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  • World of Warcraft
  • 871 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 5.4.8
  • 129,914 Total Downloads
  • Updated 07/10/2014
  • Created 10/23/2006
  • 754 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)
  • Newest File: CensusPlus-V6.1.2.A-Toc

About CensusPlus

Special note: 2-Sept-2014 Preview images showing new addon UI element changes

Special note: 15-Aug-2014 In preparation for World of Warcraft v6.0 and Warlords of Draenor a major effort has been made to fix localization issues. If you are comfortable translating from English to other Blizzard supported languages please go to and add translations and/or review other translations. Thank you for your help in this endeavor.

You can always find the latest information on the Census mod at:


CensusPlus came about due to requested changes and desired options not present in the original Census UI Mod by Ian Pieragostini.

I spoke with Ian (the original creator of the Census UI mod) and he has lost interest in World of Warcraft modding and encouraged me to modify the Census Mod to my liking. Thus I have done so.

The original Census UI Mod basically took snapshots of your current realm and faction. You could keep this data and combine it with other snapshots to provide greater statistical analysis.

CensusPlus offers many features above and beyond what the original Census UI mod provided. Here follows a list of added features:

  • Abilty to minimize the main census window which provides you the abilty to actually play while a census is being taken
  • Ability to pause and unpause the current census
  • Ability to stop the current census in progress
  • GameTime timestamp added when characters are viewed which will be used by if your data is uploaded

Census information is saved in the Savedvariables folder as CensusPlus.lua this is the file that is uploaded to WarcraftRealms

Installation: Unzip the files into your %World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns directory. It should create a CensusPlus directory with the installed files.


/CensusPlus or /Census+ or /Census and following command as shown below:

  • /CensusPlus verbose _ Toggles verbose mode off/on
  • /CensusPlus options _ Brings up the Option window
  • /CensusPlus take _ Start a Census snapshot
  • /CensusPlus stop _ Stop a Census snapshot
  • /CensusPlus prune X _ Prune the database by removing characters not seen in X days on current realm - X defaults to 30 days
  • /CensusPlus serverprune X _ Prune the database by removing all data from servers other than the one you are currently on - X defaults to 0 days.
  • /CensusPlus who name _ Will display info that matches names or guilds.
  • /CensusPlus who unguilded 70 _ Will list unguilded characters of that level.
  • /CensusPlus timer X _ Will set the autocensus timer (in minutes).
  • /CensusPlus me _ Does Census update of player only.. this is done automatically when /CensusPlus take finishes.

You can also invoke the CensusPlus window by clicking on the CensusPlus Button that default to the mini-map but can be moved anywhere. Clicking the right (alternate) button on the mouse will show a drop down option window.

By selecting the Take button from the main census panel, you will initiate a Census snapshot. Depending on the population of your realm and faction, this could take several minutes.

Clicking the Purge button will purge all your collected data from your local Census database.

Clicking the Stop button will stop the current census if one is in progress.

Clicking the Pause button will pause the current census if one is in progress.

Once you have census data locally you can click on Race, Class, or Level icons or bars to bring up more detail on your current realms population.

If you so choose, you can upload your collected census information to Doing so will greatly help in the tracking of your realm and faction's population numbers and statistics. You can create your own login at to keep track of your upload activity, or upload anonymously.

If you have any requests, comments, or suggestions, please post in the forums at

6.1.2.A - 07/10/2014
-Fixed issue with Guild - Guild's Realm relationship not displaying under certain conditions.
6.1.2 - 06/10/2014
 - Fix required for use when uploading data to
 - extended Latin-1 character probems fixed..

6.1.0j - 04/21/2014
- support changes with no major impact on process for running Census
- added code and output to support tracking of Connected Realms
- cleaned up saved data by reiterative pruning of empty data branches after player uses prune function
- minor label changes and prep work for future WoD release

6.1.0i - 12/10/2013
- disabled the no longer needed work around for the Blizzard store tainting.

6.1.0h - 11/05/2013
- fixed data pruning
  /census prune N now correctly prunes current realm or all members of the "Connected Realms" to the same N number of days.
  /census serverprune N  now correctly prunes all except the current realm or "Connected Realms" set
- a change was made in the addon to overcome a problem in data handling at

6.1.0g - 11/02/2013
- work around fix for bogus error popup using code suggested in by Ashel
- fixed the blanking of guild data on member realm change.

6.1.0f - 10/29/2013
- updated forced by WoW 5.4.1 dropping support for Cvar("RealmName")
- Guild data and Character display is working now.
- data displayed when 'Show Chars' changes based upon the other selectors you choose.
- In game display can now handle up to 15 'Connected member realms', I hope to revert to something smaller depending on Blizzards final disposition of realms.

