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  • World of Warcraft
  • 286 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 172,402 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/04/2015
  • Created 10/26/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v1.14

About Broker_Location

A LibDataBroker location plugin displaying the current position(coordinates), current zone and subzone, instances found in the zone, zone level, recommended zones and instances for your level.

You must have a LibDataBroker display to use this such as:

How you can help

tag v1.14
Ciprian Mihai Coman <>
2015-07-05 07:23:03 +0300

tag as v1.14


Ciprian Mihai Coman:
    - update for 6.2


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  • #19
    Not sure if you're still around, or whether you check Curse more vs. WowInterface, but...

    I get the following error in the newly released WoW 4.0.1, and the tooltip will not display at all when I mouse-over Broker_Location (though the broker display still appears to be working correctly):

    1x Broker_Location-1.2.7\Broker_Location.lua:146: attempt to concatenate local 'displayLine' (a nil value)
    Broker_Location-1.2.7\Broker_Location.lua:532: in function

    self = Broker_Location {
    0 =
    PLAYER_LOGIN = @ Broker_Location\Broker_Location.lua:106:
    el = 1.9000000953674
    inInstance = nil
    instanceType = "none"
    elapsed = 0
    update_Broker = @ Broker_Location\Broker_Location.lua:120:
  • #18
    For those of you running the nolibs disembedded version can you see if 1.2.4 fixes anything?
  • #15
    Getting following errror when running nolibs version, how can i fix?

    ["message"] = "Broker_Location-1.2.1\\Broker_Location.lua:1: Cannot find a library instance of \"LibTourist-3.0\".\n!Swatter-5.5.4293 (WombatII)\\Support\\LibRevision.lua:47: in function `LibStub'\nBroker_Location-1.2.1\\Broker_Location.lua:1: in main chunk\n\n ---",
    ["type"] = "error",
    ["time"] = "2009/06/17 18:04:33",
    ["session"] = 3763,
    ["counter"] = 1,
  • #16
    Just go to your Broker_Location directory, open up the TOC and add the line

    ## Dependencies: LibTourist-3.0
  • #12
    1.2 isn't working at all for me. I am using fortress and I can see the Broker_Location label on the bar and that's it.
  • #13
    Config options were added to it for what was defaults. Just right click the Broker_Location mod or go to Interface/Addons options and select what to display.
  • #17
    Dependencies for LibTourist-3.0 and TabletLib are missing from the toc file.

    ## Dependencies: LibTourist-3.0, TabletLib

    fixes it for unembedded. :)
  • #9
    [2009/05/11 19:52:14-468-x1]: Broker_Location-1.2-Release\Broker_Location.lua:1: Cannot find a library instance of "LibTourist-3.0".
    Ace2-r1094\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:49: in function `LibStub'
    Broker_Location-1.2-Release\Broker_Location.lua:1: in main chunk
  • #11
    I'm at a loss with this. Are you running unembedded? I probably didn't put the depends right.
  • #10
    That shouldn't be happening, you sure you're not using the nolibs file from curseforge?
  • #14
    Yes Im running unembedded all the ace-based addons (i have a lot of them). for this one i have to install it manually with embedded libs. is it possible to fix depends?
  • #6
    Not wanting to step on anyone's toes I've "submited" a few patches others might be interested
  • #7
    Feel free to crush my feet! Thank you for your work on this. Released a new version with all your changes.
  • #8
    Kinky, but thanks :)
  • #4
    The ability to right-click to open Atlas, and listing of instances within your level range would be excellent, please :-)

    If the old and outdated and your plugin's features were combined it would be perfect for my needs *hopeful*
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