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Broker: XPBar

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 474 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 154,506 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/15/2014
  • Created 08/03/2010
  • 179 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Broker: XPBar v1.7 r046

About Broker: XPBar

Port to Broker and upgrade to Ace3 of Wobin's old "Fubar - XPFu".

Displays Infos about XP and watched Faction and adds bars for XP and/or reputation to your Broker bar addon. Select custom colors for bars or use predefined colors based on standing for the reputation bar.

You can attach the bars to (almost) any frame by click selecting the desired anchor frame with the mouse (similar to Xparky). You can attach the bars to any side of the frame on outside as well as on the inside. Adjust anchor position by setting X- and Y-Offset.

Features -

  • Label displays XP or reputation info with colored text depending on progress in level.
  • Tooltip displays extended information about XP and reputation of currently watched faction.
  • Attaches bars for XP and/or reputation to (almost) any globally named frame.
  • Customizable bar colors plus predefined colors for reputation bar baseed on current standing.
  • Shows estimated time to level and kills to level.
  • Ace3 profile support for settings.

Usage Hints -

  • Activating Broker: XPBar in your Broker display will show up the label text in that display only. To display the actual bars you will need to attach them to a frame on your screen first. To do this go to Options->Frame and click the button "Select by Mouse". Select the frame to attach the bars to by left-clicking on it and the bars should show up.
  • The mouse cursor gets highlighted and shows the frame name as tooltip for each frame it hovers over. Left-click on desired frame to attach the bars to. Right-click will disable the selection cursor. Frame names may also be entered manually in the edit box. Use the option "Attach to" to select the side (Top or Bottom) of the frame where you want the bars. Fine adjust the position by using the Offset settings if needed.
  • If you are trying to attach to a Broker display make sure you hit an empty spot on the display. If you click on another plugin on the display the bars will attach to the frame of this Broker plugin only.
  • If you use Docking Station and want to attach to it's panels you need to make sure you have the Global option (Panels -> General) enabled for the panel you want to connect to.
  • The "Jostle" option displaces the blizzard frames by the width of the bars. This should only be used with frames on the upper and lower edge of the screen and not with free floating frames!
  • Consider that the Reputation bar is hidden if no faction is watched.

Update Version 1.7 r046:

  • fixed bug that caused first rep gain to be lost
  • updated libs
  • .toc bump to 60000

Update Version 1.7 r045:

  • corrected initialization of xp history, which fixes regular problem with calculated xp related data
  • bumped toc to 50400

Update Version 1.7 r044:

  • fixed error when sending reputation to active textbox

Update Version 1.7 r043:

  • fixed problem with tracked faction set via Blizzard reputation pane

Update Version 1.7 r042:

  • changed Bar, History and ReputationHistory tables to AceAddon modules
  • new module Factions acting as facade to ugly blizzard faction api
  • fixed bug with folded faction headers (not losing tracked faction anymore)
  • fixed problem with auto-tracking of guild
  • simplified bar handling
  • bar textures now show up as one continuous texture extending to the whole bar width (instead of one texture per section e.g. xp/rested/none)
  • fixed font and font size handling for bar label

Version 1.7 r041:

  • fixed broken mouse selection for frame attachment of bars

Version 1.7 r040:

  • updated korean localization (thanks next96)
  • minor adjustments

Update Version 1.7 r039:

  • modularized addon
  • some code cleanup
  • moved some generic functionality to namespace functions
  • upgraded .toc to 50300


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  • #73

    Anyone having trouble with the Faction Tracking - Switch on rep gain option? I've never had this on before, but with all the MoP factions to work on with dailies I thought I'd give it a shot but nothing's changing. I tried setting my tracked faction to None before turning in a daily, no change, tried changing label text from XP over Rep to just Rep, no changes. Bug or something I'm not understanding?

  • #72
    No session rep gained

    i found another problem with XP bar

    when doing daily q, i can't see session gained rep (still show 0), but reputaion per hour is calculated

  • #61
    XP Spark is broken...

    The spark for the XP bar appears behind the actual xp line in some instances. Reloadui usually resolves it.

    Not being updated on all xp gains maybe?

  • #63

    This is the problem described further down in the forum by rmariej1984. So far I haven't been able to reproduce the behaviour. Both the length of the experience bar and the position of the spark are set in the same method directly following each other. Since there doesn't seem to be an error popping up I'm a bit at loss what to do about it.

    I will give it some close inspection once more. Best thing I can offer you until it is fixed is the command:

    /bxp refresh

    It usually seems to help and it's less invasive than /reloadui

  • #71

    Alright, I think I got it. When zoning UnitMaxXP("player") returns zero and the result of the following division (-1.#INF) then messes up the bars. The problem is fixed in r036.

  • #70

    If I may make an insight, it appears that this only occurs if rested experience exists. Could you, perhaps, not be properly updating the bar in that case? (ie. moving the spark by xp gained as opposed to xp+rested gained)

    It's been years since I've muddled around in the WoW APIs but that would explain the behavior I am seeing.

  • #69

    Thanks for the /bxp refresh command, very useful.  I have been levelling a new toon recently and ive noticed that the spark is doing the same thing as WonderingFox.  However it works fine after the /bxp refresh  command until a teleport occurs (entering a random dungeon for instance).  Hopefully this will narrow down where to look for this bug.

  • #60

    I'm noticing that 2 of the new factions, The Anglers and The Tillers don't work properly with XPBar.

     I have Switch on Rep gain enabled and whenever gaining either of those factions it won't switch. They also don't show in the drop-down list, and if I choose to click the checkbox for Show as XP bar on the reputations page, it switched XPBar over to No watched faction.

     I think this may have to do with them having all the reputation characters under them when you hit the + next to the faction. 

  • #62

    Thanks for the info. This was a problem with factions which represent a header for subfactions in the faction list but have reputation as well. Fixed in r034.

  • #59

    Is it possible to show the "rested experience" as well?
    In both the dropdown as well as the broker line.

    Optional wise of course.


  • #64

    Rested experience is listed in the tooltip already. I see how I could fit it in for the label and the bar text.

  • #67

    In Options in "Bar Properties" you have to activate "Show XP Bar" and "Show Reputation Bar" in order to see the data for XP or Rep in the Tooltip. If you are interested in the tooltip only but dont care about the bar just leave the option "Frame to attach to" (option section "Frame") empty.

  • #66

    Hmm, really need to figure out how to get the tooltip then.
    Somehow it's not showing for me. Only shows the Click, Shift-Click and Right-Click info lines.


  • #57

    The estimated time to level is  inaccurate.The correct amount of XP needed to level is displayed. The calculation is correct for the displayed XP per hour, so the XP per hour amount must be wrong. There is no way I am going to make that many kills in that short amount of time.

    Last edited by chaud on 9/29/2012 8:04:38 PM
  • #68

    Okay, I finally tackled it. There is a mixup in the calculation between seconds and minutes. I will put out an update later this week.

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