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  • Updated 11/18/2014
  • Created 11/03/2008
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About Broker_Currency

LDB display of currencies and gold totals for session / today / yesterday / this week / last week. (Same as FuBar_MoneyFu courtesy of ckknight).

This basically exposes the currency tab for all characters on a realm. You can track, for example, Justice Points by enabling or disabling those in the broker display itself, or only in the tooltip when hovering over it.

Minimalists can turn off silver and gold display as well as disable the actual icon so you get just the gold amount showing. The icon sizes are adjustable as well.

Needs localization of the Broker_Currency.toc Notes strings.

James D. Callahan III <>
2014-11-18 20:13:08 -0600


James D. Callahan III:
    - Added "Draenic Seeds" as a physical currency.
    - Minor change of ordering.


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  • #27
    This is awesome. I love having a native replacement for Moneyfu now that Fubar is kinda belly-up. The only thing at all that I miss from moneyfu is the ability to click on the money display to pick up gold. I'm not sure how difficult this is to code but if possible it would be a great feature to have.
  • #26
    Just wondering if you will be adding Valor Points and the Tol Barad Comendations?
  • #24
    Is there any way to only display money/currency for my current faction? i.e. When I'm on a horde character, can I set it to only show my horde money, and when I'm on alliance to only show alliance money, like how MoneyFu displayed it?
  • #25
    That totally confused me at first. If you mean "Money on Horde toons" and "Money on Alliance toons", then the answer is "not easily", due to the way the SavedVariables are set up. If you really want this, file a ticket on the Development Site and I'll see what I can do.
  • #22
    Is there a way to get some of the new currencies to show up like the new Daily cooking token?
  • #23
    Nevermind! It's is there I just didn't see it.
  • #20
    I must be retarded or something...but I can't seem to get it to show up anywhere. I loaded it and see it in the Addon list...and I even see the options in the interface menu.

    I'm sure I must be missing something obvious ...

    Any help?
  • #21
    Do you have a Broker display AddOn, such as Bazooka?
  • #15
    This addon could use a font-size adjustment option.. I find the tool-tip to be pretty large. Other than that, great addon. :)
  • #17
    Done in 1.2.2
  • #16
    I think the Font-Size is quite ok, however the Icons inside the Tooltip are really big. However as far as I can see, we can only adjust the size of the Icons for the Broker-Display, not for the Tooltip. Any chance to shrink the Icons inside the Tooltip?
  • #18
    Done in 1.2.2 - the broker display settings now also affect the tooltip icons.

  • #19
    Big thanks, works nice and looks much better now, except the money icons (gold, silver, copper icons), they don't seem to be affected in the tooltip.
  • #10
    I'm not getting the net gain/loss for gold, silver, and copper. I see total gain (+) and total loss (-) stats for all time periods, but the net (=) is always blank. It does work for Justice Points and Champion's Seals, the problem only seems to be with the coin currency.
  • #14
    Fixed in 1.2.0
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