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  • World of Warcraft
  • 369 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.2
  • 36,139 Total Downloads
  • Updated 02/16/2014
  • Created 01/24/2011
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: Broker_Everything v5.4.6.final2

About Broker Everything

This addon is a collection of modules to display various informations in the game about the game, your character, friends, guild and more. It is recommended to display the modules with panel-addons like Bazooka, ChocolateBar, DockingStation, NinjaPanel, TitanPanel or single-button-addons like Fortress, StatBlockCore.
Broker (Modules)
Current: Bags, Calendar, Clock, Currency, Dual-spec, Durability, Equipment, FPS, Framenames, Friends, Game Menu, GPS, Gold, Guild, Latency, Location, Mail, Memory, Nameplates, Quest Log, Speed, Stuff, Surprise (new), Tracking, Volume, XP, ZoneText
Coming in 5.4.7: ?
Future (maybe 5.4.7 or later): LookingFor, TimeManager
Info to new modules:
The description for surprise are moved to an own page on curseforge. The fastest way is the linked name under "Broker (Modules)". Descriptions about the other modules are under construction...
Addon Core: Custom iconset support. Would you like to replace the icons used for the brokers of Broker_Everything? It is possible. Create your own Iconset as extra Addon. Look into the iconset_example folder of the Broker_Everything for more information.
Broker - GPS / Location / ZoneText: A click on the tooltip line "Inn" execute the hearthstone. A right-click on the broker button opens a menu with class specific spells and usable items in the character backpack like The Innkeeper's Daughter or Lunar Festival Invitation.
Broker - Bags: Optional list of item qualities with count and vendor price sum.
Broker - Durability: Autorepair function with optional use of the guild funds and guild masters can disallow the automatic use of guild funds by adding "[noautorepair]" to the guildinfo. Optional list of last repairs with date, spend gold and player/guild fund indicator.
Broker - Game menu: Display duration time in of gm tickets in broker button.
Broker - Guild: Optional displaying applicants in broker and tooltip. Optional displaying mobile chatter in tooltip.
Broker - Mail: (Coming in 5.4.7) List of chars with number of mails in her box and the lowest days before return to sender.
Broker - Volume: Optional master volume adjustable by using the mousewheel on broker button.
Broker - XP: (Coming in 5.4.7) XP bonus and a list of equipped items, spells (fast track) and if you are in group with your friend for 'recruite a friend' xp bonus. (Coming in 5.4.7) List of your chars on current realm with level, name (class color), faction (icon) and xp (<current>/<max> <percent>).
Since 5.4.2.beta1 the option panel moved into the main addon.
if you have both entries "Broker_Everything" and "Broker: Everything" under Interface?
- remove the folder Interface\Addons\Broker_EverythingConfig.
Tooltip scaling and tooltip addons like Tiptac
It is recommended the tooltip scaling in BE not to use, if you use other tooltip addons like tiptac. It can lead to truncated texts in tooltip.
Bug reports, feature requests and Support
On WoW Interface
* Bug reports
* Feature reqests
* Comments & Criticism
On Curse & Curseforge
* Bug reports & feature requests
* Comments & Criticism
French incomplete
German incomplete
Thanks to Hungtar for the original Broker_Everything and Ekaterina for futher developing.
WowInterface and Curse community for an amazing amount of help.

v5.4.6.final2 | hizuro | 2014-02-16 14:56:22 +0100 |
- disabled showSeconds in clock

v5.4.6.final1 | hizuro | 2014-02-15 19:46:22 +0100 |
- add missing am/pm usage in clock tooltip
- remove 'delete currencyInTitle setting' if currency not found on player. (global profile usage problem)

v5.4.6.beta4 | hizuro | 2014-02-11 18:39:22 +0100 |
- add color 'orange' as indicator in equipment tooltip for pending equipment that waits for next leave combat
- equipment broker displays now pending set instead of equipped set in orange.
- add display option for quality list in module bags.

