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Can't Heal You

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  • World of Warcraft
  • 554 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 147,115 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/30/2014
  • Created 10/05/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: v3.32

About Can't Heal You

Can't Heal You will automatically whisper people who you try to heal or buff, but who move out of your range or aren't in line of sight.  That way, they know you're trying, and can possibly move to help you heal them.

It works automatically -- you just cast your healing spells and buffs the way you already do, even if that's through Healbot, Grid+Clique, or whatever.  It also only whispers people who are in your raid, party, or guild, so you don't whisper random strangers you decide to try to buff.

tag v3.32
Travis S. Casey <>
2014-10-31 00:24:03 -0400



Travis S. Casey:
    - update ToC


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  • #69


    Love the addon. Just wondering if you can add functionality for sending a whisper when "the target is obscured" such as when they are in a rogue smoke cloud, or the cloud by trash in MSV.

  • #68

    i have 5 not updated. it appears some combo is causing random crashing. thisis one not updated. could we get this one removed from the problem with an update?

  • #66

    I have a question

    I have notice many times when I am healing that it does not alert party and raid when you can't heal as such in some cases with some spells

    What I want to know is this does the addon need a spell id as such if u can;t heal e.g you were hit with something do you have to add spells that do that

  • #67

    It doesn't use spell IDs -- instead, it looks for events that indicate either that something has happened that will prevent you from casting (e.g., you've been silenced or mind controlled) or that you tried to cast a spell and got back a failure event saying something along those same lines.

    I did it that way specifically to avoid the problem of having to keep up a list of debuffs that prevent healing - as often as Blizzard adds new stuff, there's no way I'd ever keep up with it.  Unfortunately, that does mean that there are times that you can't heal that Can't Heal You can't detect.

    I could add functionality to watch for certain debuffs on the player, but I'd really need someone else to keep up the list of them, or make it something for advanced users, where you can put in debuffs yourself, but it doesn't come with any configured.

  • #64

    How hard would it be to mod this for party chat, or an option for party chat?

  • #63

    I had to make an update for 5.0.4, since Blizzard changed the functions that addons use to determine whether you're in a party or raid, and which one it is.  The functions the old version used don't exist any more, so it'll give errors when it should do anything that would "broadcast" to your party or raid.

  • #65

    I'm confused. Does it work only in raids now or does it work under no circumstance now?


  • #62

    This is working, a healer notified my mage with it yesterday. 5.0.4

  • #61

    Please update for 5.04!

  • #55

    Is this addon still working? ive tried it on a party member and they dont get the whisper? is there anything special i have to do :S

    Does it work with Vuhdu?

  • #57

    It should still be working, and you shouldn't have to do anything special.  Note, though, that if your party member is already out of range when you try to cast, CHY won't whisper them -- you'll just get the error message from the game.  That's because WoW doesn't do a spellcast event when you're already out of range, so there's no way for CHY to know what spell you were trying to cast.  Out of range whispers happen by default when they're in range as you start casting, but run out of range before you finish.

    As explained in the README, if you want to send message even when you're already out of range to start with, CHY has a /chyw macro command that can help with that.

    If that's not the case, try 

    /chy debug

    and see what output you get when you try to heal someone.  It gives a *lot* of output, but /chy debug again will turn it back off.

  • #58

    Thanks it is working just as intended ! and its a really great addon! :D

    Is it possible to change the output channel tho? from /w to whatever i want to set it too? :) 

  • #54

    This addon does not work for me in arenas. It trys to type the warnings in raid chat, when I'm not in a raid I'm in a party. I cannot figure out I would go about fixing this issue. Is it an addon issue, or a bliz issue?

  • #56

    I don't do arenas myself, so I've never had a chance to test it there.  That said, CHY checks to see if you're in a raid by calling GenNumRaidMembers() and checking if that's greater than 0.  Were you in a raid when you entered the arena, by any chance?  That would likely mess it up...

    Also, is there an arena channel, or does your arena group just count as your party?  I can add a check to see if you're in an arena, most likely... I think Blizzard should have a way to test for that.

  • #52

    it does out of line of sight but cant get it to work for out of range 

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