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  • Updated 08/27/2012
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About Broker_Professions

Profession launcher objects for any Broker display

durcyn <>
2012-08-27 20:41:23 -0500


    - Works in 5.0.
    - Update all dataobjs on SPELLS_CHANGED so we pick up initial learning of secondary professions.  Derp.

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  • #10
    I suck, I quit the game for months and neglected to fix this. It should be displaying correctly as of Give it a whirl and let me know if your objects still hide themselves on login/reload, and what display you're using if so.
  • #9
    It seems to me that the buttons disappear (and won't appear in the TitanBar configuration as possible Broker Addon) if I do a reloadui through /reloadui or through ACP. Only if I reloadui through logging out and re-logging in it works.
    And also the primary skills appear as professions_1 and professions2 at all times.
  • #8
    My primary skills just show up as professions_1 and professions_2 not the name of the skill and they don't keep their location on my bazooka bar. So temp fix I move the local primary skill data in the lua to the local secondary skill data in the lua. So it looks like this

    local primary = {

    local secondary = {
    (GetSpellInfo(78670)), -- Archaeology
    (GetSpellInfo(2550)), -- Cooking
    (GetSpellInfo(3273)), -- First Aid
    (GetSpellInfo(2259)), -- Alchemy
    (GetSpellInfo(2018)), -- Blacksmithing
    (GetSpellInfo(7411)), -- Enchanting
    (GetSpellInfo(4036)), -- Engineering
    (GetSpellInfo(25229)), -- Jewelcrafting
    (GetSpellInfo(2108)), -- Leatherworking
    (GetSpellInfo(2656)), -- Smelting
    (GetSpellInfo(3908)), -- Tailoring
    (GetSpellInfo(53428)), -- Runeforging
    (GetSpellInfo(45357)), -- Inscription
  • #5
    Is it a way to change it back to the way it was It make my screen to crowded with is saying (professions__________)
  • #6
    Yes there is - just edit the Broker_Professions.lua file and remove professions_ from line 56.
    So it ends up saying
    local prof = ("%s"):format(index or spell)

    Thats what I did :)
  • #7
    function f:create(spell, icon, index)
    local prof = ("Profession_%s"):format(index or spell)
    if not f[prof] then
    f[prof] = LibStub("LibDataBroker-1.1"):NewDataObject(prof)
    f[prof].type = "launcher"

    find the exact contact
  • #4
    Seems to have stopped working with Chocolate bar in the last patch?
  • #3
    For some reason, these buttons don't work from the Yssdrop menu. Haven't investigated too deeply into why
  • #2
    Ok, fixed it myself -- one just needs to add the line:

    (GetSpellInfo(45358)), -- Inscription

    into the "local tradeskills = {...." list.
  • #1
    Amy chance on getting inscription supported?
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