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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.7
  • 124,683 Total Downloads
  • Updated 04/19/2014
  • Created 10/26/2008
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: 5.4-Release1

About SocialState

A LibDataBroker friend / guild list in one.

Project name changed for 1.8.0. Old config settings are lost.

If you want to keep contacts in sync across toons:
Tekkub's 'Friends With Benefits' will do this, no config, just install and go.

You must have a LibDataBroker display to use this such as:

  • ChocolateBar
  • FuBar + Broker2FuBar
  • Titan Panel
  • Fortress
  • ButtonBin
  • DockingStation

tag 5.4-Release1
CodeRedLin <none@none>
2014-04-19 06:22:18 -0400

Tag 5.4-Release1


    - Update ToC to 5.4
    - Update from upyursh for 5.4.7


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  • #126

    Having issues with this as well since 5.4. I hope we see an update soon, I have yet to find a replacement that I like better than or even as well as this addon. :/

  • #125

    Hello, anyone else been experiencing malfunctions of this addon since 5.4? 

    I really am a novice of lua coding so some help in order to fix it would be greatly apreciated, Thanks

  • #123

    Had some issues with nil records coming for bnet friends tonight. To fix open the SocialState.lua file and go to line 517 and add a line below

    local _, toonName, client, realmName, realmID, faction, race, class, guild, zoneName, level, gameText = BNGetFriendToonInfo(i, toonidx)

    and add this to make it 

    local _, toonName, client, realmName, realmID, faction, race, class, guild, zoneName, level, gameText = BNGetFriendToonInfo(i, toonidx)
    if toonName then -- this will check that the toonName actually exists before adding it

    Go to line 552 and add a line

    PRESENCEID = presenceID

    and make it

    PRESENCEID = presenceID
    end -- note the additional end 



  • #139

    Still a problem?

  • #122

    I love this addon and with the new update to Hearthstone to show RealIDs, will you be updating soon? In the meantime though im not good at the lua programing and i wanted to know if anyone knows if this will work.

    if player["CLIENT"] == "S2" then
                                line = tooltip:SetCell(line, 6, "|cff82c5ffStarCraft 2|r")

    i was curious what the id for Hearthstone is .. Diablo 3 = D3 and starcraft  2 is S2. I currently dont have any realid friends online to test it out. Is it as simple as copying the above and changing it to HS or H etc...  or is there more to it than that

  • #124

    if player["CLIENT"] == "HS" then
    line = tooltip:SetCell(line, 6, "|cff82c5ffHearthstone|r")

  • #121

    This has been and continues to be one of my main addons.

  • #118

    I love this Addon. But since 5.3 whenever a normal friend is online it shows an offline friend instead of the one that is online. RealID and guildmembers seem OK only the normal friends seem to be affected. Does annyone know a fix or an alternative addon that shows me friends, RealdID and guildmates in a window like that!?

  • #119

    I just submitted a patch suggestion to CodeRedLin that fixes this issue.  Hopefully he/she will get the info and make a fix so everyone can enjoy that portion of this great addon again.  If you are semi-comfortable w/ coding, you can find my fix here and apply it to your local copy.

    Author of Bitten's SpellFlash.

  • #120

    I'm pretty sure it's a Blizzard bug. I've only seen it happen once, but when it does happen an offline friend shows in the online seciton of the Blizzard friends interface (in gray as they are offline), and an online friends shows in the offline section (coloured as they are online).

  • #117

    I have been using this addon for a long time and in the past, folks who have been using the mobile armory to log in have been shown on the guild list.  Since the recent version, that is not the case.  I can see the isMobile in the lua but for some reason, it is not showing everyone that is logged in through the LDB window.  

    Does anyone know of a fix for this?  I know there are other addons available that can display this, but I like SocialState because of concentration of friends and guild into one addon.

  • #116

    Re: syncing friends lists, seems like friends with benefits is long dead and has stopped functioning reliably.  I'm trying FriendShare Resurection

  • #115

    It'd be nice to see the guild count filter yourself out (or at least have the option to in settings) of the list. It's misleading on a quiet day to see '1' as the current logged in guild count and mouse over hoping to see a guildy to talk to. Nope! Just me.

  • #114

    Just to bump a comment by Le-Sphinx, could we add in the GetGuildInfo string?

    if IsInGuild() then
            local guildTotal, online = GetNumGuildMembers()
            displayline = displayline .. "|r : |cff00ff00"
            if not SocialStateDB.hide_LDB_labels then
                displayline = displayline .. GetGuildInfo("player") .. " "

            displayline = displayline .. online

            if not SocialStateDB.hide_LDB_totals then
                displayline = displayline .. "/" .. guildTotal


    Lines 294-307 manually adding this still works fine.

  • #113

    FYI, looks like GetGuildRosterInfo() was changed slightly in 5.1 - remote chat users are no longer considered to be connected but isMobile still returns true.  I changed the following on line 717 of SocialState.lua:

    - if connected then

    + if connected or isMobile then


    GetNumGuildMembers() seems to also return 3 variables:

    1: total guild members

    2: number of real WoW clients

    3: total number of users including remote users

    I changed line 301 of SocialState.lua as follows:

    local guildTotal, clients, online = GetNumGuildMembers()

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