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  • Updated 12/20/2013
  • Created 06/20/2009
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  • License: Public Domain
  • Newest File: v1.5.11
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About CalendarExtras

CalendarExtras adds some features to hopefully make the ingame calendar a bit more bearable to use.


Sorting by role

Adds fourth sorting method to the create/view event windows, that lets you sort the invite-list by role (tank/healer/melee/ranged). People of the same role are hardcoded to first be sorted by status and lastly by name.

You can change roles by right-clicking the player in question and selecting the bottom option Set Role

Extra status indicators

Shows a check mark next to players who are in the group already, and dims offline players.

Export invitees

Adds a tab at the bottom of the event window which pops up an editbox, letting you copy out basic data of the event and a formatted list of the invited players.

Another editbox is included to set the format of each line. Valid tokens are: NAME, LEVEL, CLASS, STATUS, RANK, MOD and %t for the tab-character


Select multiple people from the invite-list like you would in any standard GUI. Use shift/ctrl to range/add-to select. All the right-click menu options apply to all the selected players


Invite the current raid to a new or existing event, either by right-clicking the Invite button, or going to the Mass Invite screen, and selecting Invite current raid/party.

Note: This feature is horrendously slow, and I'm not sure if it can be made any faster, so you will have to wait a few extra seconds if you're inviting all 25 players.

2013-12-20  wT  <wT>

[6a9f717da597] [v1.5.11]
* CalendarExtras.toc ClassColoring.lua Modules/list_status_online.lua

5.4.2 fix. GetGuildRosterInfo() returns names in "name-realm" format now
ColorByClass() was broken too (I think)


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  • #29

    Please update for 5.x!


  • #30

    Will try to get to it in the next few days

  • #31

    It's been nearly a year now, how's the update(s) coming along? I'm interested in using this, but I'd prefer if it was up to date.

  • #27

    Even though the description says this works with 4.3, that is incorrect, there are 2 parts to the addon, CalenderExtras, and CalenderExtrasModues,

    The second part (Modues) is out of date, and the first part doesn't seem to function at all if the second isn't also loaded.

     The export function doesn't work, You just get a big blank text input box. which doesn't help with exporting in any way.  

    The Class and signed up filter tabs do nothing.

    About the only pat of the addon that functions properly is the ability to see who that has signed up is actualy online. 

  • #28

    Hey, thanks for the report. Modules indeed was marked as out of date, I forgot to bump its version while I did it to the main addon.

    Modules indeed has to be enabled. CalendarExtras itself is more like a loader, it has to do with how addons work, I couldn't figure out how to do certain things if I had it all in one. Anyways, it shouldn't give any errors if modules are disabled, it just won't do anything.

    I just tried it myself and export is working fine for me, is there any more info you could give me? English version of WoW or something else? Does it not work with any events at all or just some particular ones etc etc. Ah I see, it breaks if the event is not a raid event, I'll investigate.

    By class and signed filter tabs you mean the thingies that let you sort the list of invitees by class or status right? That's working fine for me too, odd.

    Last edited by wT- on 1/24/2012 11:58:18 AM
  • #26
    If I set a member to 'Heal' and another to 'DPS' manually, can you make it so that this addon will share that information to others of the event whom are using the same addon?

    Myself and another raid leader were messing around with it and it didn't seem to share our changes with each other.

    Probably the other suggestion for probably a future expansion to this addon would be like a small note icon just after the role column. One could then store notes there about the raider. For example, a note for one of the raiders could be, 'Won Token on 19th' - This note could be set up two ways, one way would be for that event only or carried on for every event so if that player is re-invited, the saved note would pop up and we could read it and straight away be told that this player won a token or whatever information we have decided to write about that player.

    I'm sure the note system could be extremely useful in many other scenarios, we however would use it for bookkeeping.

    Great add-on, even if none of the above suggestions come to pass, will be using it. Thank you so much for extending the calendar, appreciated. =)
  • #25
    Wow thanks this tiny addon helps so much u wouldn't believe it. I had to make a blank macro as like a textpad so i can put Name - DPS. Huge pain
  • #24
    Can you make a lib to this so all in the guild get the roll / updates we make on roll entry so people can see what we set it up to ?
  • #23
    I am managing Events that are created by one Guild, but Members of multiple guilds will participate.

    I'd like to have the option to do a mass-invite for an already created Event by level or Guild-rank (like the built-in).

    The way this should happen would be something like this:
    Someone in Guild A makes a mass-invite for some event, then invites someone from Guild B who uses this addon. The guy from Guild B then also does a mass-invite for his members.

    Would that be possible?

    Anyways - thanks for a great addon
  • #22

    is there a possibility to auto grand moderator status on the calendar?
    I also would like to see RANK in the line NAME, LEVEL, CLASS, STATUS, MOD.

  • #20
    Two features I'd quite like is a counter to show the number of players who've you listed as being confirmed - the in-game counter at the moment shows accept + confirmed which is useful, but having the total confirmed is really useful when planning a raid.

    Another which would be useful would be a single line in the export which details where the raid is to and the server time its scheduled for.

  • #17
    I added few new features, 1.2.0 has Venomrules' idea of inviting the current group setup to the selected raid. It's in the Mass Invite menu when creating, or right-click the Invite button on already created event.
    1.3.0 has indicators for grouped and offline players.
  • #18
    Oh and my future plan is to really rework the way I added the roles, but it's gonna be some work and I'm not quite sure how I should go about doing it yet either, so I keep pushing it back :-/

    Ah well, I got some work done on it at least
  • #19
    I think in part its going to depend on how a guild runs.

    For the guild I'm in what would be most useful is the ability to set a main spec and an offspec. Those would be saved between raids. There would also be what the player has in the raid - eg a paladin tank could have "Tank" as their main spec and "Heal" as their offspec. And then on a raid we'd default to their main spec, but we'd be able to set it so if we were low on healers we could say that the char was healing that time.

    Naturally being able to export those would be useful as well :)

    ... mainly since I'm exporting the calendar data out of the game using your addon and using a lump of perl to parse it and spit out a post I can cut & paste into our guild forums which shows the tanks, healers and DPS.
  • #16
    Is it possible to make "melee" and "range" instead of DPS `?
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