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  • Updated 11/09/2014
  • Created 02/16/2009
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: 2.5.16

About ButtonTimers

ButtonTimers is action buttons with timers attached. The timers can be configured to show a buff/debuff or the cooldown of a spell. The timers are highly configurable, with lots of options to play with.

Important note:

There are a limited number of action slots (1-120). These correspond to 10 bars of 12 buttons each. These are the same 120 slots that every action bar mod has to use (Bartender, PitBull, Blizzard's standard UI, etc.)

Chances are you aren't using all 12 slots on all 10 bars. You can configure ButtonTimers to use any of the 120 action slots you want. Do this with the "First button on bar is.." slider in the bar configuration.

If you don't change the "First button on bar is..", the bars will default to bars 10, 9, 8, 7. Note that bars 7-9 are by default the stance bars, so if your class uses stances you may wish to change it.

Getting Started:

When you first start the mod, you will see 4 bars of 12 buttons each. Open up the options (in the interface->addons panel), and disable the bars you won't be using. Next change the number of buttons from 12 to however many buttons you would like to see.

Now change the action slots the bar is showing you. Just take the action offset slider and slide it until you see some unused action buttons. Then drag the spells/abilities of your choice onto the bar.

The default is to track dots/debuffs/buffs. If that's what you want the timer to reflect, you are done. If you want to see a cooldown instead, select the configuration for the button and change the selector from "Aura" to "Cooldown".

There are lots of configuration options, go ahead and play with them. But that should be enough to get you started.

Bar configuration options are:

  • '''Bar Enabled:''' enable / disable the bar.
  • '''Hide out of combat:''' don't show the bar out of combat.
  • '''Bar Locked:''' lock the bar in position so that it cannot be dragged.
  • '''Orientation:''' horizontal or vertical layout for the buttons on the bar. You can also put the timers on the buttons themselves.
  • '''Timer Location:''' you can select whether you want the bar be on the left or right of the button (in vertical orientation) or above/below the button (in horizontal orientation)
  • '''Button Spacing:''' the space between the buttons on the bar.
  • '''Bar Scale:''' size the whole bar larger or smaller
  • '''Bar Length:''' length of the timer bar
  • '''Button Count:''' number of buttons on the bar (1-12)
  • '''First button on bar is..''' action slot number of the first button on the bar. Blizzard gives 120 action slots, which are traditionally allocated into 10 bars, but this mod gives a finer control over which slots you wish to use. Just slide this control until you find some unused slots.

Button options are:

  • '''Type:''' Set whether you wish to monitor a cooldown or an aura on the default bar target. You can also monitor both aura and cooldown. The cooldown will show up on the button and the aura timer on the bar if you select both.
  • '''Timer Type:''' The timer can either be shown as a percentage of the aura/cooldown duration or in fixed time. For example, if you choose a fixed time with a time of 10s, a full bar will always represent 10 or more seconds. This makes it easier to see which aura/cooldown will complete first, regardless of the spell's length.
    • '''Bar Time:''' This sets the max time displayed on a fixed time timer bar. Any timer durations longer than Bar Time will show as a full bar.
  • '''Show others' spells:''' By default, the timer will only monitor auras on the target if you were the caster of the spell. Click this button if you wish to see other's spells as well. The timer will always show your own spell if you have one on the target. Note: Pet spells do not count as being cast by you, so if you wish to monitor a pet spell then click this button.
  • '''Other Auras:''' By default, an aura timer will monitor the bar's default target for an aura matching the name of the spell on the action button. In this field you can enter additional auras (in a comma separated list) to look for.
    • "Show Aura Icon:" When checked, the icon on the button will update to match the aura we are showing the timer for.
    • "Ignore Button Aura:" When checked, timers will only be created for the auras specified in the Other Auras field. If Show Aura Icon is also checked, then the icon on the button when no timer is present will be the first aura listed in the Other Auras field.
  • '''Cooldown spell:''' By default, a cooldown timer will monitor the cooldown on the action on the bar. But you can also enter a spell name to monitor instead.
  • '''Bar Color:''' The color of the timer bar.
  • '''Target:''' This will select the default target (to target, focus target, self, party, pet) for all actions on the bar. It also controls what target to monitor for auras.
  • '''Use as spell target:''' If set, target will be the spell target as well as the target to monitor for the selected aura.
  • '''Warn less than cast time:''' Change the bar color when timer less than cast time. Also tints the action button.
  • '''Warning Bar Color:''' Bar color for timers when remaining time less than cast time.
    • "Adjust Cast Time:" Additional number of seconds to add, or subtract, from the cast time. Set this value to the effect's duration * 0.3 for the warn color to show when its safe to refresh an effect without wastage.
  • '''Adjust Timer:''' Number of seconds to add to timer (can be negative).

