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  • World of Warcraft
  • 1,692 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.0.3
  • 129,091 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/17/2014
  • Created 08/27/2012
  • 46 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: ChiBar 0.13b
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About ChiBar

ChiBar is a simple Addon, which provides a Frame for a Monk to observe his Chi.


  • Customazible Frame for tracking your Monk's Chi
    • Different textures
    • Scalable
    • Adjust strata/layer level
    • Adjust opacity
    • Choose ChiBar's growth direction
    • Adjust the space between the Chi Orbs
    • Free movable
    • Change Color of the Chi Orbs
  • Autohiding ChiBar while you're out of Combat
  • Hide Blizzard's default ChiBar


  • Options are integrated into Blizzard's Interface-Optionswindow
  • Access the options through GameMenu>Interface>AddOns>ChiBar ...
  • ... or simply type /cb or /chibar into your chat

Version 0.13b

  • Added support for 6 chi orbs (windwalker draenor perk + ascension)

Version 0.13a

  • Updated for WoW Patch 6.0.2 "The Iron Tide"
  • Textfield now also accept commas instead of dots in decimal numbers

Version 0.13

  • fixed bugs with the special characters of the german locale
  • added Textfield next to the Sliders to adjust the Value manually
  • some code refactoring

Version 0.12

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.4 "Siege of Orgrimmar"
  • fixed a bug with the texture "Minimalistic 1"

Version 0.11a

  • changed event "UNIT_POWER" to "UNIT_POWER_FREQUENT" to (hopefully) fix the bug submitted by Mikemorveus@Curse
  • some rearrangement of the code and the files

Version 0.11

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.3.0 "Escalation"

Version 0.10a

  • Some minor code fixing (taint bug)

Version 0.10

  • Add an option to adjust the space between the Chi Orbs

Version 0.9

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.2.0 "The Thunder King"
  • Reworked vehicle-behaviour
    • ChiBar now only goes invisible, if you're in a real vehicle (like a tank)
  • Reworked the versioncheck of ChiBar

Version 0.8

  • Add an option to adjust ChiBar's strata/layer level

Version 0.7a

  • Fixed an issue with an reappearing default chibar when e.g. entering dungeons
  • some minor adjustmenst in the optionwindow

Version 0.7

  • Added an option to hide the default ChiBar below the player's frame

Version 0.6

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.1.0 "Landfall"
  • Some minor changes on the Addon's strings

Version 0.5

  • Fixed a bug with Autohiding
  • Added a bunch of new fancy textures by Aylaria@EU-Azshara :)

Version 0.4a

  • Fixed a bug with the new color-feature

Version 0.4

  • Added a "Change Color"-function
  • Opacity is now seperatly changeable for empty and full orbs
  • Added a Confirm-PopUp for the "Reset"-feature
  • Option is restructured for the new features
  • Orbs are now smaller by default

Version 0.3b

  • Fixed a bug with the Autohiding-feature (changing registered events),
  • Thanks Kosouda@Curse for your description of the bug :)

Version 0.3a

  • The area, in which you have to click to move the unlocked frame, is smaller since 0.3. This smaller area is now highligthed.

Version 0.3

  • ChiBar's growth direction is now costumizable
  • ChiBar's opacity is now adjustable
  • Added the "KittyFox"-texture by KittyFox@Curse :)

Version 0.2

  • ChiBar is now visible while unlocked and autohiding enabled
  • added a transparent, grey frame while ChiBar is unlocked to show ChiBar's borders
  • some coderewriting

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  • #51

    Being able to change the slot/background and/or their color independantly from the chi orb itself would be a nice addition to have. Using the simple sphere ones atm but they seem so dark even with full white and brightness at max so it's just a tiny bit harder to follow in raids but I don't want to use any other because of how good the transparent slot looks. Having fe. kittyfox with that background ,or basically any of the slots if I could tune it's the color and alpha, would be perfect.

  • #52

    Hey there,

    it think it can be done quite easily. But the background and orbs are made to match und i dont know, whether that could look well. ^^
    That's why i maybe have to make the scaling independly for backgrounds and orbs.
    Sadly that work has to wait after my exams next weeks. After that I'm going to do some work on the addon. :)


  • #50

    I really want to use your addon, but I get the following whenever I "Invoke Xuen".

