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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 6.0.3
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  • Updated 12/22/2014
  • Created 10/03/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 1.1.3

About Broker_RaidBuffs

Broker addon to display your raidbuffs in the x/9 format and a list of active and inactive raidbuffs.


tag 1.1.3
Theck <>
2014-12-22 14:05:33 -0500

tag 1.1.3 release


    - Fix LotP bug.


  • #10

    versatility pet is missing:

    buff id 172967

  • #7

    i would love to see an update of this for wod! much appreciated! :)

  • #8

    Sorry mate, I don't have an active account anymore. I can't update this for WoD.

  • #9

    If you want to add me to the project, I'll update it.

  • #3

    Dark Intent (109773) grants the Stamina buff in 5.2 in addition to Spell Power.  Blood Pact was removed.

    Until LordGogo has time to update the addon, the following edit will give you the proper behavior in 5.2:

    In the .\Interface\Addons\Broker_RaidBuffs\ folder, open Broker_RaidBuffs.lua and find line 87.  It should read:

            [6307] = {"WARLOCK", "Pet"}, -- Blood Pact

    Replace it with

            [109773] = {"WARLOCK"}, -- Dark Intent


    Last edited by Theck on 3/11/2013 1:41:50 PM
  • #4

    I should really read through all patch notes... thanks a lot. Fixed it.

  • #6

    Yep, packed the wrong addon. It's fixed now (and waiting for moderator approval). Thanks for the note.

  • #5

    I think there was an upload error - clicking the download link for v1.0.6 downloads "," which is a copy of the Broker_Currency addon.

  • #1

    FYI:  They changed the sporebat buff to Energizing Spores (ID: 35336) instead of the one they used before.  Thanks for a great little addon; I love programming that does one thing and does it really, really well and this is that.

  • #2

    Thanks a lot, didn't had time to read through the patch notes yet.
    FYI: The new buff has the spellid 135678. ;)

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