncounter3\code\module\libs\gui.lua:72: in function "SendViewEvent"
    ...\BossEncounter3\code\module\libs\handlers.lua:390: in function "h"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:111: in function "InvokeHandler"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:64: in function "_delegateEvent"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:118: in function "InvokeHandler"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:356: in function "OnUpdate"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:11: in function <BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:11>

    self = <table> {
    OnTimerStart = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:272
    SizeSlider = BossEncounter3_SizeSlider {}
    NormalMessage = BossEncounter3_NormalMessage {}
    Enable = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:54
    SettingFrame = BossEncounter3_SettingFrame {}
    MusicManager = BossEncounter3_MusicManager {}
    OnRadarRequest = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:317
    ResultAnim = BossEncounter3_ResultAnim {}
    ClearedAnim = BossEncounter3_ClearedAnim {}
    CheckHealRange = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:167
    SuperAlert = BossEncounter3_SuperAlert {}
    OnResult = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:290
    healRange = false
    CloseOptions = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:139
    Popup = BossEncounter3_Popup {}
    enabled = true
    MirrorBar = BossEncounter3_MirrorBar {}
    FloatingTimer = BossEncounter3_FloatingTimer {}
    OnSuperAlert = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:306
    OnEquipCheckResult = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:375
    OnRadarZoneSetSize = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:341
    OnFloatingTimerStart = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:357
    UnitList = BossEncounter3_UnitList {}
    IsMessageLocked = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:147
    OnMessage = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:294
    GetBossBar = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:45
    EventList = BossEncounter3_EventList {}
    OnRadarZoneFlush = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:325
    OnMirrorValueStop = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:353
    BossBar = BossEncounter3_BossBar {}
    Disable = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:85
    MainTimer = <unnamed> {}
    OpenMusicManager = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:132
    OnTimerResume = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:281
    StartSizeChange = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:152
    Test = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:379
    AlertMessage = BossEncounter3_AlertMessage {}
    OnFloatingTimerStop = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:367
    OnPopupRequest = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:371
    Radar = BossEncounter3_Radar {}
    OnMirrorValueStart = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:349
    OnRadarZoneInterrupted = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:345
    OnBossCleared = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:286
    GetRadar = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:49
    OnBootComplete = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:214
    OnBerserkSet = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:267
    testing = false
    GetUnitList = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:41
    EnemyList = BossEncounter3_EnemyList {}
    OnRadarZoneAnchored = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:329
    OnAlert = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:300
    ReplayLastSequence = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:113
    OnTitleSet = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:263
    OnTimerSuspend = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:277
    GetEnemyList = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\system\view

  • #19

    All i get is this, which seems to prevent loading:

    3x BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:89: attempt to get length of field "menuCmdSets" (a nil value)
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:89: in function "initFunction"
    FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:69: in function "UIDropDownMenu_Initialize"
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:65: in function "Install"
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\gui.lua:176: in function "InstallSystem"
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\position.lua:329: in function "Install"
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\gui.lua:176: in function "InstallSystem"
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\statusWindow.lua:111: in function "OnLoad"
    BossEncounter3\code\gui\gui.lua:101: in function "Request"
    BossEncounter3\code\system\view.lua:212: in function "h"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:111: in function "InvokeHandler"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:64: in function "_delegateEvent"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:118: in function "InvokeHandler"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:382: in function "CheckBoot"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:367: in function "OnWorldEnter"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:338: in function "OnEvent"
    BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:10: in function <BossEncounter3\code\main.lua:10>

    frame = BossEncounter3_StatusWindowDropDown {
    0 = <userdata>
    initialize = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:85
    initFunction = <func> @BossEncounter3\code\gui\components\menu.lua:85
    displayMode = "MENU"
    level = nil
    menuList = nil

  • #18
    Nice 2nd music addon to this boss mod:) (bossencounter 3 symphony)

    One thing I love about all of the music addons for this, is that there is always 1 track by dragonforce in there:) Also love the Bloody Tears song as well:) castlevania music FTW!
  • #17
    Hi first of all great addon, I've been using it in place of RaidWatch 2. Is there any way to close/remove certain elements. For example, I would like to get rid of the Enemies health bar. Thanks!
  • #15
    Recently in Cata Heroics, it'll keep says Expired and clear from the screen in the middle of boss fights, then come back right after, a few seconds later do the same thing. And everytime it goes off/on the screen it causes really bad lag spikes dropping the FPS down to like 5-10 (which they are normally, atleast on my computer, at 60-70).
  • #16
    Seems to be getting quite a LOT of error messages too in BugSack. I hope this gets fixed soon. This is one of my favorite addons.
  • #14
    it randomly says fail during boss encounters =(
  • #7
    Only problem I seem to be having it the timer doesn't do anything. Just stays at 0:00 during fight. =/ Also wish there was a Health bar like in BossEncounter2 to let me know when the next phase will start. =)
  • #8
    Ok, I got the timer to work. (Had to update the addon. Which I didn't know I had to 'cuz I just realized Curse Client doesn't even have it in my list of addons for me, so it doesn't bother to check for updates 'cuz it doesn't acknowledge it.)

    Would still be nice to have a Health bar with upcoming Phase changes on it like BossEncounter2 though. =)

    I gotta say, I like the sleek new look of 3, but at the same time I prefer the battle ending sequence of 2, where it would go CLEAR! then show a statistics board and who had the killing blow. =)

    All-in-all, I love this addon. And really hoping to see some sort of meshing between the two types in future updates. =D
  • #9
    Since I updated I noticed it goes CLEAR! now with 3 as well! =D Still no statistics board, but it is still in Beta stages, so it's understandable. Keep up the good work! =D
  • #10
    I miss the ranking system too. =p Always made me feel bad-ass to see Rank S after boss fights. lol
  • #11
    I miss the ranking system as well, but as for DPS and who got the killing blow, it does show that on the last bosses of 5 mans, and in all of the raid bosses that is currently implemented (NOTE: I had to turn off the "masking" option so that it would show it.) it also shows the scores for said bosses as well. For all other bosses, it shows a shortened version with just your DPS and a numerical score, and whether or not it's a new record.

    As a request, I'd like to have an option between showing the "short" version and full clear sequence on all 5 man bosses.

    Also, I've been having to manually download the updates from this site, otherwise, if I do it from the client, it has a habit of completely DELETING the orchestra plugin for this addon, even though it's a seperate addon.
  • #12
    Yeah, it's a little different with me with the downloads, but still a problem. My Curse Client doesn't show BE3 at all. So I gotta check here for updates and manual download.
  • #13
    Oh, and I unchecked the "masking" option. =) Thanks for the tip.
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