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  • Project Manager: Zax
  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,747 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 88,325 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/03/2014
  • Created 01/18/2007
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: 3.17

About CameraPlus

CameraPlus is dedicated to all movie makers. It is a simple but powerful WoW addOn to make accurate and smoothy WoW movies!

With CameraPlus you can switch into 'Movie mode' by selecting a binded key. When this movie mode is engaged, user defined specific WoW UI parts - like names, chat bubbles, combat texts... - can be shown or hidden and camera movements speed can be adjusted, so soft panoramic camera movements can be created at the desired speed.

    - keys can be binded to continuous horizontal or vertical camera rotations
    - keys can be binded to continuous zoom in and out
    - adjustable rotation and zoom speed (settings UI)
    - version 3 allows to increase or decrease on the fly the yaw, pitch and zoom speeds while in 'movie environment'

Furthermore, even out of the 'movie environment', CameraPlus increases the maximum camera distance from 15 to 25 yards.
Settings are available from the addons settings panel.
Open the standard shortcut panel (keybindings) and bind keys for CameraPlus.

Remember to engage the movie environment to make your changes effective.
When you leave the movie environment, settings are reset to their previous values, except of course the out of 'movie environment' settings.
If some of your settings are lost, for example target circle is no longer visible, just click on the "Reset to defaults" button in the settings UI.
To increase or decrease on the fly the yaw, pitch and zoom speeds while in movie environment, spamm the binded keys: each key up increase or decrease the desired speed by 10% or the actual value.

Warning: this addon doesn't create any video file!

Please see the included ReadMe text file for more infos.


 3.17 : 2014-11-02 : Patch 6 compliant (checkboxes bug fixed).
- 3.16 : 2013-10-25. Minor bugs fixed.
- 3.15 : 2013-08-28. "Reset to default" minor bug fixed. Patch 5.4 compliant.
- 3.14 : 2013-06-14. Party/Raid frame bug fixed.
- 3.13 : 2013-05-24. Party/Raid frame correctly handled. Patch 5.3 compliant.
- 3.12 : 2012-10-15 : Minor cosmetic bug fixed.
- 3.11 : 2012-09-30 : WoW 5 compatible with some new CVars added.
- 3.10 : 2011-06-29 : Major LUA and XML optimizations. On the fly speed modifications bug fixed. Default button in settings UI fixed. Patch 4.2 compliant. Previous user settings will be lost.
- 3.00 : 2011-06-03 : Rotation and zoom speed can now be modified on the fly when in 'movie environment' with binded keys. Setting UI now modifies the environment for better preview. Bug when log out in movie environment fixed. LUA 5.x compliant. Settings now available from the standard settings panel. Previous user settings will be lost.
- 2.11 : 2010-10-17 : Hotfix for patch 4.01.
- 2.1 : 2010-01-18 : Nameplates should be now correctly handled.
- 2.01 : 2009-12-11 : Hotfix to make this addon patch 3.3 compatible (as Blizzard has once again changed some CVar names).
- 2.00 : 2009-01-15 : Works again in combat mode! Options UI rewrited with more accurate options in showing/hinding WoW UI parts. Ability to fade instead of hide option added.
- 1.31 : 10/18/2008 : Patch 3.02 (WotLK) compatible (another CVars change). Taiwanese and Chinese localization by yaroot.
- 1.30 : 03/27/2008 : Patch 2.4 compatible (CVars change).
- 1.21 : 10/26/07 : Stupid internal library error fixed.
- 1.20 : 10/22/2007. Out of 'movie environment' settings added: camera distance max and camera distance max factor can now be modified with UI. 'Reset to default' option added.
- 1.10 : 06/12/2007. Hiding players' name now also hide own name.
- 1.01 : 04/25/2007. Horizontal and vertical rotations keys inverted.
- 1.0 : 01/15/2007. First public release: a compilation of ScreenPlus and SoftCamera, two others of my AddOns.


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  • #51


    great addon,

    why not use the function ToggleFrame(UIParent )  to hide the ui (equivalent to alt+z)?

    It will hide some special frame ( weak aura, spell flash)?

    sorry for my english

  • #50

    i dont know who i would go to, but seeing as how this one is in depth with the camera i was wondering if some one could come up with a horizontal camera "Over-The-Shoulder" mod. (addon)

  • #49

    No, CameraPlus only manage manual camera movements.


  • #48

    Can this be used to slow down the camera Auto Follow speed?

  • #47

    I find this addon confusing and perlexing

  • #46
    Great addon! - results using this addon.

    Still a great addon, keep working on it!

    Used it to create this WoW video:

  • #41

    Is this addon still getting updated for new releases?

    It seems all machinima addons and programs just quit updating... :(

  • #42
    Quote from tuin83 »

    Is this addon still getting updated for new releases?

    CameraPlus is compatible with the current WoW version.

  • #45

    It was enabled. Disabled and enabled it again and now it is working! Thanks for the advice

  • #44
    Quote from tuin83 »

    Strange :(

    I reinstalled. It is loaded (with message: out of date), but it isn't working. None of the options from the readme and description are there.

    Do you know of any addons that might cause problems with cameraplus?

    Be sure to check "load out of date addons".

    If CameraPlus is correctly loaded, you should see a message in your main chat window at startup or every time you reload your interface.

  • #43

    Strange :(

    I reinstalled. It is loaded (with message: out of date), but it isn't working. None of the options from the readme and description are there.

    Do you know of any addons that might cause problems with cameraplus?

  • #40

    Just an idea:

    Could it be possible to add a cinematic Camera? You know... that the camera isn't right behind the character but right behind over its right or left shoulder? That would be very cool for some dramatic moments!

  • #38

    Version 3.11 should fix this problem.

  • #39

    You are awesome, I'll try it tonight. Thanks!

    Edit: Works perfectly! Prints out some odd stuff to the chat pane, but doesn't seem to cause any issues. Thanks!

    Last edited by suprbrat on 10/3/2012 9:58:22 AM
  • #37

    Has anyone taken over this add or replicated it? I just found it and it's perfect for quickly removing names for screen shots. The only issue is that pet names still remain, most likely due to some changes in how pets are handled with the new pet battles.

    Edit: Just to be clear, by "pets" I mean vanity companion/battle pets, not hunter pets. They have their own check box in the standard interface UI now: Critters and Companions.

    Last edited by suprbrat on 9/29/2012 1:56:29 PM
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