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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,209 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.3
  • 344,012 Total Downloads
  • Updated 01/20/2016
  • Created 10/28/2008
  • 633 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 1.8.42
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About Broker_Portals

Why would you have actionbars filled with portals, or open your spellbook everytime you cast a portal? Just right click on icon or minimap button and you can access all portals so comfortably.

It is designed as DataBroker plug-in, that lets you access all portal and teleport spells from one spot. Addon will be attached to minimap by default, but if you want to move/customize it, you will have to install additional addon like TitanPanel, ButtonBin, Fortress or my personal recommendation Bazooka and there are many more.


  • All mage portals, hearthstone and teleporting items available from simple dropdown menu
  • Minimap button, so you don't have to install any additional addon
  • Hearthstone location and cooldown in tooltip
  • Reagent count in tooltip
  • If hearthstone is on cooldown, Scroll of Recall will be used instead if possible
  • Can announce, that you're casting a portal


If you'd like to add/update localizations, do so here. Then leave a comment on WowAce or on Curse as I'm checking those more often than localization app itself, and I'll repack it.

Bugs / Suggestions:

If you have encountered any problem, or if you think theres something missing. Feel free to post a ticket here.


  • I managed to hide my minimap icon, how do I turn it on again?
    • Just simply type "/portals".
  • I'm using FuBar, is it possible to use this addon with it?
    • Yes it is, but you have to install this small addon Broker2Fubar.
  • Does it support teleportation items like engineering teleports or Kirin Tor rings?
    • Yes.

  - update: added Pit Fighter's Punching Ring

  - update: added Bladespire Relic

  - update: updated for 6.2.0

  - update: added Relic of Karabor

  - update: updated for 6.0.3

  - feature: color item names according to their item quality
  - update: added One with Nature

  - update: Added Zen Pilgrimage

  - update: updated for patch 5.4

  - update: added more missing items

  - update: added Ancient Dalaran teleports for the Horde
  - update: added golden challenge teleports

  - update: updated for patch 5.3

  - update: added Ancient Dalaran teleports

  - update: added Wormhole Generator: Pandaria and Vale of Eternal Blossoms portals

  - bugfix: fixed error for mages that didn't learn all teleports yet

  - update: updated for patch 5.0.4

  - bugfix: fixed spamming random numbers in chat during loading

  - update: updated for patch 4.3

  - update: updated for patch 4.2

  - bugfix: Teleport: Moonglade is now back!

  - bugfix: fixed error on classes with no teleporting spells

  - update: added Have Group, Will Travel
  - update: updated for patch 4.1
  - update: improved hearthstone support
  - bugfix: made item cooldowns below 1 min readable

  - update: moved The Innkeeper's Daughter back to the list of other items, where it actually belongs

  - update: added some more Cataclysm items

  - update: added The Innkeeper's Daughter

  - update: added some more Cataclysm items

  - update: added some of the new Cataclysm items

  - bugfix: fixed occasional problems with scrolls of recall

  - bugfix: sometimes wrong icons were displayed

  - update: added The Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery

  - bugfix: shouting to chat when casting a portalwas broken

  - update: updated for patch 4.0.1

  - bugfix: was displaying spells, that I din't have reagents for
  - feature: added option to output casting portals to chat (off by default)

  - update: added spanish (esMX) and chinese (zhCN) localizations

  - feature: don't show spells, that we don't have reagent for

  - update: added Jaina's Locket

  - bugfix: addon could cause problems with some other addons

  - feature: shows cooldowns of teleportation items in tooltip (can be turned off)
  - bugfix: if cooldown is lower than 1 min, it shows correctly remaining seconds

  - update: added new Kirin Tor rings

  - update: updated for patch 3.3
  - update: added Boots of the Bay

  - bugfix: didn't include koKR locale in files

  - update: korean (koKR) locale

  - feature: teleportation items are now supported
  - feature: all scrolls of recall are supported, the better, the higher priority

  - update: TOC for patch 3.2

  - bugfix: tooltip overlapping portal menu


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  • #297

    Through trial and error, I have manually added the Warlords Challenge mode teleports, but my lua knowledges are almost nonexistent.

    Could you add these within a different section from the MoP teleports , please ?


  • #294

    Also a feature request if at all possible!