Command line options:

'''/buttontimers reset''' - reset bar positions to default

'''/buttontimers config''' - open the configuration dialog (can also be accessed on Blizzards interface -> addons panel)

r63 | stencil | 2014-11-09 20:54:58 +0000 (Sun, 09 Nov 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   A /tags/2.5.16 (from /trunk:62)

Tagging as 2.5.16
r62 | stencil | 2014-11-09 20:44:07 +0000 (Sun, 09 Nov 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ButtonTimers.toc
   M /trunk/Core.lua

bug fix - errors when "warn < cast time" is checked but button doesn't have an action
r60 | stencil | 2014-11-06 11:10:30 +0000 (Thu, 06 Nov 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ButtonTimers.toc
   M /trunk/Core.lua
   M /trunk/locale/enUS.lua

Added a cast time adjustment field to the option for warning when the cast time is less than the remaining duration of an aura. Useful for identifying when its safe to refresh the effect without clipping.
r58 | stencil | 2014-10-15 09:25:27 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ButtonTimers.toc
   M /trunk/Core.lua

bug fix - return values for GetSpellInfo changed, affects us when we're looking at the casttime of a spell
r56 | stencil | 2014-10-15 01:58:29 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ButtonTimers.toc

... and version number /facepalm
r55 | stencil | 2014-10-15 01:57:37 +0000 (Wed, 15 Oct 2014) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/ButtonTimers.toc

bumping toc file


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  • #944

    cant seem to get Mark of the thunderlord to show aura bar.  I know I  did have jade spirit work in past expantion

    Last edited by theoldthug on 12/20/2014 4:55:20 PM
  • #945

    I haven't had a weapon worth putting that expensive of an enchant on it yet, but I would say make sure there is something sitting in the action bar slot (if empty I don't think we'll show a timer even if you've configured it to use Other Auras).  Set Target = Player, Show Aura Icon = checked, Ignore Button Aura = checked and then add to Mark of the Thunderlord to Other Auras.  If that doesn't work, make sure the proc buff is called that and/or try using the spell id which I think is 159234.

  • #948

    Found the problem, it actually has to do with the fact that game doesn't return "player" as the caster of the spell.  So that means we'll only show the timer for it if you have "Show others spells" checked.  

    I suppose we could fix this by assuming player whenever the caster is nil, but the law of unintended consequences could bite us.  I'll think about it.  For now, though, just check that box for enchants like this.

  • #946

    Yup did all that, buff is called Mark of the Thunderlord.


    Use as spell target checked (tried also unchecked)


    Other Auras: Did both Mark of the Thunderlord and 159234

    Show aura icon checked

    Ignore button aura checked, (It shows Mark of the thunderlord icon, I dragged down one of my trinkets to the bar)

    Some reason it does't want to work, hmmmm.  Like I said I know I had Jade spirit or whatever it was called last expsion to work.  Oh well if you come up with something I will watch this thread.
    Thx for the addon, been using it for years.



  • #943

    Hey! Chiming in once again with a few queries o/

    I’ve been using ButtonTimers extensively for WoD; In particular, I've been using it in combination with Nib's RealUI and it’s been working out well thus far. I've only run into few select aesthetic quirks which I'll detail below:

    Now before anything I should mention I've been using ButtonTimers as a sort of action bar replacement for select skill-sets (Main bar Combat Abilities, CDs and CC) leaving the few skills remaining on the action bars provided by the suite (uses the Bartender addon). ButtonTimers in combination with RealUI work mechanically well with one another, aesthetically however, ButtonTimers bar’s don't blend well when positioned near RealUI’s unit plates.

    To give you an idea of my current setup; I’m currently using all four bars provided by ButtonTimers, bar1 is set mid-center replacing RealUI’s default location for its Buff/Aura monitor, bar2 placed on top of the player unit bar and bar 3 on top of the target unit plate, bar 4 placed behind bar 1 to monitor a few select active skill cd’s.

    RealUI’s unit plates are set to fade out of combat and become lit during combat. I tried to find a way to get the same result within ButtonTimers but I quickly noted there was a lack of opacity/fade options within the action bar settings. I realize there is already an option within ButtonTimers to hide the bars when out of combat, but I'd rather not always have them hidden as sometimes you need a preemptive view at what skills are ready before initiating combat. Could you please consider expanding the current action bar options to allow “fade out of combat” (if added, a way to control how much opacity would be great as well)?

    An option to hide hotkey text (macro names, etc.) would also be greatly appreciated as with certain skills (particularly those with charges) the cooldown timer and charge text tend to overlap with the hotkey text.

    ButtonTimers has been preforming wonderfully throughout my time in WoD, so no complaints with the core addon usage. Thanks for hearing me out and for all the work you've put in to this addon thus far. :-)



    Last edited by Ryozaras on 12/9/2014 3:51:22 PM
  • #930

    macro exposed bug in version 2.5.15: ButtonTimers\Core.lua:1524: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

    edited by Stencil - removed a lot of text no longer needed

    Last edited by stencil on 11/9/2014 5:13:52 PM
  • #936
    Quote from grovey2 »

    macro exposed bug in version 2.5.15: ButtonTimers\Core.lua:1524: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

    edited by Stencil - removed a lot of text no longer needed

    Pretty sure I figured out the problem and it should be fixed in 2.5.16.  The problem would occur whenever you have "Warn < cast time" checked but the button doesn't actually resolve to any action.  I reproduced it by putting a completely empty macro on the button.  My assumption is that at times your macro must resolve to not casting anything, but without seeing the macro can't know exactly what happened. The code should handle the error cases now though.

