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Chaos Frame Modifier

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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 4.0.3a
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  • Updated 01/11/2011
  • Created 05/20/2009
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: r42
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About Chaos Frame Modifier

CFM allows full manipulation of almost any frame in the game.

Slash Command
/cfm - brings up config
/cfm load <Realm> <Name> - swap to another toon's settings (remember to capitalize your realm and name)
ESC - closes config

Frame List
This lists your frames currently in your database.
Left Click: Selects the frame and fills in it's info in all other frames (except "Add Frame").
Right Click: Prompts removal of the frame from the database.

Properties Tab
Pretty straight forward.

Anchor Tab
Change a frame's anchor points, parent and allows fine-tuned positioning.

Add Frame Tab
The place to add a frame to the database.

Mouseover Frame (bottom)
This will tell you the name of the frame your mouse is currently over, as well as the parent of the frame.

Known Bugs

ME!: I wrote it.
Moongaze: LOTS of help along the way, including a lot of performance suggestions.
WoWInterface Community: Including (but not limited to) Seerah, Akryn, and kraftman for helping me with my noobish questions on the forums when I'd get stuck.

r42 | chaosinc | 2011-01-11 23:49:39 +0000 (Tue, 11 Jan 2011) | 16 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/CFM.lua
   M /trunk/CFM_GUI.lua

Note to self: If you have time to level an alt, you have time to update your projects.  And man what an update was needed for this one. ;)

+ Profile Loading/Copying added to Options
+ "Disable Mouse" feature added to Properties (enjoy it, this was a pain to do with currently existing code :p)
+ It's a new year, copyright should reflect it
+ Frame restoration has been removed from the "Remove" function and now has it's own so other elements can access it
+ OnShow function properly hooks now (again)
+ List buttons will now keep their backgrounds after deleting a frame
+ Changing the height value with "Constrain" checked will now properly update the width box instead of itself (coulda sworn I fixed that once already...)
+ Slightly adjusted Properties to make room for new and possible additional options
+ Numerous other bug fixes I've lost track of
+ Ask users to use the Facebook "Like" link to help spread CFM (shameless plug, bite me ;p)

- Chat Edit box has been removed from default frames due to strange behaviour
- "Converted" comments removed
- Removed debug commenting spam
r41 | chaosinc | 2010-12-14 22:44:53 +0000 (Tue, 14 Dec 2010) | 2 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/CFM.lua
   M /trunk/CFM_GUI.lua

+ line 108 fixed
+ some background coding changes in preparation for custom background/border options
r40 | chaosinc | 2010-12-03 10:44:16 +0000 (Fri, 03 Dec 2010) | 1 line
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/CFM.lua

+ correct OnShow scripts not hooking properly when a newly added "invisible" frame becomes visible (line 309 error)

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  • #50

    Since this great little addon seems to be no longer in development I was respectfully wondering if you'd maybe consider letting someone take over the project?  I still use this addon as I've not found any good alternative and have made a few minor modifications myself such as setting size and/or scale to 0 allows it to position frames without trying to resize them.  It appears to be working OK still and I am very thankful you made this mod.

  • #51

    If someone wants to step up I'll consider adding them to the project to keep it going.  Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't broke yet as I haven't updated it in over a year.  Surprised

  • #49
    I'm having trouble loading previous existing profiles. It's not working for me.
  • #47
    RE: Frame Display

    This is a known issue. I forgot to comment out a debug line before committing. Next release will have this removed again.

    RE: Profile Swap
    Profile swap has been removed in the current version in lieu of my current work on the actual GUI element. I failed to mention it in the changelog. My bad.
  • #46
    Hi, I'd just like to say thanks for this great work. I really miss the DFM but this is almost better though - it's less bloated, faster and easier to use! I have a couple small problems in that trying to load another profile does nothing for me (yes I am spelling it right), is this a bug? Also I had to comment out the line where it says what frame it modifies because it was spamming my chat window a lot. Respect to you and Lozareth!
  • #48
    See my above comment on your issue and thanks for the support. What you like about it is exactly what I was shooting for in this rendition of it.
  • #45
    I might have missed it in previous comments but is there anyways to stop it from telling me the frame name all the time? I never seen it doing it during the wrath version but now I keep seeing frame names in my chat log...
  • #44
    I keep getting these each time i leave combat mode, which, truth be told is a bit annoying. Anyway to remove that message?

    [12:16] CFM: Settings will be applied once you leave combat.
    [12:16] CFM: Combat ended. Settings now applied.
  • #43
    I felt the same, which is why I remade it. Glad you enjoy. =D
  • #37
    I'm sorry, it seems a bit lazy and childish, but is there any way you could make the positioning feature work with a click+drag? Going by x,y is extremely time consuming when trying to overhaul the ui. I have weird quirks when it comes to what I want out of my ui and at this point I just want things to go where I want them in a no-guessing manner. You seem to be a pretty active modder, so I was hoping my wish was somehow obtainable.

    If it can't be done, or you simply don't have the time. I understand. Just wondering.

    Khaz'goroth (Horde)
  • #38
    Drag-n-Drop functionality is already planned. I have a lot of other projects that need updates at the moment that have my attention during my limited free time (new school term).

    I realize a lot of people would like to have this feature. To be honest, I'm picky about side-to-side equalibrium (50px left = 50px right of center, etc.) and that kind of accuracy isn't really viable with drag-n-drop, so I went with hard values instead for myself.

    I'll bump this up on my list of things I still want to add to CFM as it is now an actual user request rather than a "meh, I'll get to it eventually". ;D
  • #39
    =) I'll take what I can get! And i think leaving the hard value function in is still a good idea, so you can drag and drop most things and then line everything up perfectly later. For me, it's mostly a matter of making an ui that fits with all the mods and the class I play. So I have to move things around, and around, and around some more.

    Thanks again for sparing some free time for this. I'll help with any error reports if it comes to it.

  • #35
    1) I don't think you can delete frames that do not have names
    2) How do you move the tooltip? (or what is the frame name to move the tool tip)
  • #36
    1) The name removal was the user assigned name, not the frame's physical name.
    2) Tooltip movement is beyond the scope of this addon. This was covered a few comments down. Please read previous comments before asking a question, it may have already been asked and answered. ;)
  • #33

    Odd that I didn't get an email from the forums when you posted, I'll look at my notification settings. Sorry about that, I'm not really ignoring it.

    A lot of issues have been cropping up when using this and the standard UI. I have a lot of fixes being worked on, but are untested as my account expired again and it'll be about a week or so before I can get it up again (xmas is expensive for 2 boys, lol). I'll look into these issues and get them resolved as soon as I can get in game again.
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