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  • Newest File: CCReport v2.1
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About CCReport

With the release of Cataclysm, a lot of new spells have been added and some old ones have had their IDs changed seeing as now there is only one rank of every spell. I'm doing my best to make sure everything works but please keep in mind I rely on your feedback to keep everything running smoothly as I don't play every class myself. If you think something's not working properly, please let me know and I'll get right on it.

A small simple and compact addon that prints a message in party chat letting your party know you've been CC'd and in what way, such as Polymorph, Fear, Hex, Mind Control, Silence, Roots etc aswell as announcing when and what buffs of yours have been dispelled.

Obviously I don't play every class myself and I've done as much as I can to make sure all of the effects are working, but sometimes the Spell ID of the effect and the Spell ID of the spell decide to be completely different. If the report for a spell isn't working, I encourage you to leave a comment informing me of this and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Note that I made this addon from the point of view of a healer. This would mainly be usefull in letting a healer know when to dispell a CC or to let the DPS know when the healer is CCd. The Unstable Affliction feature, for example, will most of the time be of no use to a DPS but for a healer it could be game saving.  We all have those days when vent can't be used for whatever reason.

In order to deactivate the addon incase you only want it to be used inside the arena, type '/ccr disable'. To reactivate it again, simply type '/ccr enable'.

As for the donation, nothing you've never heard before. I'm currently a college student studying Computer Game Design and Programming struggling to get a job with the current recession in Ireland. You can take my word for it that any minor donation would not go unnoticed with simple daily fees of travel and food etc. I'm not asking for much, just whatever you can spare would be appreciated.

CCReport version 2.1

Updated for 4.3.


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  • #52

    This addon has always been stable, lightweight and straight forward, I'm glad its still around. I'm just jumping into MoP and I was worried when I saw the last update was in 2011. You rock Queuetipp!


    I'm just jumping into MoP and I was worried when I saw the last update was in 2011.

  • #51

    Please update! Someone :)

  • #49

    I hope this doesn't upset anyone but I really really love this addon so I decided to do a very small fan update...a fan with very minimal lua proficiency.  Spell IDs for new MoP abilities were added but I took out the dispel section as it was causing spam while buffing in raid/bgs and I know of no way to enable that section only in combat.  Also this update has messages sent to "say" by default.  One can change this back to party by editing the lua file "CCReport.lua" in notepad or notepad++.  Open the file and press CTRL+ F and search the word "SAY".  Click "Replace" and then type in "PARTY."  Finally, click "Replace all" and then save the file.  All credits to Telik0...come back soon!  updated for 5.4


    w/o totems--

    Last edited by Queuetipp on 11/14/2013 1:10:56 AM
  • #50


  • #48

    is there any way to get this addon to work in anything else than party please, 

  • #47

    Is there a way that you could implement the announcing based on the character's status for dungeons?  Such as if a npc were to silence you, as a healer, and it announces that you are silenced.  I understand that the way you have it setup now is by a list of spell IDs which are used on the character, and with npcs there are no set spell IDs that I am aware of.  But, maybe there is a way that the addon can determine if you have been hexed, silenced, etc. by examining if you can cast spells and/or if you have control of your character.  Don't know if you have the capability of doing this, but this is the only addon I have found that announces when you have been cc'ed so I figured I would ask.

  • #44

    Forget I asked, I know why.

    Didn't realize you have dispells listed as well, and the reason is not showing up in pve because you have written player abilities and not npcs ones.

    Edit: Ok, I have done pvp now and it still does not report any of those things.





    Last edited by OnionsandEggnog on 5/18/2012 11:51:29 PM
  • #45

    What things? You didn't list anything.

  • #42

    Being stunned is a CC aswell right? But I don't see it in my chat when I am stunned and I would very much appreciate it if we either could add those cc's or that the author does (or shows us how to :))

  • #43

    I added all the spell ID's individually, so you'll need to tell me which stuns specifically it's having problems with, because it does have a lot of stuns in it already.

  • #40

    A Mana Burn tell would be nice. I can't find any addons that notifies me when I'm getting Mana Burned.

  • #41

    Spell Alerter

  • #39

    is it possible to config this addon to use "say" instead of party? some BGs doesnt seem to  have party anymore :P

  • #46

    This.  Entirely Necessary.  So annoying when I get sapped, and am in the middle of typing when the rogue opens up on me while my healer is running off 

  • #38
    CCReport 4.3

    Very nice addon, any hope to have a 4.3 update ?

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