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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 14,467 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 03/19/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: v1.32

About BossFilter


This addon is inspired by Endeavours BossTalk


  • Allows you to disable all combat sounds while still hearing boss sounds
  • Full-text search for all yells to quickly find your favourite yell
  • Easy method to play sounds while not being at the specific boss
  • All Cataclysm, Wotlk and most BC instances supported
  • Possibility to find out corrects sounds even if there's a typo in the database or the sounds don't fully match the chatmessage.
  • Random function
  • Chat-channel broadcast for your personal quiz, which also supports your custom private channels
  • Collection of new boss yells


  • Q: Can you add the correct sound for my new boss yells?
    • A: It's impossible to determine automatically which sound belongs to which yell, so you can post the unsupported yell and I'll see if a sound exists for it
  • Q: How can I play boss sounds manually?
    • A: Either you can input the correct yell-ID (by searching for the yell), or you can just click on the number infront of the yell you want to hear in your chatframe (after searching for it).
  • Q: Can you make this work for my localization?
    • A: As I'm playing on an enGB client I'd need a localization for every single yell. (And yes, it's case-sensitive)
  • Q: How can I make this work?
    • A: The major functionality is to be able to play boss-sounds in raid. All you have to do is to go in your Sound options and uncheck "Sound effects" while "Sound" (the topmost checkbox) is still checked.


Credits go to Endeavour for his original database which saved much work for me


Uhman @ EU-Terrordar Horde

r82 | uhman | 2014-10-15 09:48:00 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/v1.32 (from /trunk:81)

tagging as 1.32
r81 | uhman | 2014-10-15 09:46:52 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/BossFilter.toc
   M /trunk/Data.lua

changed toc
r80 | uhman | 2013-10-17 09:19:44 +0000 (Thu, 17 Oct 2013) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/Data.lua

added more lore NPCs, some fixes


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  • #84

    Please can I know the sound ids from Doctor Theolen Krastinov? ^_^ It's that boss from Scholomance.

  • #83

    So what about local npc sounds? Would that be a do able/addable thing by yourself?

    What im getting at is like when you click on any npc to have their sounds play.

  • #80

    Would be cool if it's possible to have it so party members can hear the yells if they have the addon, similar to endeavor's bosstalk :) Either way, still a great addon!

  • #81

    You mean when you manually play a yell or output it to the chat? When the boss performs a yell they hear it anyways when nearby.

    Last edited by Uhman on 6/18/2014 8:59:51 AM
  • #82

    Yes, I mean when you play a specific yell or random yell it would be cool if party members with the addon could also hear it

  • #78

    it work on all lenguages?

  • #79

    no it only works for the english client

  • #76

    It dont goes with a german client? =(

  • #77

    Correct. And since I don't use the german client, I won't be able integrate any german texts.

  • #73

    Update for addon version 1.30, Alliance side:

    Immerseus - done
    The Fallen Protectors - done
    Norushen - done
    Sha of Pride - done
    Galakras - Still can't hear most of the introductory conversation between Jaina and Varian at the beginning of the fight, sadly. Rest of the fight is fine.
    Iron Juggernaut - done, I think
    Kor'kron Dark Shaman - Still can't hear what's being said when the Horde are torturing the Pandaren and we save him. Sorry I'm terrible with names and typing in the middle of a raid. Shaman fine.
    General Nazgrim - done
    Malkorok - done

    And these for this raid lockout after upgrading to 1.31:
    Spoils of Pandaria - Still can't hear Admiral Taylor, some of Mekkatorque, or the Gomeregan Operative on the trash before entering the room. Boss yells almost all complete.
    Thok the Bloodthirsty - Wasn't in for him this week.
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse - Still can't hear Moira during the cinematic.
    Paragons of the Klaxxi - done
    Garrosh Hellscream - Can't hear THRALL.


    Last edited by croana on 10/20/2013 1:13:46 PM
  • #74

    Dark Shaman trash is currently under construction :-)

    The Galakras Intro speech is incomplete. The problem with you not being able to hear nearly any yells could be, that the yells are case-sensitive. If you could send me your BossFilter.lua from the SavedVariables, that would help alot. Inside these the Addon collects all Says/Yells it doesn't know yet from NPCs it knows

  • #75


  • #65

    Heya, I was so excited to find this addon recently, and I love how well it works with bosses from previous patches.