v5.4.6.beta3 | hizuro | 2014-02-08 10:48:55 +0100 |
- little improvement in guild.lua
- necessary changes in game menu
    - iconset support
    - add new icon names for game menu into the example file
    - enabled gmticket info + edit and cancel buttons
- add icon to calendar for pending invites
- add option for shorter broker text of the calendar module
- add chat command "equip" for use in macro's. usage within a combat delays the action to the next point you leave the combat
- add 'goldColor' as general option
- moved local GetCoinTextureString to shared.lua and renamed it in ns.GetCoinColorOrTextureString
- changed all click functions on broker buttons to use securecall for blizzard functions
- changed init event (PLAYER_LOGIN > PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD) in equipment. hopefully fixing rare wrong broker icon after login and reload.
- fixed not clickable 'share' in questlog if player in group or raid
- some changes in module durability.
   - reset option in tooltip
   - repair costs of items in character bagpack
   - last repair costs with indicator for guild and player fund used for repairs.
   - now last repairs saved in per character savedvariables

v5.4.6.beta2 | hizuro | 2014-01-25 20:29:55 +0100 |
- bugfix in durability.lua

v5.4.6.beta1 | hizuro | 2014-01-25 08:33:12 +0100 |
- bugfix in gold.lua
- bugfix in guild.lua
- bugfix in gamemenu.lua
- add custom iconset support (game menu icons coming soon)
- add example for iconset addon
- add custom icon color support
- add module surprise
- add list of last repair costs to durability (requested)
- replaced some icons from media with blizzards icons collection (xp, currency, mail, tracking)
- changed volume icon and add 3 more versions for up to 0%, 33% and 66%
- add list of item qualities with count and vendor price sum to module bags. an spontaneous idea :)

v5.4.5.final2 | hizuro | 2014-01-17 17:33:28 +0100 |
- moved secure button template function to shared.lua
- changed game menu to use ns.secureButton optional | hizuro | 2014-01-13 22:54:28 +0100 |
- add questId to questlog

v5.4.5.beta3 | hizuro | 2014-01-09 12:36:37 +0100 |
- add toggle to disable click option for game menu
- fixed getBorderPositions function
- add toggle to show/hide applicant in broker button and tooltip
- add editbox support
- add custom title option for "Game Menu" with optional use in tooltip

v5.4.5.beta2 | hizuro | 2014-01-03 17:41:37 +0100 |
- limit comment length for applicants in guild tooltip
- bug fixed: gps_securebutton sometimes displayed in other tooltips
- removed windows/fullscreen mode switch for mac users in 'Game Menu' tooltip
- change co-ordinates displaying in gps and location to prevent wrong co-ordinates on opened worldmap.
- replaced all name entries of "Game Menu" with placeholders used from Blizzard for gamemenu and microbuttons.

v5.4.5.beta1 | hizuro | 2014-01-01 11:33:15 +0100 |
- add autorepair to module durability and option panel toggles
    > NOTE: guildmaster can use "[noautorepair]" in guild info text to disallow member to use guild money for autorepair-function
- add professions to guild tooltip and option panel toggle
- replace guild right-click menu with a clickable tooltip to toggle options
- add applicants list to guild tooltip
- add controls to volume tooltip
- add new module Game Menu
- add new module Quest Log

v5.4.4.final2 | hizuro | 2013-12-23 06:40:00 +0100 |
- change default config handling
- bugfix in "Local or server time" option toggle
- bugfix in durability to display correct colors on durability in percent
- bugfix in "Show modile chatter" option toggle
- add slider for critical and warning low free bag slots. | hizuro | 2013-12-17 00:41:07 +0100 |
- localization deDE updated
- removed creatures in namesplates
- bugfix in nameplates with enemy totems
- fixed wrong column title in guild (Online > Character)
- add language depend sorting to broker and option panel
- fixed tooltip scaling option. now all tooltips are scaling if option set.

v5.4.4.beta2 | hizuro | 2013-12-11 13:09:41 +0100 |
- localization deDE updated
- correct hide calendar button option
- add checkbox for LibDBIcon
- on open transport menu now hides mouse over tooltip
- replace hearthstone name in transport menu with his targeted inn