    I would like to see the minimap button allow clicking on it to use the item selected. Certain items have a cooldown after putting it on your toon before you can use it. If you select the item you want to use and then are able to click the minimap button to use it it would be very nice and helpful.

  • #296

    Unfortunately this is not possible due to the limitations of the wow api.

  • #293

    Another item to add...

    118907 : Pit Fighter's Punching Ring

  • #295

    Item added, thank you!

  • #291

    Added 118662, -- Bladespire Relic horde version of Relic of Karabor

  • #292

    Added in latest version.


  • #289
    Portal errors

    Just installed the update and it threw a few errors. I was able to track it down to a couple of missed comma's at line 97 and 100 and then I received function errors. It was an issue with UpdateSpells/UpdateClassSpells that I managed to fix somehow. Don't recall what I changed right offhand. Tested it with a mage and a couple toons with diff hearths and all worked well. No errors anymore.

    Here's a pastebin link to my fixed portals.lua with the changes already in place.

  • #290

    Updated! Thanks a lot for your help.

  • #288

    Hey guys, I've updated the addon. Added extra items from @transitbus and tried to separate normal spells from challenge mode paths. However I don't have wow installed atm, so I might have broken it! If so please let me know, and I'll fix it asap.

    Thanks for your patience guys!

  • #287

    Edit Portals.lua


        118663, -- Relic of Karabor
        128353, -- Admiral's Compass
        128502, -- Hunter's Seeking Crystal
        128503  -- Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal

    Replace this completely (highlight and overwrite with the above

        118663 -- Relic of Karabor

    At line 97 to add in the new items for WoD

    Last edited by transitbus on 7/4/2015 2:47:18 PM
  • #286

    Hi everyone,

    I've edited the code so it sorts mage portals and teleport spells by continent which looks like this:

    If anyone is intersted, here's the code:


    Edit: fixed a screwup where the minimap icon turned black once a mage spell had been used


    Blizzards doesn't allow different mouseclicks for a spellcast, it's only possible to have the last spell/item recast on "mouseclick". Which means it'll also be used when rightclicked to open the teleport menu


    Last edited by Bogath on 5/27/2015 8:30:41 PM
  • #285

    Request: Left Click for last used portal / teleport

  • #284

    1x Broker_Portals\portals.lua:394: table index is nil
    Broker_Portals\portals.lua:394: in function <Broker_Portals\portals.lua:374>
    Broker_Portals\portals.lua:596: in function `OnEnter'
    ...radeSkillMaster\Libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0-34.lua:66: in function <...radeSkillMaster\Libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0.lua:57>
    [C]: ?

    self = LibDBIcon10_Broker_Portals {
    0 = <userdata>
    dataObject = <table> {
    isMouseDown = false
    db = <table> {
    sexyMapFadeIn = <unnamed> {
    icon = <unnamed> {
    sexyMapFadeOut = <unnamed> {
    GetTipAnchor = <function> defined @Broker_Portals\portals.lua:566
    L = <table> {
    INN = "Inn:"
    HEARTHSTONE = "Hearthstone"
    ATT_MINIMAP = "Attach to minimap"
    ANNOUNCEMENT = "Casting"
    SEC = "secs"
    ANNOUNCE = "Announce cast of portals"
    N/A = "Not available"
    READY = "Ready"
    SHOW_ITEM_COOLDOWNS = "Show items cooldowns"
    TP_RUNE = "Rune of Teleportation"
    P_RUNE = "Rune of Portals"
    RCLICK = "Right-Click"
    OPTIONS = "Options"
    TP = "Teleports"
    SEE_SPELLS = "to see list of spells"
    SHOW_ITEMS = "Show items"
    P = "Portals"
    MIN = "mins"
    GetBindLocation = <function> defined =[C]:-1
    GetHearthCooldown = <function> defined @Broker_Portals\portals.lua:352
    GetItemCooldowns = <function> defined @Broker_Portals\portals.lua:374

  • #282

    Hello. Can you please, move Ancient Teleport: Dalaran, in the Teleport section, right before Teleport: Dalaran please?

    Or maybe you can rename: Ancient Portal: Dalaran to Portal: Ancient Dalaran, same with Ancient Teleport: Dalaran, to Teleport: Ancient Dalaran since these well make more sense anyway :)

    Take care,

    Last edited by NeoGalaxy on 1/3/2015 4:24:21 PM
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