    Are there any plans to update this for 5.4? I can't wait to be able to hear raid bosses again!

  • #66

    The update for 5.4 is currently in progress. It's some work to collect everything in the first ID while raiding actively but I think I'll finish before the next ID starts.

  • #72

    OK, new raid reset week so I can make this. Here's a list of all the bosses, Alliance side. I'll update them as the week progresses. "Trash" always refers to the trash packs before the boss.


    Trash/Boss - Lorewalker Cho is fine

    The Fallen Protectors

    Trash - Lorewalker Cho is fine, dialog of 3 bosses fine

    Boss - All 3 bosses fine


    Trash - Lorewalker and Noroshen fine

    Boss - fine

    Sha of Pride

    Trash - Noroshen, Taran Zhu, Lorewalker Cho fine

    Boss - Noroshen and Sha fine


    Trash - Can't hear Jaina Proudmoore:

    So Hellscream's arrogance unleashed the last of the sha. I am not suprised.


    News to no one, Regent Lord. King Wrynn's fleet is converging on Orgrimmar as we speak.

    I'm warning you, Lor'themar. The alliance is besieging the city and we will destroy Hellscream. Your people had best stay out of our way.

    Come heroes, through the portal! The siege of Orgrimmar begins!

    Can't hear Warlord Zaela:

    You think you have won? We are orcs! Pure of blood, commanded by the greatest Warchief who ever lived! Your blood will fill this bay!

    Boss - Can't hear anything that's said during this fight:

    King Varian Wrynn: Well done! Landing parties, form up! Footmen to the front!

    Lady Jaina Proudmoore: The dragonmaw are supporting the Warchief.

    Varian: Yes. My scouts learned all about this one. "Warlord Zoela." Bring her proto-drake downa nd the rest of the Dragonmaw will crumble.

    Jaina: We're going to need some serious firepower.

    Varian: Commandeer those towers! Turn the anti-air batteries around and blast her from the sky!

    Varian: Some of you should stay behind and hold the landing zone.

    Warlod Zaela: Dragonmaw clan, retake the docks and push them into the sea!

    Jaina: Here they come!

    Jaina: I've conujured a Blizzard, lead them into it!

    Warlord Zaela: Dragonmaw, advance!

    Zaela: For Hellscream!

    Zaela: They've breached the tower, bring it down!

    Zaela: Turn the siege weapons to attack that tower, and buy them alive!

    Jaina: She's turning her siege weapons on her own towers!

    Lieutenant Krugruk: You dare try to take my tower? Hahaha...

    Krugruk: I am Dragonmaw, I am the blood of the Dragon and the fist of the Horde!

    Krugruk: You... cannot win... this war...

    Jaina: One down, one to go!

    Zaela: Next squad, push forward!

    Master Cannoneer Dargryn: Light the fuses! They will not leave this tower alive!

    Zaela: Dragonmaw, advance!

    Dagryn: Is that all you're got?

    Dagryn: At least... I... die... with honor...

    Zaela: For Hellscream!

    Varian Wrynn: That's both of them! Fire the cannons!

    Jaina: It worked! The Proto-drake is falling!

    Zaela: Ahhhhhhh!

    Jaina: We've done it!

    Varian: Ha! The bigger they are...

    Jaina: We'll hold the docks for the remaining landing parties. Follow the path to the gates of Orgrimmar, and make contact with Vol'jin and his revolutionaries.

    Varian: We will see if he has managed to keep up his end of the bargain.

    Kor'kron Lieutenant: The harbor defenses have fallen! Kor'kron, fall back and move to higher ground!

    Iron Juggernaut

    Trash - Can't hear any NPCs except Baine for some reason.

    General Nazgrim: Don't be foolish, Vol'jin! You have no siege weapons left! You cannot win this battle!

    Vol'jin: Ain't no other way, mon. We gotta stop Garrosh here an' now, else we be runnin' the rest of our lives.

