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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.3.4
  • 17,811 Total Downloads
  • Updated 08/02/2012
  • Created 12/30/2010
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: Version 2.7a

About WhisperWhisper


WhisperWhisper is a World of Warcraft add-on that helps players keep track of private conversations. Inspired by two popular add-ons, SLDataText and Whisperfu, this add-on creates an extremely lightweight frame that acts as a mouse-over portal to whisper conversations. More importantly, the add-on can be significantly customized to aesthetically match any UI by customizing colors, fonts, font sizes, and alerts. Additionally, WhisperWhisper uses the LibDataBroker library to directly integrate with several popular display add-ons such as ChocolateBar or Titan Panel, though you may also have it as a stand-alone add-on.

Demo Video / Tutorial


  • Flash Alerts that can be customized with color, flash duration, textures, and combat status.
  • Import fonts using SharedMedia
  • Change the add-ons size and color to better "match" your UI.
  • Conversations saved between sessions
  • Completely functional with
  • Alternate Display mode for people with several whisper conversations

As with all of my add-ons, I absolutely love feedback. Please let me know ANY feature requests or any bugs in the comments below. You can also reach me at [email protected], or send me a PM!

Version 2.7a
- Fixed a crash :( Sorry everyone

Version 2.7
- Made the add-on compatible with TukUI/ElvUI

Version 2.6
- Updated ToC
- Fixed more bugs :-D

Version 2.5
- Updated ToC
- Fixed an annoying bug in alternate view mode

Version 2.4
- Fixed a bug when right clicking with toggle lock not enabled
- Disabled flash notifications when entire frame is hidden

Version 2.3a
- Fixed an extremely rare bug that would occur when using both ChocolateBar and the regular frame and alternate view mode and right clicking (like any of that realistically ever happens)
- Removed old/unused images

Version 2.3
- Added Customizable Alerts / Frame Flash

Version 2.2
- Added Alternate View Mode

Version 2.1
- Added Right-Click menu option to clear all whispers
- Added Mouse-Hover menu "Hints"
- Added ability to Alt-Click to clear all whispers

Version 2.0
- Major overhaul of fundamental purpose. Addon is now standalone (will still integrate with panel mods, however).
- Added Customizable Fonts
- Added Customizable Colors
- Added Combat Triggers
- Added SharedMedia support and integration

Version 1.1
- Removed _MACOSX files from download
- Added null checks on menuTooltip

Version 1.0
- Initial Release


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  • #41

    oQueue + Whisperwhisper causes a constant spam of messages in the WW addon.  

  • #40

     1st:- conversations not saving between sessions

    whisperq just get the player name and server of the received whisper and saves it.

    2nd: A bug or just me? My problem is the following: when i click on the bnet name to answer the last person who whispered me, wow did not open the bnet answer, just the normal whisper thing and i cant reply to a battlenet whisper. 

    thanks and i love this addon

    Last edited by LeonPard on 10/13/2012 2:28:15 PM
  • #39

    The errors are on lines 850 and 859 in WhisperWhisper.lua. Should be a quick change, you just forgot to add a "d" on "end".

  • #37

    Alright, So I downloaded this and it isn't working. I have ELvUI but I even disabled ElvUI and it still didn't show up on my screen. A lil help please?

  • #38

    Will investigate tonight :-X Sorry!

  • #36

    - and where, and where, and where - is the time stamp?!?...

    Could you please make it so a time stamp will be shown as well - pain in the *** if one misses a whisper (can happen, even with this awesome addon, if one don’t use the Frame, but have it in a hidden broker_bar) and then whisper back and it turns out that the whisper is hours old - doh….

    Therefore I use the Frame (still miss the time stamp, though) but would like to change the color on the “WhipserWhisper” text and maybe even change the text itself to something shorter, like just “W” – the “WhisperWhisper” in bright white color don’t go so well with my UI and don’t like to use the “Use Static Player Color” – where it’s possible to change the color on the “WhisperWhisper” text, cause do like that the “title” change with the in/out color, so…. :-) 

    Was looking at the lua and did manage to change it to “W” - but when I “Clear All Whipsers”, it went back to “WhisperWhisper” - guess there’s more than one place to be changed and tried to change the color as well – but that didn’t work - hmm…?

    So a “WhisperWhisper” color change and the text itself beside the “Whisper Received Color” and the “Whisper Send Color” would be nice. ;-)

    Think I found a bug’ish of some kind - have placed the Frame under the mini-map (cause I don’t look at the hidden broker_bar all the time, heh) and if I use the “Alternate View Mode” or just use the right-click options to get a Whisper shown, then the box pops-up on the right side leaving half the box off-screen - not good… :-(

    - and final - ones again ;-) please make a time stamp.

  • #35

    Any chance we could have this addon record whispers to a log file? I like to be able to go back and reference when I told someone it's okay to do something?

  • #34

    if you use this addon along with Ignoremore then you can actually still see the /w you get from the people on the ignore and it keeps track of it. 

  • #33

    As requested below, a timestamp would be great. I'd also like a way to possibly fill in the opacity of the background of the main frame, as well as an option to turn off the tooltips for how to access options, etc, when I mouseover the addon.


    Thank you for creating this addon though, I was having WhisperFu withdrawal.

  • #31

    could you had an option to show the timestamp for incoming whispers ?

  • #29
    I've been having an issue with some of my conversations not saving between sessions. It appears that the conversations show up great but will not be remembered after logging out.

    Other than that this addon is quite amazing, i kept editing whisperfu trying to keep it working all the time and was quite pleased to find that I would no longer need to continue
  • #30
    It's not possible to save conversations between sessions. This is by design from Blizzard. Basically, there's no way for add-ons to get real names or even ID numbers. Otherwise, add-ons like WhisperWhisper could talk to each other and get up a "master list" of character-RL names.

    So unfortunately, this is a feature that won't be possible any time in the future.
  • #27
    For some reason when I left click on the name of the person who just whispered me nothing happens. Is it because I am using Prat? Any help?
  • #28
    Nevermind - turns out you have to lock it in place. Is there any way to leave it unlocked and still be able to reply by left clicking?
  • #25
    Is there any way to change the sound that plays when you receive a message? or make it play a sound if it doesn't already...Thanks!
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