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Candy Buckets

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 33,257 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 56,936 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/22/2014
  • Created 09/01/2012
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v6.0.0.141022

About Candy Buckets

Official repository can be found at GitHub.

The addon was reworked for WoD so please bear with me if there are issues, and feel free to post any errors for me to fix. Thanks!

Candy Buckets makes it easier to track several world event objectives:
- Hallow's End
- Lunar Festival
- Midsummer Fire Festival

Features implemented:
- Simple overview on zone and continent views.
- Works with the default map, probably not with addons like Carbonite.

Any suggestions? Drop a comment and let me know! :)

tag v6.0.0.141022
Vlad <>
2014-10-22 18:32:37 +0200

Improved completed quest caching system. Map won't update unless shown. Tooltips improved for all events. Added phasing tips for Hallow's End.


    - Improved tooltips for all events. Clarified phasing issues for Hallow's End.
    - Calendar shouldn't force navigate to this month if using it. It will only change the dates to check for the current month when the calendar is hidden and available.
    Added tooltip text support and modified how tooltips appear for certain events.
    Next update will include informative icons like for Blasted Lands or Theramore - to inform about phasing and how to turn it off. :)

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  • #16

    Simply left click the icon and it should get you going. If not, check addon settings that the crazy arrow is enabled, hehe. ;)

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

  • #27

    Yes! It worked with the Zhift + LeftClick! I am using the latest TomTom normal btw. TY.

  • #26

    Hold down shift, ctrl or alt and click on it, it will go into "visit everything mode" but this only works on the later versions so make sure you have updated, hehe. Also needs TomTom, won't work with Lite as it doesn't have the functionality required.

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

  • #25

    I am having the same issue, i have to click on every single spot, but after i visited the previus one, i mean, i cant get a wayround to all of them, i ned to click on one, visit it, and click on teh next one manually,    the Left or Rite click isnt working, or what i am missing? =(
    In advance, thank you very much. 

  • #10

    Not sure if global or just personal bug but your addon didn't show mark at "Stonard" in Swamp of Sorrows.

    It is part of the achievement, btw I am horde.


    Apart of that,

    THANK YOU awesome addon :)

  • #15

    It's not your fault, it's just that some nodes were removed (for instance Theramore and I've heard Arathi Highlands one isn't there either) while they added some new once. The issue was that Wowhead does not yet have them in their database and I mainly datamine them for location data, so it will be more accurate as it updates. I've manually added Pandaria (Alliance + Neutral) buckets myself for instance, didn't have the Horde once as I have no 85+ Horde to check with, sorry.

    But yeah, that's the explanation why not all nodes are to be found, be patient and they will be added, at least for next years event! :P

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

  • #9

    One of the most usefull addon for me, thanks

  • #7

    Doesnt work on Carbonite maps but Alt+M works fine :)

  • #8

    Considering the state of Carbonite I hadn't considered making it work with it, hehe. Also knowing Alt+M showed the regular map I knew it wouldn't be a big issue either. But if Carbonite comes back thanks to Rythal, I shall add support. ;)

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

  • #12

    Carbonite Is now Open Source & Rythal is handleing it Laughing

  • #6

    THANKS! Managed to finish ALL of them pretty easily. Free achivment points :)

  • #4

    Does not work in Pandaria.

  • #5

    That's because the event is brand new, sites like wowhead have no data on what object in the world has what quest, so I gotta manually plot it out in the case you want "early data" - so I did, but I only have a Alliance character high enough level for Pandaria, so for you guys it will be a bit delayed, sorry.

    *Edit* contains partial Pandaria, Alliance and Neutral nodes but not Horde (I think there are 2-3 Horde nodes out there) so until Wowhead or someone else provides the data, Candy Buckets can't show these on the map, check back in later for another update. ;)

    Last edited by Vladinator on 10/18/2012 4:28:37 AM

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

  • #2

    In reference to your changelog mention of adding Cartographer for waypoint support, I'm not entirely sure if any portion of Cartographer is even suported or updated any more. Last I knew it's a dead addon :(  & even the cartographer Minimap addon has been replaced

    Last edited by catitude on 9/15/2012 4:59:00 PM
  • #3

    You are correct about the Cartographer remark, I just miss it I guess. I noticed some addons, like Carbonite, emulate Cartographer so I wondered if I should add the support, even if its deprecated by now, just in case. Luckily the code is of no performance issue so I can let it be. ;)

    Profile: WoWInterface | Wowhead

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