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  • Updated 12/01/2011
  • Created 05/02/2009
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  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States
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About BunnyCensor

As of 2012-10-31, I will be making no further update to BunnyCensor

Truth be told, it's been ages since I updated it. It's well past time to make it official. I've had a lot of fun playing around with this addon and learning how to program in lua, but my interests have taken me elsewhere. However, I would encourage anyone who is interested to fork the code and keep the development going.

BunnyCensor is a profanity filter that replaces profane language in the chat window with the word "bunny". It also censors what you say, whisper, emote, et cetera.

2011-12-01  sworisbreathing  <sworisbreathing>

[324baec90143] [0.1g]
* BunnyCensor.toc

Rolling the toc version for 4.3


  • #7

    A couple of things...

    1) check out Gimplist... there's a chat substitution thing in there that you may find useful  (look up Gimplist:SystemMessageHelper and addGimpTitle

     2) you (and I) need to add CHAT_MSG_INSTANCE_CHAT  to our channels

    3) I'll have a think about how to add extra expletives and if i think of a clever way will let you know

  • #5

    I've noticed that this addon was recently giving me conflict issues when using coloured class text, turning this addon resolved the conflict.

    Just pointing it out in case people have the same issue.

  • #6

    Thanks for catching this.  I'll hopefully have some time over the holidays to look into the issue.


    Edit: I've now turned on the ticket tracker for BunnyCensor, and added this as ticket #1.

    Last edited by sworisbreathing on 12/20/2011 6:19:35 AM
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    okay so, i love this addon! i'm not anti-naughty words, but i like keeping them to a bunnies and smurfs are awesome. (and kitties) i know this is a big thing, but would it be possible to make it to where you could select certain words to censor as well? i know some people who use custom...creative naughty words on a regular basis that would be cool to censor =]
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    I'd love to give people the flexibility to add their own words.  If you are comfortable with mucking about in code, you can do so by editing BunnyCensor.lua.  See Wis2Wiz2's post below for an example.

    With that said, I'd love to have a command syntax to the effect of:

    /BunnyCensor add foo

    If anyone knows how to build a case-insensitive lua-compatible regex from that, please let me know, or contact me about joining the project Smile

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    Love the concept of this. You might want to consider also a "Smurf" option, for NElves or something. LOL
  • #2
    yup, you can easily modify the file to make it say smurf, i just did it. still works great!!!
    just open the bunnycensor.lua file in wordpad, you'll see this:
    function bunnyCensor(msg)
    local censorData={
    {"[Ff][Uu][Cc][Kk]", "bunny"},
    {"[Ss][Hh][Ii][Tt]", "bunny"},
    {"[Bb][Ii][Tt][Cc][Hh]", "bunny"},
    {"[Cc][Uu][Nn][Tt]", "bunny"},
    {"[Dd][Aa][Mm][Mm][Ii][Tt]", "bunny"}

    change it into this:
    function bunnyCensor(msg)
    local censorData={
    {"[Ff][Uu][Cc][Kk]", "smurf"},
    {"[Ss][Hh][Ii][Tt]", "smurf"},
    {"[Bb][Ii][Tt][Cc][Hh]", "smurf"},
    {"[Cc][Uu][Nn][Tt]", "smurf"},
    {"[Dd][Aa][Mm][Mm][Ii][Tt]", "smurf"}
    and it'll say smurf for you instead of bunny :).
    you can also copy those files, put them into another folder, rename them, and if you wanna switch just disable bunnycensor and enable the other one. (for instance: smurfcensor or duckcensor, just how you named it.

    to the maker, veeeeeery nice addon! love it!!!
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