v5.4.4.beta1 | hizuro | 2013-12-11 10:37:41 +0100 |
- bugfix against option panel error
- clone LibQTip's SmartAnchorTo and increase distance between broker button and tooltip
- add dropdown "percent color set" to module durability
- add dropdown "Display in broker" to module durability
- add 3 color sets to module durability
- add 4 options to "Display in broker" to module durability
- add toggle "Display both zone names" to gps
- fix "Co-ordination format" displaying sometimes "user defined"
- add color to broker text if current equipment unknown
- change in tooltip of module calendar. Click instead of Left-click.
- localization modified to use some localizations from blizzard.
- fixed non working options in module nameplates
- add missing options in module nameplates
- chatcommand partly revised. now it is possible to extend the commandlist by modules
- WARNING: LibDBIcon-1.0 support enabled. :) This Library flood the minimap with icons if the user has no DataBroker Display Addon or forgot to active it.
- slowdown onupdate manager. onupdate runs on each frame per seconds. some module updateinterval if not set per second to update faster but so fast are never nessassary. nearly 10 times per second are enough.
- add click option to line "Inn:" of modules gps/location/zonetext for using the hearthstone or its replacements.
- add right-click menu to modules gps/location/zonetext with a list of class usable spells and items for transport you to an other location like portals, teleportation or hearthstone and more.
- add option to hide realm names in module guild

v5.4.3.final2 | hizuro | 2013-11-25 19:01:21 +0100 |
- bugfix with LibSimpleOptions-1.0 | hizuro | 2013-11-25 13:55:35 +0100 |
- removed label option from optionspanel
- changed module registration. not all modules automatic enabled after config reset or on first install.
- added onupdate function to prevent non hiding tooltips on leave.
- add a little tooltip display options menu to module guild.

v5.4.3.beta4 | hizuro | 2013-11-21 14:05:55 +0100 |
- add missing broker button text if equipment manager has no sets.
- some changes in german localization.
- add unspent talents info to module dual-spec
- add "XP gain disabled!" to xp broker button and tooltip
- include mobile chat user to guild list with "Mobile chat" as text in zone column.
- add different color for guild member status afk and dnd instead of class color.
- add different color for friends status afk and dnd instead of class color.
- fixed total friends count in broker button
- add option to display chars and bnet friends splitted
- add option to display repair costs instead of the durability in broker button
- change durability in percent colors for broker button. (100=green, 99-40=yellow, 39-20=orange, 19-0=red)
- add 'place in title' menu for currency. replaces 'click on a currency to display in title'.

v5.4.3.beta3 | hizuro | 2013-11-19 15:08:14 +0100 |
- adding checkbox to hide minimap calendar button.
- crunch some tooltips.
- add coloring for clicks in hints.
- change xp button text to a 3 step switch. (percent, total and "need to next level")
- add option for shorter tooltip of module currency. hides the category headers.
- fixed missing format change in clock tooltip

v5.4.3.beta2 | hizuro | 2013-11-16 09:33:11 +0100 |
- some bugfixes

v5.4.3.beta1 | hizuro | 2013-11-14 15:18:21 +0100 |
- split Broker_Everything.lua into core.lua optionspanel.lua
- move some functions and tables into shared.lua
- changed listing available plugins in option panel
- change update interval for fps to 2 second. (old 10 seconds)
- new feature: update without interval in seconds... speed up some updates like location or speed.
- new feature: general setting "Show hints" to toggle displayed hints in tooltips.
- new feature: enable inactive modules without ui reload.
- new feature: onmousewheel in LibDataBroker registration. (Note: currently usable with bazooka and titan panel)
- new feature: precision slider for gps/location in options panel.
- new feature: shift-right click on guild toggle motd
- new module: speed
- new module: volume (Note: Slider in Tooltip coming soon)
- bugfixed: wrong game icon in friends tooltip (blizz returns sometimes S2 instead of SC2)

v5.4.2.final2 | hizuro | 2013-11-10 05:13:27 +0100 |
- bugfix in localizations\de.lua | hizuro | 2013-11-09 20:36:33 +0100 |
- fixed bug in latency tooltip

v5.4.2.beta5 | hizuro | 2013-11-05 18:24:02 +0100 |
- fixed missing game icons in friends module tooltip.
- fixed format error in shared.lua
- fixed missing realm name in friends module.
- fixed currency global settings problem.
- fixed problem where some modules could not be deactivated.
- added select none and select all buttons to option panel broker.
- add workaround for missing localized faction string from BNetToonInfo()
- fixed missing class coloured char names in friends module

v5.4.2.beta4 | hizuro | 2013-11-03 02:40:52 +0100 |
- removed argument from ToggleFriendsFrame in fiends.lua that results in addon blocked messages. thanks blizzard.