    Note: the way things are written, the cast time is derived from the action on the button - the spell being shown for the timer bar doesn't actually matter.  The design might need to be changed, but it might not be a straightfoward matter since that aura might have been applied by another player or could be a spell from another class you can't cast.  That said, since the debuff model has changed maybe we don't have those cases anymore. I'll need to think about it.

  • #924
    support for the games new buff/debuff refresh mechanic


    The option to change the timer bar color when the cast time is less than remaining duration has been modified to support an adjustment value. This value is added to the cast time of the effect when deciding whether to change the color of the bar.

    To show when its safe to refresh an effect without hitting the duration cap, set that adjustment value to the duration of the effect times 0.3.  

    Ideally I would have coded it up so that value was calculated automatically for you, but there isn't actually a straightforward way to do that (as far as I know) in the api. GetSpellInfo does not return it. I could get the duration the first time I see the effect applied (before you refresh and extend it) but there's a potential problem there if an effect that is powered with something like combo points is put up at less than full strength - I'd now think the max duration is less than it should be. There's parsing tooltips, but that has risks for getting it wrong in languages other than my own.  Could try to add a table with every known effect and its duration but that's a lot of work and can still be wrong if I miss that some duration is modified by a talent or glyph choice.

    So, because we could get it wrong we have to have an input field where the user could set the value and fix any mistakes we'd make guessing.  Once I figured I couldn't be 100% right in determining durations I figured that I might as well just be 100% wrong as that's a hell of a lot less work to do. And it gets something out you can use much sooner.

    Last edited by stencil on 11/6/2014 6:14:07 AM
  • #926

    Not sure if this has been reported before, but whatever change was made in the last couple days broke my Demo warlock.  Corruption and Doom no longer work.

  • #941

    Thanks much.

  • #940
    Quote from JonnyG »

    Not sure if this has been reported before, but whatever change was made in the last couple days broke my Demo warlock.  Corruption and Doom no longer work.

    Found it!  I think I've finally tracked the !@#$%^& issue down.  I bet you have Glyph of Shadow Bolt as one of your minor glyphs; am I right?

    For some reason, when you have that glyph, the game sends a PLAYER_TALENT_UPDATE event everytime you enter or leave Demon form.  Considering you normally can't change talents in combat I think it looks very buggy for them to send that heavy of an event out like that (in combat and every time you change form).

    I may make changes to deal with this situation (our perf is suspect enough without adding in a constant recalc of the mapping from aura names to icons) but for now, at least, using the spell id is the way to make sure you're at least getting the icon you want.

  • #938

    Using those numbers did it, works fine now.  Thanks much for the help.  And great addon.

  • #937
    Quote from JonnyG »

    Not sure if this has been reported before, but whatever change was made in the last couple days broke my Demo warlock.  Corruption and Doom no longer work.

    I've deleted a bunch of posts (both yours and mine) to clean up the thread. Curse doesn't do a good job displaying long chains of replies and the thread is pretty cluttered at this point.

    Okay, I picked up demo spec on my main character (on a live server, not ptr or beta).  I still can't reproduce the problem you've been seeing.

    With Corruption in the Other Auras box and Ignore Button Aura and Show Aura Icon checked, I got the desired behavior where the timer showed Corruption both in and out of Demon Form.  I moved the saved settings file off to a safe location so that the addon would start from scratch; it still worked correctly.  I then dropped a couple of empty macros onto the buttons (where I'd previously had spells) and those worked fine as well. I even moved my development version to another location, downloaded the latest version off the web and installed and ran it instead - everything worked.

    I'm not sure what more I can do to try to help you figure out what's wrong.  I could get the macro you're using, but you already said you tried starting from scratch and just putting the spell in the actionbar slot instead of the macro.  The spellids I gave you before came from Wowhead and were wrong; actually testing against targets with the spells on them I see that the spellid for Corruption is 146739 and Doom is 603.

  • #921
    ButtonTimers Locking Buttons

    Hi thank you for this add ive used this since i discovered it  its amazing for me  , my question is it possible to lock the buttons because i know u can lock the bar but buttons are still draggable .

    i very offten double click and i accidently drag off a icon and either loose it or swap it with anther icon on the bar and in mid fight can cause problems  i know its simply dont double click lol but its what i do :P   Thx in Advance 

    Last edited by supermesiah on 10/29/2014 3:03:02 AM
  • #922

    If you lock the game's action bars (under Interface options) then you'll lock ButtonTimers with it.

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