- Guild display requires special consideration.
  Guilds only display when a realm is selected (realm name turns YELLOW) [this is consistent if single realm or connected realms.]
  Once a guild is selected as a limiter for display, data displayed is based upon the Guild's home realm not the standard realm.
 (see Caveat below)

 6.1.0e - 10/23/2013
 - reworked in game display to handle up to 5 'Connected realms'
Upon character login opening the CensusPlus window will provide minimal information, start a census run with:
       chat line entry -   /census take,
       CensusPlus button - right click and selecting Take,
       or pressing the Take button in the main CensusPlus window
Close, if open, the main CensusPlus window and open it back up again..
by the time you have done this CensusPlus will have learned any connected member realms and will be able to display valid data.
By default the data displayed is for the superset connected realm. No Guild data will be displayed as this is member realm specific,
all other view limiter options continue to work as normal.
Each of the learned realm names is a selector button, click on the name to enable or disable view limit to that realm.
On limiting view to a realm the guild data is now valid and displays. Again all view limiter options from this point work.
Selecting a guild limits the view to only guild data, and inverts some selectors..
the realm name is now used as the guilds home realm and the total count, race,class and level values are for all members of this guild no matter which realm they log in on.
Selecting a different realm will invalidate the guild display which will go blank.
You will need to click the new realm selection to cycle back to superset which resets system and then click the realm to reactivate the guild info for the new member realm.
 Bug Fix:
The Pause button in the main CensusPlus window again correctly pauses Census run in progress. Pressing the button again a second time restarts processing.

6.1.0d - changes to match reality found with live Connected realms
  -- census /take now finds and reports on all member realms of Connected realms
  -- mouseover/target finds will add any missed member realms if you find a character after the census run has processed the characters level.

Main CensusPlus window, and end of census run reports display all members of Connected realms.
Since the one census run handles all the realms, there is no need to do separate runs on the other members of the Connected realms.
 All characters found via either process will be included in activity reports at

  -- mouseover/target finds of Coalesced realms continue to be reported in character reports, but not included in the activity reports since these are random finds.

6.1.0c - fix for problem blocking census of "Area 52" realm both regions

6.1.0b - minor fixes for problems impacting EU region
  -- Region indicator used to uniquely identify realms of the same name fixed.
  -- coding restored to handle the bizarre Blizzard decision in naming the EU Portuguese realm using symbols that have special meaning in Lua.. flogging isn't good enough for the crime!

6.1.0a - minor fix to stop Lua error popup .. Blizzard returns unexpected nil on local realm GetUnit call. causing Lua error. protection code added for this edge condition.
   Error impacted mouseover or targeted census... standard census not impacted.. and dismissing the error popup allowed 6.1.0 code to continue working.

6.1.0 - 09/10/2013   -- required update if you are submitting data to
-- Siege of Orgrimmar patch 5.4
-- reworked much of the code to be able to handle 'Connected realms' .. and when Blizzard flips the switch, to effectively census multiple old realms in a single run
-- We now must track the realm information for Guilds (home/creation realm) instead of assuming it is the local realm, this is what triggered the mandatory update.
-- Blizzard hasn't been explicitly clear on how they are handling Connected realms... so some coding  for in game display hasn't been completed.. no way to test ..
--        an update of CensusPlus is in the works for release when Blizzard flips the switch and gives us some data to work against.
-- Modified /Census serverprune  to /Census serverprune X  making it somewhat the inverse of existing /census Prune X
--     Prune X  where X is the number of days you want to keep for the current realms data.
--     Serverprune X where X is the number of days of data you want to keep on all other realms other then the one you are currently on (which is left untouched)
--      the default for Prune if no number entered is X = 30 days
--      the default for Serverprune if no number entered is X = 0 days


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  • #118
    Installed it with the Curse client and it doesn't work. There's no interface in the game, no mention of it in WoW's add-on menu and writing in /censusplus doesn't do anything.
  • #119
    Re:Not Working
    It may be listed as an out of date add-on because the TOC file has not been updated.
    Check at the character-select screen that you have "Load out-of-date add-ons" checked.

    It seems to work fine in 4.2 for me.
  • #117
    Any thoughts about adding russian localization and support for it?
  • #115
    Any word on what's up with the website for this addon? It was down all day yesterday and no sign of life from it today either.

    agrees that it's not just me.
  • #116
    Never mind, working again today.
  • #114
    ".../censusdate 12-25-2004 would set the current date to December 25, 2005".

    I think something is wrong in the cited sentence.
  • #122

    hey 2004  - 2005  just a little difference

  • #113
    find this addon very helpfull for me but i have some probltms with it.
    log file has such format:
    ["Флёрка"] = {
    79, -- [1]
    "Алые Панды", -- [2]
    "2011-03-01", -- [3]
    ["Канне"] = {
    73, -- [1]
    "С С С Р", -- [2]
    "2011-03-01", -- [3]
    ["Вэлари"] = {
    77, -- [1]
    "Крохаборы", -- [2]
    "2011-03-01", -- [3]
    ["Анварика"] = {
    82, -- [1]
    "Клан Ночной Погибели", -- [2]
    "2011-03-01", -- [3]

    here we can see players names, guld names and so on.
    i need only players names and has log file format like this:
    is it real to do?
  • #112
    missing french traduction for goblin and worgen in "localization.lua"
    line 234 add
    CENSUSPlus_WORGEN = "Worgen";
    CENSUSPlus_GOBLIN = "Gobelin";
    CENSUSPlusFemale["Gobeline"] = "Gobelin";

    probably same for spanish
  • #111
    It seems that isn't working for worgen (huargen) in spanish servers.
  • #110
    Now that its working again, I need to get my friends to start uploading again!

    Thanks for the update!
  • #109
    It is now updated and will be available for download shortly!
  • #108
    Any eta on the update to include 81-85 & Worgen & Goblin races & the new race/class combos?
  • #106
    Caption obvious here need to add 81-85 on the census list For the Horde!
  • #107
    oh and add the Goblin Worgen race
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