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Broker: Reincarnation

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 385 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 38,315 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/16/2014
  • Created 08/04/2005
  • 533 Favorites
  • Project Site
  • Release Type: Mature
  • License: All Rights Reserved
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About Broker: Reincarnation

Monitor your Reincarnation cooldown on your DataBroker display.
DE Die Abklingzeit Ihres Zaubers Reinkarnation auf der DataBroker-Anzeige überwachen.
ES Seguir el tiempo de reutilización de tu hechizo Reencarnación.
FR Contrôler votre le temps de recharge de votre sort Réincarnation.
IT Seguire il recupero del tuo incantesimo Reincarnazione.
PT Acompanhar o tempo de recarga do seu feitiço Reencarnação.
RU Следить за восстановления заклинания Перерождение.


  • Shows your Reincarnation cooldown on your DataBroker display
  • Tells you when Reincarnation comes off cooldown
  • Remembers the date and time you last used Reincarnation
  • Remembers how many times in total you've used Reincarnation
  • Right-click for options

Language Support

  • Works in all languages.
  • Translated into English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Русский, 한국어, 简体中文 and 正體中文.


If you are reporting a bug, please make sure you have the latest version of the addon from this page, and then include detailed instructions I can follow to reproduce the bug myself, whether the bug still happens when all other addons are disabled, and the exact text of the accompanying error message (if any).


Broker: Reincarnation was previously named AnkhUp, and before that, Ankh Cooldown Timer, which was originally written by Starforce of Shattered Hand (EU).

  • Updated for WoW 6.0
  • Updated for WoW 5.4
  • Updated for WoW 5.3
  • Fixed an issue causing the Broker text not to start updating after reincarnating
  • Fixed an issue causing the right-click menu options to be unclickable
  • Fixed a localization issue causing the ready notification message to appear as the Broker text
  • Updated for WoW 5.2
  • Updated for WoW 5.0.4
  • Removed the standalone display frame. User who desire a "movable block" style display should install Fortress or StatBlocks.
  • Added tracking for the total number of Reincarnation uses.
  • Added a right-click options menu.
  • Updated translations.
  • Added missing beta tag to the TOC version.
  • Added ptBR localization. I'm not even close to fluent in Portuguese, so the translations are probably pretty rough. Feel free to make corrections!
  • Minor updates to most other localizations to better match the current English text.
  • Translations wanted for Italiano and 한국어 (Korean)! Also, all other localizations are fairly old, and could probably use some attention to bring them in line with the current English text. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions about localizing!
  • Some minor adjustments to the frame size and icon placement/clipping
  • Updated for Mists of Pandaria beta
  • Removed all ankh reminder and restock features, since ankhs are no longer reagents for Reincarnation
  • Changed the addon's icon from an ankh to the Reincarnation spell icon
  • Updated for WoW 4.2
  • Updated for WoW 4.1
  • Added Simplified Chinese translations from kztit
  • Added Traditional Chinese translations from wowuicn on CurseForge
  • Removed support for WoW 3.2 since China has updated now

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