    Message: ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:345: CreateFrame: Can't create protected 'Button' now
    Time: 12/12/14 11:38:43
    Count: 8
    Stack: [C]: ?
    [C]: in function `CreateFrame'
    ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:345: in function `CompactRaidFrameContainer_GetUnitFrame'
    ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:317: in function `CompactRaidFrameContainer_AddUnitFrame'
    ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:272: in function `CompactRaidFrameContainer_AddPets'
    ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:182: in function `CompactRaidFrameContainer_LayoutFrames'
    ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:130: in function `CompactRaidFrameContainer_TryUpdate'
    ...actRaidFrames\Blizzard_CompactRaidFrameContainer.lua:62: in function `CompactRaidFrameContainer_OnEvent'
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnEvent"]:1>


    I do have other mods installed, but this didn't happen before ChiBar was installed and that's all I installed lately, it also doesn't happen after I disable ChiBar.  Just in case those other mods are part of the problem (Auctionator, Bagnon, Dominos, SexyMap, Skada Damage Meter, and TipTac).  

  • #53

    Hey there,

    First of all: Sorry for the late answer.
    Im working on a fix for that problem.
    Sadly that work has to wait after my exams next weeks.
    After that I'm going to do some work on the addon. :)


  • #48

    Following error when logging in with non-monk:


    ChiBar\loader.lua:5: attempt to call global 'DisableAddon' (a nil value)
    ChiBar\loader.lua:5: in main chunk


  • #49

    Hey Jitter88,

    I'm not quite sure what is causing this problem.
    Commenting out the line should fix this for you, though.

    Greeting, Spielstein

  • #45

    Hey! Awesome addon! There is just one really annoying thing, every time I reload UI or relog, it resets scale to 1. The one that I prefer is 0.67 and each time I must rescale it. Can you somehow set so it doesn't put scale to default each time?

  • #46

    Hey Snugglebelly, [edit: my bad :D]

    first of all: Thanks. ;)

    Regarding your error: Did this happens with the new version of the addon? (0.13)
    The problem is that i can't reproduce your problem and I'm not quite sure what is causing it.
    I created a new monk and tested it there and the error doesn't appear. On my main char the problem doesn't occur, too.
    Maybe your saved ChiBar config is broken, so I recommend to try this:

    - Use the "Reset" button in the option window of ChiBar (ingame)

    If this didn't work, try this:

    1. Delete the ChiBar folder from your Addons
    2. Go to the folder ...\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCNAME\REALM\CHARNAME\SavedVariables\
    3. Delete the files ChiBar.lua and the ChiBar.lua.bak
    4. Download the lastest version of ChiBar from Curse, install it and start the game.

    I hope one of this solutions will help you. Otherwise feel free to complain. ;)

    Last edited by Spielstein on 10/2/2014 2:52:18 AM
  • #47

    Hey, thanks for quick reply :) It's Snugglebelly btw :D I tried all this and it didn't work :( I guess it's some compatibility issue with some other addon. Thanks for trying to help anyway

  • #43

    Through all of the errors that people have stated, it's working like a charm for me. I like this little addon! Keep up the great work.

  • #44

    Thanks :D
    It's always nice to hear, that my work is appreciated by someone. ;)


  • #41

    This chi bar has the same problem that every other one i tried has. When a blackout kick or rising sun kick gets parried the bar doesn't instantly refund the chi like the blizz bar does. According to the addon's chi bar it will appear to it that you are down 2 chi when in realizty you are not. Is there a way to fix this?

  • #42


    Sorry for answering so late. Yeah, there may be a fix to it. I'll have to check whether Blizz has an addon-event, which is more "reactive". I'm gonna go in for a closer look.




  • #39

    I had to uninstall the bar... loved it but it caused me to not get a res window while I was in combat and then after fighting a rare I wasn't able to loot until I reloaded the ui via /console reloadui... I have since uninstalled it and would like to have this fixed.  Also notice that my fight with Taran Zhu the meter went away until I uninstalled it.

    Last edited by Xcision666 on 5/12/2013 10:23:05 AM
  • #40


    I'm a little bit perplexed that you encountered such a bunch of errors.
    First of all: Are you sure these problems are caused by ChiBar?
    It could be caused by incorrect behavior by other Addons.
    ChiBar don't interact with the Rezz-Window. Also I'm not quite sure which meter you mean.
    If you mean the Hatred-Bar/Meter? Well ChiBar interacts with this UI-part neither.

    It would be interesting whether your problems persists, because I can't reporduce your problems. :(
    I'll have a look at the problem. Maybe I'll find a problem in the code, if it exists.

    I'm afraid I'm able to help you in the moment but thank you very much for your report,

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