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  • World of Warcraft
  • 815 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 57,229 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/24/2014
  • Created 09/19/2013
  • 54 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 6.0.2-a
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About Broker_TimelessIsleChests

Plugin for LDB that shows following:

  • Shows all one time chests on Timeless Isle.
  • All Weeklys chests on Timeless Isle.
  • Uses TomTom for cords. (Requires TomTom addon to work)
  • Supports english, french and german clients.

Every check is called from WoW API.

Requires a data broker display which is a plug in bar for modules such as this. Some examples are chocolate bar, bazooka, ninjapanel, fortress, stat block, titan panel and more


  • Fixed patch-bugs.


  • Fixed broken cords.


  • Fixed label names by request
  • Fixed counter
  • Fixed missing tooltip


  • Added support for French and German client.
  • Collapse when all chest is completed.
  • Fixed some cords.


  • Fixed missing chest.
  • Fixed some cords.


  • Released!


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  • #18

    how to use this?

  • #22

    read description

  • #17

    Nice Addon, real useful when going to the isle with a new alt!

    A nice suggestion for the future would be spliting localization files for easy translation. I don't know how to actually do this, but I know it's possible.


    Anyway nice job and keep it up!

  • #13

    There is a sturdy chest listed at 47.70 47.70 that doesn't exist. Can it be removed?

  • #15

    Sturdy chest listed at 47.70 47.70 is a 2 part step.
    Step 1 is at 47.70 47.70 require you to take a bird and step 2 is looting the chests on the mountains at both Sturdy Chest #1 @ 26.8 64.9 and Sturdy Chest #2 @ 28.2 35.2.
    When both sturdy chests is taken, the waypoint @ 47.70 47.70, will be removed if you right click and left click the addon to update.

  • #12

    What do I need to do to get this to work with titan panel?

  • #14

    To show addon on panel: right click the panel -> general -> press 'chests'.
    To set tomtom cords: left click the addon.
    To remove tomtom cords: right click the addon.

    Last edited by Jonner on 12/15/2013 11:28:25 AM
  • #7

    By any chance do you plan to rename the broker display to someting shorter, like Timeless Isle Chests?

  • #8

    I dont see why it should matter.

    Broker_ is the important part to let people know it require another addon to actually work.

    Timelessislechests could be shorten down, but i really dont see the point, since once u download you dont think about the name anymore.

  • #11

    Same thing with elvui too.

  • #10

    Exactly, i couldn't see the whole name of the addon in game in ElvUI

  • #9

    I think he means what we see in game on titanpanel or any other ldb display.

  • #4

    Pour que cet addon marche avec le client Français, éditez le fichier Broker_TimelessIsleChests.lua et remplacez chaque occurence de :

    Timeless Isle
    \195\142le du Temps fig\195\169

    German : change Timeless Isle into Zeitlose Insel (not tested)


  • #6

    Both french and german is correct.

    I added them both and tested it with both clients and added it to curse, so it will be up soon.

    Thanks for the help :)

  • #3

    Does this check chests that have been collected prior to this addon being installed?

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