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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.2.2
  • 382,587 Total Downloads
  • Updated 09/12/2015
  • Created 02/11/2010
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: v1.23
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About Broker_DurabilityInfo

About Broker_DurabilityInfo

Broker_DurabilityInfo is a broker plugin to display item durability and repair cost. You can also ask it to auto repair your gear.

You have the option to:

  • show / hide detailed item information
  • show / hide durability for the items in bags
  • use auto repair (using guild money or your own)
  • set minimum faction reputation to use for repair
  • use repair dialog box (pops up at vendors, asking you how to repair)
  • enable / disable update during combat
  • enable / disable repair warning when entering a city

In order to use it you need a broker display addon like ButtonBin or Titan Panel.

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tag v1.23
Ciprian Mihai Coman <>
2015-09-12 11:52:09 +0300

tag v1.23


Ciprian Mihai Coman:
    - update toc for patch 6.2


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  • #61

    Works! tank you

  • #57

    Would be awesome with an update for 5.0.4

  • #55

    this addon need any other addon to work ? or it work by itself ?

  • #56

    As stated in the description, in order to use it you need a broker display addon like ButtonBin or Titan Panel.

  • #54

    Any chance you could you use a better icon like the one in fubar_durabilityfu? The current one with it's button like border really feels out of place in my broker bar, otherwise it seems to be working as expected :).

  • #51
    update ToC says out of date
  • #52
    If you are using the alpha version it's at ##Interface: 40100 because I'm testing on the 4.1 PTR. You should stick to the release/beta. Alpha quality is not always good for live realms.
  • #49
    Auto Repair only works on Merchants, not on Jeeves.
    I use ask Repair Type
  • #50
    Works fine here. You probably configured it to ask you only for a certain reputation level. You are neutral or friendly with Jeeves.
  • #48
    Could you make an option to make it automatically turn on repair tracking below a certain durability threshold?
  • #42
    Is it possible to make "Use Guild Bank" dependent on whether there is enough available? When I try to use it with my new guild, I just get a message saying something about not having enough available, and then I don't get any repairs. I'd like this addon to use guild repair funds if available and use my own funds if not.
  • #43
    That is the default behavior. Are you sure it did not repair from your money?

    You should also see the message "Guild bank does not have enough money. Using yours."
  • #44
    I get "You cannot withdraw that much from the guild bank" in red on the screen, and then no repairs.

    I talked to my guild leader and apparently she only had 10g available.

  • #45
    That should not be a problem. The addon checks how much money are available by using GetGuildBankMoney(). If it return bad values it could mean you have some corrupted cached values. What do you get if you type:

    /run print(GetGuildBankMoney())
  • #46
    I just tried again and got the same message in red on the screen. Meanwhile, in the chat frame, I see:

    [DurabilityInfo] Your items have been repaired using guild bank for 49g40s19c
    (except with icons, of course) But no repairs were made.

    When I do what you said above, I get:

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