    Boss - Can't hear Vol'jin:

    Dey be heroes, no dout about dat.

    Kor'kron Dark Shaman

    Trash - Most trash fine. Can't hear Aysa Cloudsinger when she picks up and saves the other Pandaren. No text in chat panel, so I don't know exactly what she says.

    Boss - Both bosses fine.

    General Nazgrim

    Trash - Gamon fine

    Boss - Gamon and Nazgrim fine


    Trash - Can't hear any of the Kor'kron trash, but I don't think they're actually doing sound emotes.

    Boss - Boss is fine.

    Spoils of Pandaria

    Trash - Can't hear any of the trash. It's possible the Kor'Kron have no voice acting:

    Kor'Kron Blood Axe: You will fall before the True Horde!

    Kor'kron Wild Gun: Let the intruders come this way! I look forward to crushing their skulls.

    Kor'kron Blood Axe: For Warchief Garrosh!

    Kor'kron Wild Gun: Of course, those cowards will likely sneak by rather than face my wrath.

    Kor'kron Wild Gun: What else do you expect from those without valor?

    Kor'kron Wild Gun: Falling to me would probably be the greatest achievement they could hope to obtain.

    But these do for sure:

    Lady Jaina Proudmoore: You're still alive! Good. There's chaos in the city streets.

    King Varian Wrynn: We'll post up here with some troops. Scout on ahead and see if you can flush Garrosh out of hiding.

    Admiral Taylor: You heard the king, bolster the line! Give our heroes the time they need to reach Garrosh!

    High Tinker Mekkatorque: Deploy the gear! Establish a perimeter!

    High Tinker Mekkatorque: Oh, hello friends! We've just about secured the surface, it looks like the real fight's going to be down here.

    High Tinker Mekkatorque: Don't worry, we've got your back! Forge ahead, brave heroes!

    Boss - Can't hear Secured Stockpile of Pandaren Spoils:

    Hey, we recording? Yeah? Okay. Goblin-Titan control module starting up, please stand back.

    Checking out the datas, hold on a second will ya.

    Oh, now you did it, that was really really really not the correct input code.

    Activating GB-11010 "Armageddon"-class defense systems. Hey, does anybody know if were're zoned for this?


    Initiating system reset. Module 2 at 50%. Hey, system reset requires two modules to complete.

    Module 2's all prepared for system reset.

    System resetting. Don't turn the power off, or the whole thing will probably explode.

    Security system deactivated. Welcome back Siegecrafter Blackfuse.

    Have a great day and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    Trash - Cinematic with Moira Thaurissan and Siegecrafter Blackfuse not working. Nothing in the chat pane, so I can't give you the exact quotes.

    Some of the Siegecrafter Blackfuse quotes are fine, some aren't. These ones I couldn't hear:

    Alright, Shanna. You're up.

    Looks like I'm in the market for a new assistant. [He says "Hey! You're going to pay for that!" through the addon, which is an error.]

    Boss - Siegecrafter Blackfuse fine except for:

    Hey! You're going to pay for that!

    Thok the Bloodthirsty

    Trash - n/a

    Boss - Can't hear any of the secondary mobs:

    Kor'kron Jailer: Intruders! I will lock you in a cell with the rest of the filth.

    Skumblade Captive: Run for it!!!

    Akolik: Stop, my brothers! Do you not see the beast of burden before you?

    Akolik: Do you not see the light of Kros? He has been defiled!

    Skumblade Captive: Taste his flesh! Drink his blood!

    Skumblade Captive: Yes! Consume his meat and bone!

    Skumblade Captive Strength to the Skumblade!

    Waterspeaker Gorai: Thank you friends. I will lend what aid I can.

    Kor'kron Jailer: Stop this maddness! You have no idea what you're dealing with!

    Montak: Burn them all! Burn them to ash!

    Paragons of the Klaxxi

    Trash - n/a

    Boss - All bosses fine.

    Garrosh Hellscream 

    Trash - will tell you once my guild kills paragons

    Boss -

    Last edited by croana on 10/6/2013 1:52:40 PM
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