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  • World of Warcraft
  • 959 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.2
  • 173,494 Total Downloads
  • Updated 10/19/2014
  • Created 06/06/2009
  • 150 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: CatRotationHelper v6.0.2_pre

About CatRotationHelper

CatRotationHelper is an addon specifically created for Feral and Guardian druids.

It shows combo points, all important buffs, debuffs and cooldowns in Cat & Bear Form in an extremely compact way.

Cat Form:

  • Tiger's Fury cooldown
  • Savage Roar duration
  • Rake duration
  • Rip duration
  • Thrash duration
  • Combo points
  • Optional: Berserk cooldown
  • Optional: Faerie Fire debuff indicator
  • Optional: Feral Charge (Cat) cooldown
  • Optional: Predator's Swiftness proc
  • Optional: Survival Instincts cooldown

Bear Form:

  • Mangle cooldown
  • Lacerate stacks and wearoff
  • Thrash duration
  • Optional: Berserk cooldown
  • Optional: Savage Defense indicator
  • Optional: Faerie Fire debuff indicator
  • Optional: Survival Instincts cooldown
  • Optional: Barkskin cooldown

You can customize this addon in the standard Interface -> Addons options.

- Preliminary support for Warlords of Draenor

- toc update for 5.2
- Added addon description

- toc update for 5.1

- Fixes for MOP addon changes
- Bear icon reordered
- Bear Maul replaced with Savage Defense
- Clearcast notification enabled by default (If you have already used addon before you can set it in settings)
- Main panel Faerie fire icon replaced with Weakened armor icon
- Demoralizing roar icon replaced with Weakened blows (now triggered by Thrash)
- Frenzied regeneration replaced with Might of ursoc (Frenzied regeneration is no longer a cooldown in MOP)
- Wild charge is hidden when not learned
- Now usable in guardian spec

-.toc update

-.toc update

-bear form: replaced faerie fire timer with thrash, added faerie fire icon to event frame instead
-bear form: added enrage icon
-bear form: removed swipe icon
-cat form: added feral charge icon
-reworked some animations

-.toc update
-minor bugfixes

-fixed bugged options frame
-frames now only show when using feral spec

-finally updated for WoW Cataclysm!
-added new survival frame that shows barkskin, survival instincts and frenzied regeneration
-added pulverize timer for bear form
-new icons that show up when thrash or swipe are ready
-please let me know if you find any bugs


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  • #56
    This is a wonderful addon for anyone who is feral. I love it. However I have the dumbest question, anyone know the /command to open the CatRotationHelper menu? I feel like I should know it, but I don't!!
  • #55
    Thanks for your input =) I will release a new version when I have some spare time
  • #54
    If you could reorder the icons in bear form then then.
    Put mangle where pulverize currently is.
    Put demorolizing roar where faerie fire currently is.
    Put lacerate where mangle currently is.
    Put thrash where lacerate currently is.
    Put pulverize where demorolizng roar is.

    This would make it so all the icons are in order of the bear single target priority system.
  • #53
    Cat form is perfect; bear form needs a little bit of work.

    I have some suggestions, faerie fire bear needs to go. Bear tanks don't cast it every cooldown, it's hard enough casting all our normal priorities and keeping up pulverize -- you could make fairy fire bear exactly like the cat form, on the left hand side, so we know how many stacks we have. Some bears aren't taking feral aggression in 4.1

    Put thrash down into the bottom section instead of on the side, it's hard to see it over there.

    And lastly, put enrage cooldown up on the left, so we know when it's available. In 4.1 it's best to be used on cooldowns.

    Bear priority system
    demoralizing shout
    lacerate x1
    lacerate x3

    and faerie fire to 3 stacks, and maul with extra rage
  • #52
    Is faerie fire implemented cumulatively(sunder armor, expose armor)?
  • #51
    please update for 4.1!!!
  • #50
    There would be also great if there would be an option for charge/stampede proc. Many cats use it, ar at least try to use it, on cooldown for free ravage. Also would be great to get the time left of barkskin/SI being up on you.

    and btw THANKS MAN for working on the addon. Will try to appreciate this somehow, when I will have the funds :)
  • #49
    I wanna suggest a Farie Fire counter and not showing a cooldown or fading out the Faerie Fire icon is 3 stacks are up.
  • #48
    please fix timer for mangle(cat) and savage roar, old addon was great; this cross freaking me out!
  • #45
    Recently switch to this addon after BadKitty broke with Cataclysm and it's definitely taken the position of favoured addon atm.
    However, one of the things I feel it lacks is a stack counter for Lacerate and a timer for Pulverize. The latter I can understand why its missing from the last official update but Lacerate stacks are awkward to keep track of at times.
    Any plans for updating this soon or should I stick to a PowerAuras counter?
  • #46
    I'm working on the code right now so you can expect a new version soon™ =) It will include a pulverize timer and an icon that shows if thrash/swipe are ready. Lacerate counter should already work in the current version using the combo point graphics, make sure it's enabled in the options window
  • #44
    Thx alot vec2k !!!
    Thx Retsur !!!
  • #41
    I've made an update to this great addon that works with 4.0.1. If you are interested go to

    I will try to maintain the project and fix errors until Retsur is back.
  • #42
    Thanks a lot =)
    I just uploaded it to curse, should be available tomorrow
  • #43
    You're welcome :)

    Thanks for uploading it here so anyone who wants to use it can simply download it. I will leave a comment here for further updates.
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