v5.4.2.beta3 | hizuro | 2013-11-02 19:02:15 +0100 |
- bugfix in equipment, gold and guild modules

v5.4.2.beta2 | hizuro | 2013-11-02 01:43:52 +0100 |
- commenting out some lines in localizations\de.lua

v5.4.2.beta1 | hizuro | 2013-11-01 03:42:26 +0100 |
- added parts of Broker_EverythingConfig.lua into Broker_Everything.lua
- removed folder Broker_EverythingConfig
- moved module labels, descriptions and options into module files
    * any module get the ability to add option elements to option panel with the module registration
- changed from goldDB to Broker_EverythingGlobalDB as global table in gold.lua
- added info message to slashcmd
    * info message currently incomplete. not all descriptions to the commands are written.
- added command options to slashcmd
- bugfix in current.lua
    * sometimes if blizz removing currencies and the user has set it in title results in a error message about d.icon is nil value.
- and some other bugfixes

v5.4.1 | Ekaterina | 2013-10-31 00:00:00 0000 |
- TOC update
- Added the new currencies to the currency broker
- Fixed bug in the gold broker caused by Blizzard code change.

v5.2.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-03-11 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated Config toc.

v5.2.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-03-10 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated toc to 5.2.
- Updated currency module to include latest currencies, courtesy of Hizuro
- German Localisation, courtesy of Hizuro

v5.1.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-11-28 00:00:00 0000 |
- Removed some debugging code.
- Bug fix to the friends module
- Updated currency module to include Lesser Charms of Good Fortune.

v5.0.5.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-10-07 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bug fixes with friends module.
- Added option to scale the tooltips using uiscale. Activate either by gui config or /be tooltips

v5.0.5.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-10-06 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bug fix for the Currency broker - was missing a few currencies.
- some minor code clean up.

v5.0.5.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-10-05 00:00:00 0000 |
- New Broker: Currency. Courtesty of Hizuro
- Bug fix for nameplate broker.
- Bug fix for Equipment broker.

v5.0.4.6 | Ekaterina | 2012-09-10 00:00:00 0000 |
- Actually fixed error with the clock
- Minor changes to latency broker
- New Broker: Equipment

v5.0.4.5 | Ekaterina | 2012-09-8 00:00:00 0000 |
- Fixed error for display of the bags.
- Major changes to the friends broker.

v5.0.4.4 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-31 00:00:00 0000 |
- Fixed error with option to use global profile not saving when using gui configuration
- Fixed error that occured when nameplate broker was disabled.

v5.0.4.3 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-30 00:00:00 0000 |a&b
- To fix a save fail. I should not be allowed to code at the end of my work week.

v5.0.4.3 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-30 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bug fixes
- Option to have a global profile for Broker_Everything. See gui config or /be global
- Option to have sound play when new mail is received.

v5.0.4.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-29 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated Libraries
- Corrected some API usage in the Friends & Guild modules
- Corrected logic error that was causing the addon not to remember settings after resetting the saved variables.
- Removed ranged slot from durability broker.

v5.0.4 | Ekaterina | 2012-08-28 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated to work with 5.0.4 & MoP.

v4.3.2 | Ekaterina | 2012-07-12 00:00:00 0000 |
- Changed Localization to the metatable method, rather than ACE.
- Fixed a bug with the ClassColors support.
- Changed to a different library for the configuration options.

v4.3.1 | Ekaterina | 2012-06-01 00:00:00 0000 |
- Change in versioning to bring it into line with what version of WoW Broker_Everything is compatible with.
- New Nameplates broker.
- Change to the way that the gold information was stored.
- Edited the mail broker to make it more responsive.
- Some code clean up.

v0.1.8 | Ekaterina | 2012-02-15 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bugfixes for guild & friends module regarding a players status.

v0.1.7 | Ekaterina | 2012-01-01 00:00:00 0000 |
- Bugfixes for the guild module xp display.

v0.1.6 | Ekaterina | 2011-12-01 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated TOC for 4.3
- Updated icon for the XP Module
- New GUI configuration panel.
- Added support for stAddonManager into the Memory Module
- Re-wrote the database format to make GUI configuration and future maintenance easier.
- Updated the Latency Broker to show both the Home and World Latency with options to display whichever you prefer.
- Added options to toggle class colouring of the suffixes.

