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  • World of Warcraft
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  • Supports: 5.4.1
  • 23,108 Total Downloads
  • Updated 11/26/2013
  • Created 10/28/2012
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  • Release Type: Inactive
  • License: GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
  • Newest File: ChiEnergyBar-0.78
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About ChiEnergyBar

Tentonhammer's "ChiEnergyBar" review: Top 5 class specific monk addons

Customizable chi points and energy bars.

  • Both bar's can be moved and sized separately.
  • Customizable borders, colors and textures.
  • Tigereye brew stack counter.
  • Toggle lock/unlock bars by shift-left mouse click or slashcommands.
  • Move and resize bars by mouse.
  • Show or don't show empty energy points.
  • Hide or don't hide energybar when out of combat.
  • Hides bars when entering a vehicle or a battle-pet combat.


  • /ceb - open options menu
  • /ceb ebtoggle - toggle unlock/lock energy bar
  • /ceb cptoggle - toggle unlock/lock chi points bar
  • /ceb default - reset to default values and reload UI


  • Left button down - move bar
  • Right button down - resize bar
  • Shift + Left button - toggle unlock/lock bar

This addon is for monks only, here you can find a ROGUE version:

If you are into pvp you may like this All-in-1 killing blow addon:

or these:


  • Fixed the chibar bug, thanks to DaKapi for pointing it out and fix it.


  • Bumped toc number to 50400.


  • Bumped toc number to 50300.


  • Added code to watch for talent change events so ReloadUI isn't necessary anymore after a spec or talent change.


  • Changed "Tiger Brew" stacks counter code. Now it works with localized clients for all languages.


  • Fixed bug, disabled bars won't show after relog anymore.
  • Coordinates of moved bars are saved more accuratly now.
  • Removed entering vehicle debug message.


  • Bumped toc number to 50200.


  • Added option to show tigereye brew stack count.


  • Added new backslash command: "ceb default". This resets ChiEnergyBar to default values and reloads UI.
  • Added option to hide chi points bar when not in combat.
  • Added a slidebar in the energy bar options panel to change energy bar font height (8px - 32px).
  • Bumped toc number to 50100.

- v0.68a

  • Quickfix, fixed the bug Ryger2 reported. Now bars won't disappear after leaving a vehicle.

- v0.68

  • Added a option to customize space between chi point in pixels.
  • Added a option to set the energybar text "left", "center" or "right".

- v0.66

  • Replaced the "SetUserPlaced()" function with my own function so moved bars retain their position after logout. Now the bars will stay in place when positioned in screen center.

- v0.65

  • Added colorpickers to change the background color of the chi points and energybar and buttons to reset them to their default color.
  • Added a button to the main options panel to reset all values to default.
  • Reworked the "LoadDefault" function so it want reset booleans to "true" if they we're saved as "false".

- v0.61

  • Exiting vehicle or pet-battle will keep the energy bar hidden when "show energy bar only in combat" is checked.
  • Login with a non-monk character won't trow a error message anymore. (Forgot to include the only for monk code after dividing the code in 4 separate files).
  • Fixed some hard to reproduce bugs regarding customizing bars while in battleground.

- v0.6

  • First upload, no changes.


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  • #7

    I noticed it too. It seems when bars are positioned near the screen center they position themselfs on a lower position next login. I'm using wow's function "SetUserPlaced(true)"  atm but looks like it doesn't do what it says it does. I"ll try to fix it next upload. It may take some time cause I'll will have to write a function of my own if I can't resolve the issue with blizz own function.

  • #3

    Exactly what I was looking for, the other popular add ons were missing energy.

  • #4

    That's why I decided to build my own Laughing, was missing the energy bar too.

  • #1

    I like the design. Would be nice to be able to customize colors, the white and pale green can be a little hard to see at times.

  • #5

    Working on the customizable color part, debugging now (allways a pita introducing new savable variables without breaking anything). I think it will be ready for upload tomorrow.

  • #2

    Hi Dizzle_ , thanks for the input.

    I"m working on more flexibility in costumizing the bars. For the next update I want to implement color pickers for the bars + possibilty of choosing the setpoint for the energybar text ("left", "center" or "right").

    I have some obligations this weekend so not much time to work on it now but if I dont encounter to much cave eats it will be up in the course of next week. For now I'd recommend the 'Transparant white" background for brighter colors.

    Last edited by Pakze on 11/3/2012 6:52:33 AM
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