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ButtonFacade: Sion

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 930 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 4.0.3a
  • 123,981 Total Downloads
  • Updated 12/31/2010
  • Created 08/12/2009
  • 68 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 1.6

About ButtonFacade: Sion

Sionskin for ButtonFacade., In order for this addon to work you need to have a actionbar addon intalled, Ex. Bartender or Dominos, and Masque.

Installation, View the installation tab.

Note, Please rate or comment or even have suggestions on what to do next ;)

--New artwok: SpellBook


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  • #15

    its doesnt work its just says ''depencency mising'' what does that mean?

  • #16

    In order for this addon to work you need to have a actionbar addon intalled, Ex. Bartender or Dominos, and ButtonFacade.

  • #20

    It's because ButtonFacade is not installed, it is not on anymore either ! Do you know where we an get it ?


  • #19

    Sry about that, i updated the link and it should show shortly. If not, got to masque, its the replacement for buttonfacade.

  • #17

    but the link doesnt work and i have bartender

  • #12
    I have some text alignment issues with the "Simple" theme since I installed the ButtonFacade r342. The text for potion stack size etc. is located under the button. Could you have a look at it?
  • #13
    Looked in to it with Buttonfacade r4.0.340 and the alignment is correct. If it still gives you problem with the newest BF, try to turn of all addons and see if the problem stays, if so, let me know.
  • #14
    I had r340 before and everything was fine. The problem occured when i upgraded to r342. My guess is, that this problem correlates to the following posts i found on the official ButtonFacade forum thread:

    "Since updating to r342, on all skins other than Blizzard, the keybinding and/or macro names are outside the top and bottom of the button."


    "In regards to the text layer changes, there were some issues that could not be resolved outside of leaving the alignment of the text layers where they were by default.

    The changes make it so that skin authors can place the text anywhere, assuming that the know how to use height, width, justify and offset correctly.


    The change log specifically states that some skins will look bad until they've been updated to reflect those changes. Alphas are for testing purposes. If you're not going to read the change log to see what you're getting into, don't install them. Once they've been tested and I'm certain everything will go smoothly, I'll notify skin authors of the upcoming changes so that they can update their skins accordingly, prior to release."

    The r342 btw states the following:

    Skin API:
    - Text layers now accept the following attributes:
    - Font ("Path\\To\\Font\\File" or ([[Path\To\Font\File]])
    - FontSize
    - JustifyH ("LEFT", "CENTER", "RIGHT")
    - JustifyV ("TOP", "MIDDLE", "BOTTOM")
    Bug Fixes:
    - Text layers can no longer be hidden by skins.
    - Fixed an issue that was causing some text elements to be placed oddly at different sizes.
    - Updated the default skins to reflect current changes.
  • #10
    Will this work WITH the Trinity one? Elegance? I don't wanna change mine around too much because I like it but this looks pretty neat too.

    My UI has buttons from Bartender in a Rainbow Arc over my character for easy clicking, typical things like potions, big cooldowns I wouldn't waste a Keybind on, quick CC's, stuff like that.
  • #11
    Trinity and elegance are skin addon just like this one, if you install this it will apper in the skinpackmenu along with others and you can try them.
  • #8
    So if I don't have any actionbar addon installed, ex. Bartender or Dominos, this skin will not work? :s
  • #9
    No, a actionbar addon is a must. And then you need a skin addon aswell, Buttonfacade, and this is a skinpack to buttonfacade.
  • #7
    Gr8 skinpack, LOVE the Center skin and the glas is'nt without charm, good for my alts.
  • #3
    Very nice.
    I had to change the name 'ButtonFacade_Sion2' to 'ButtonFacade_Sion' for it to show.
  • #5
    Ahh, thx. That worked
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