v0.15 | Ekaterina | 2011-06-29 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated Friends module to fix RealId API Changes.
- Updated TOC for 4.2

v0.1.4 | Ekaterina | 2011-05-05 00:00:00 0000 |
- New Icon for tracking module.
- Guild module will now alert you if you can earn more weekly guild xp.
- Tidy up to the guild module tooltip.
- Updated TOC.

v0.1.3 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-30 00:00:00 0000 |
- Fixed issue with DualSpec module to avoid tainting the glyph frame. Thanks to Silverwind.

v0.1.2 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-28 00:00:00 0000 |
- Corrected error with ZoneText Module calling getZone incorrectly.

v0.1.1 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-24 00:00:00 0000 |
- ZoneText Module now will colour according to the pvp flag, updated the tooltip to show more detailed information.
- Guild/Friends - Added functionality to invite or whisper listed guildies/friends.

v0.1 | Ekaterina | 2011-01-02 00:00:00 0000 |
- New Icons for most datafeeds.
- Localisation! EnUs only, currently.
- Changed to the LibQTip library for the tooltips.
- Various code clean ups and updates.
- New Module - GPS.

v0.021 | Ekaterina | 2010-12-02 00:00:00 0000 |
- Uploaded to correctly name the old and new zonetrackers.

v0.020 | Ekaterina | 2010-12-02 00:00:00 0000 |
- Updated the .toc
- Changed a couple of the icons used for various datafeeds.
- Updated the bags, clock and xp to fix an updating issue on the text line.
- Updated the zonetracker to open the World Map when clicked.

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  • #65

    Ok so I thought I was a pateint person but obviously I was wrong.  What is this surprise icon?  it's driving me crazy. 



  • #66

    LoL, its easy. blizzard has added some items with random loot if you are open it.
    For example: The Primal Egg from the Isle of Giants. It has 3 days of duration. the module 'Surprise' displays this duration time on broker if you have it in your bagpack.

    currently this module know 4 items with random loot and duration time.

    • Mysterious Egg (Geen <Oracles Quartermaster>, Sholaar Basin)
    • Disgusting Jar (Tanak <Frenzyheart Quartermaster>, Sholaar Basin)
    • Primal Egg (Isle of Giants)
    • Unhatched Jubling Egg (Darkmoon Faire, NPC: Morja, Quest: Spawn of Jubjub)

    Hizuro :)


  • #63

    Why? WHY there is SECONDS on my clock from now on?! And I CANT disable it! WHYYY??

  • #64

    Sorry ^^
    it is an unfinished feature for the next version and I forgot to turn it off :)


  • #62

    Hi friends.

    sorry I needed more time to fix some errors than I thought. particularly durability gave me problems due to inaccurate data.

    the display of gm tickets now implemented. a ticket, with more than 24 hours waiting time offered me the opportunity to implement and test.

    the requested option (TonyLeila) to query an equipment set change on next leave combat was already implemented. but i could not use it because bazooka's strict tooltip hide in combat. i've add a slash command /be equip <set name> as workaround.


  • #60
    LUA Error

    I just opened a ticket titled "Lua Error with version 5.4.6.beta1.  Are you wanting errors reported on the curseforge site or here?

  • #61

    Thank you for reporting and yes i think it is better as ticket on curseforge.


    ps: bug fixed, v5.4.6.beta2 uploaded...

    Last edited by hizuro on 1/25/2014 1:35:19 PM
  • #59

    Hello everybody...

    It is time for a new beta phase and anyone is welcome to test the new version 5.4.6 of Broker_Everything.

    Whats new:

    • Iconset support
    • Surprise (broker)
    • In broker bags: tooltip has now a list of item qualities
    • In broker durability: tootip has now a list of last repair costs
    • some icons in broker replaced with icons from blizzard
    • some bugfixes for gold, guild and game menu broker



    • Broker game menu are not able to open character frame in a secure way. blizzard replaced OnClick with OnMouseDown and -Up for CharacterMicroButton. Thats makes impossible to use the secure button template with type "click". A click on equipped trinkets with "Use: "-option in character frame can be blocked in combat/dungeon/raid if character frame opened with game menu broker.


    sometimes, i hate blizzards developer...
    Some changes are a slap in the face of the addon developer community.
    Intentionally or unintentionally? I don't know it...


  • #56

    @SaskiFX & patthemav: thanks for reporting... bugfix for gold.lua and shared.lua coming soon but it will not give final3 because I already working on the next version (5.4.6).

