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  • World of Warcraft
  • 3,649 Monthly Downloads
  • Supports: 6.2.0
  • 144,184 Total Downloads
  • Updated 06/29/2015
  • Created 08/27/2012
  • 46 Favorites
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: ChiBar 0.14a
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About ChiBar

ChiBar is a simple Addon, which provides a Frame for a Monk to observe his Chi.


  • Customazible Frame for tracking your Monk's Chi
    • Different textures
    • Scalable
    • Adjust strata/layer level
    • Adjust opacity
    • Choose ChiBar's growth direction
    • Adjust the space between the Chi Orbs
    • Free movable
    • Change Color of the Chi Orbs
  • Autohiding ChiBar while you're out of Combat
  • Hide Blizzard's default ChiBar


  • Options are integrated into Blizzard's Interface-Optionswindow
  • Access the options through GameMenu>Interface>AddOns>ChiBar ...
  • ... or simply type /cb or /chibar into your chat

Version 0.14a

  • Updated for WoW Patch 6.2 "Fury of Hellfire"

Version 0.14

  • Updated for WoW Patch 6.1 "Garrisons Update"
  • Added "NoTaint UIDropDownMenu"-Library by another@curse to hopefully fix the taint

Version 0.13b

  • Added support for 6 chi orbs (windwalker draenor perk + ascension)

Version 0.13a

  • Updated for WoW Patch 6.0.2 "The Iron Tide"
  • Textfield now also accept commas instead of dots in decimal numbers

Version 0.13

  • fixed bugs with the special characters of the german locale
  • added Textfield next to the Sliders to adjust the Value manually
  • some code refactoring

Version 0.12

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.4 "Siege of Orgrimmar"
  • fixed a bug with the texture "Minimalistic 1"

Version 0.11a

  • changed event "UNIT_POWER" to "UNIT_POWER_FREQUENT" to (hopefully) fix the bug submitted by Mikemorveus@Curse
  • some rearrangement of the code and the files

Version 0.11

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.3.0 "Escalation"

Version 0.10a

  • Some minor code fixing (taint bug)

Version 0.10

  • Add an option to adjust the space between the Chi Orbs

Version 0.9

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.2.0 "The Thunder King"
  • Reworked vehicle-behaviour
    • ChiBar now only goes invisible, if you're in a real vehicle (like a tank)
  • Reworked the versioncheck of ChiBar

Version 0.8

  • Add an option to adjust ChiBar's strata/layer level

Version 0.7a

  • Fixed an issue with an reappearing default chibar when e.g. entering dungeons
  • some minor adjustmenst in the optionwindow

Version 0.7

  • Added an option to hide the default ChiBar below the player's frame

Version 0.6

  • Updated for WoW Patch 5.1.0 "Landfall"
  • Some minor changes on the Addon's strings

Version 0.5

  • Fixed a bug with Autohiding
  • Added a bunch of new fancy textures by Aylaria@EU-Azshara :)

Version 0.4a

  • Fixed a bug with the new color-feature

Version 0.4

  • Added a "Change Color"-function
  • Opacity is now seperatly changeable for empty and full orbs
  • Added a Confirm-PopUp for the "Reset"-feature
  • Option is restructured for the new features
  • Orbs are now smaller by default

Version 0.3b

  • Fixed a bug with the Autohiding-feature (changing registered events),
  • Thanks Kosouda@Curse for your description of the bug :)

Version 0.3a

  • The area, in which you have to click to move the unlocked frame, is smaller since 0.3. This smaller area is now highligthed.

Version 0.3

  • ChiBar's growth direction is now costumizable
  • ChiBar's opacity is now adjustable
  • Added the "KittyFox"-texture by KittyFox@Curse :)

Version 0.2

  • ChiBar is now visible while unlocked and autohiding enabled
  • added a transparent, grey frame while ChiBar is unlocked to show ChiBar's borders
  • some coderewriting

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  • #24

    Thanks for your positive feedback! :D
    I coded something, which should work.
    The new version should be approved by Curse soon.
    Report bugs in the new version, if you find any. ;)


  • #26

    Should be fixed with the next release. Thanks for the report. ^^


  • #25

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    With a little testing I've noticed that the bar has been reapearing sometimes, especially when I zone into dungeons/bg's, and when I leave Org to go to Durotar. That might be a CRZ issue but I cant check cause my monk is only level 30.

    Last edited by Vaxi on 12/28/2012 5:44:35 AM
  • #21

    Since updating the addon I'm having an issue where it shows that I have chi built up when I dont have any. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?


    Last edited by Oniaki on 11/29/2012 3:24:43 PM
  • #22

    I didn't have the problem in my raid wednesday.
    Did you try to reset the addon? Or the tip i gave at comment 16?
    At last try to clean the whole addon off your wow-installation und download it again.

    Sorry for not helping you further, but I'm not at home the weekend.


  • #19

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that SPELL_POWER_LIGHT_FORCE was changed to SPELL_POWER_CHI, so you'll need to update for that.

  • #20

    Hey there,

    thanks for the info :D

  • #15

    I love this, makes looking at my chi SO much easier!

    It might be a bug with another one of my addons but every time I log out, or reload or anything, my chibar gets huge and i have to resize it EVERY time, its just rather annoying, any ideas?

  • #16

    Well, I don't have this problem on my monk.
    Try to delete your ChiBar.lua and ChiBar.bak in the folder
    .../World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/REALM/CHARACTER/

    After deleting these two files, start your WoW. Maybe it'll help.


  • #18

    Glad to hear :)

  • #17

    Whatever it was, it went away with the last update.

  • #13

    Any chance you will be adding a option to change the color of the chi?

  • #14

    I'm working on it right now. Stay tuned! I try to get that done the next days. :)

  • #7

    Nice addon does exactly what it says on the tin. Good use of graphics too, good job.

    Couple of suggestiions,

    1) make the default icons smaller - first time users would likely be put off but massive icons, then allow scroll bar to enlarge/make smaller.

    2) have the empty icons have graphics options too. I'd prefer empty/semi transparent circles rather than the harsh white blobs we have at present.

  • #12

    Thanks :D, positive feedback is always nice ^^

    to 1) I think that's something I'm going to do in the next update.

    to 2) On the one hand it's a simple change of the actual texturefiles or the adding of a new texture. I got a new texture from a curseuser, which ich add to the set soon but I'm still waiting for some new texture from a friend of mine. I'm not really that good at graphics :/
    The graphic options for the empty circles is still a idea in mind, that I try to implement, when I got enough time.

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