    @s-conley: I do not understand what you mean. the button-click-options are the same because I really wanted to expand stuff. later I decided against it and named it 'Game Menu'.


  • #57

    You're welcome - I stumbled upon this post on the US forums - apparently blizzard themselves are tainting the UI with their added parental controls for the shop:

    Dunno if that might be related to the Micromenu of Broker_Everything but as the shop is part of it, might be worth checking out.

  • #58

    First, i can not post in the us forum with my eu account (thanks at blizz).Sorry.

    Secondly, the IsDisabledByParentalControls-problem are disappeared since the patchday from 2013-12-09.

    Thirdly, the reported problem with the store is located in shared.lua > ns.advHideTooltip(). The function has been trying to get the name of a frame (GetName()) that was marked as protected (IsProtected) or forbidden (IsForbidden). I've forgot to check before use of GetName(). I had solved the same problem already in "framenames".

    Currently, i have an other problem with the game menu. Blizzard has removed OnClick from CharacterMicroButton in MainMicroButtonBar.xml and this makes secure button template with the type click unusable for me. I've no idea to secure emulate OnMouseDown on CharacterMicroButton.


    PS: I wish more respectful handling of addon developers from Blizzard. Blizzard throws instead with stones after us.

  • #54

    So I have Bazooka and this installed, when I mouse over the Gold plugin, Bugsack grabs this error. (The display of the broker seems to work, just whatever popup is supposed tobe there is not appearing.)

    1x Broker_Everything-5.4.5.final2\modules\gold.lua:147: attempt to compare nil with number
    Broker_Everything-5.4.5.final2\modules\gold.lua:147: in function "ontooltip"
    Broker_Everything-5.4.5.final2\modules\gold.lua:168: in function "OnEnter"
    Bazooka\Bazooka-v2.3.0.lua:1463: in function "showTip"
    Bazooka\Bazooka-v2.3.0.lua:1268: in function <Bazooka\Bazooka.lua:1259>

    self = BazookaPlugin_Gold {
     0 = <userdata>
     bzkPlugin = <table> {
    tooltip = <unnamed> {
     0 = <userdata>
     regularFont = GameTooltipText {
     columns = <table> {
     scrollChild = <unnamed> {
     colspans = <table> {
     width = 240.45294189453
     headerFont = GameTooltipHeaderText {
     labelProvider = <table> {
     height = 64.301944732666
     lines = <table> {
     key = "GoldTT"
     scrollFrame = <unnamed> {
    ns = <table> {
     tooltipScaling = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:113
     advHideTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:122
     color = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:220
     strLimit = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:335
     print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:40
     modules = <table> {
     LDBI = <table> {
     createTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:95
     insertAppend = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:273
     moduleInit = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules.lua:119
     secureButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:392
     onleaveTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:61
     LDB = <table> {
     print_t = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:45
     hideTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:132
     splitText = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:287
     updateList = <table> {
     split = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:314
     Print = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:40
     pairsByKeys = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:250
     L = <table> {
     splitTextToHalf = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:300
     commands = <table> {
     print_r = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:45
     onleaveButton = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:149
     getBorderPositions = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:326
     debugging = true
     OP = <unnamed> {
     realm = "Garrosh"
     bagScan = <table> {
     LSO = <table> {
     LQT = <table> {
     onenterRegMouseWheel = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:156
     forceHideTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\shared.lua:141
     player = <table> {
    name = "Gold"

  • #49

    While in Interface-Options-Broker_Everything, the tooltip for "Game Menu" is the same as for "Stuff".

  • #48

    First of all, thanks for all your effort, Broker_Everything has evolved a lot in just a few months, but there is a problem I'm having related to interface taint that another Broker addon (namely "MicroMenu") had as well:

    When using the game menu and opening the spellbook using the databroker, the interface becomes tainted and upon entering combat, lots of taint errors are thrown (with other addons being blamed in the process, even though they're just using "safe" calls that have become tainted through other means).

    I'll do some LFRs tonight and will try and have the LUA error posted here if I can reproduce the problem.

  • #50

    Interesting. I'll try see if I can open the window via "secure button template". then it should not happen again. better i move the code from gps.lua to shared.lua. I wrote the function for the transport menu.

    Thanks for reporting.

    greetings, Hizuro

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