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Chinchilla Minimap

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  • Supports: 5.4.8
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  • Updated 09/21/2014
  • Created 07/10/2008
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  • Release Type: Release
  • License: All Rights Reserved
  • Newest File: v2.6.1
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About Chinchilla Minimap

Chinchilla Minimap alters the Blizzard Minimap in a way to provide much nicer features and other niceties.

Allows changing of blip size, border style, shape of the map (doesn't have to be circular, or even square, lots of options are available), size, etc.
A more flexible north-east-south-west indicator.
Show your location coordinates.
Make the minimap very big temporarily (good for gathering or finding a tough-to-spot enemy).
Show the name of your location more flexibly.
Move Buttons
Move the buttons around the minimap to wherever you want (even off the minimap entirely).
Show which team-mate pinged the minimap.
Position the minimap and frames around it.
Range Circle
Show on the minimap where your range extends to.
Show / Hide
Show or hide various frames related to the minimap.
Tracking Dots
Change the dots on the map to a different set of images. Very handy, especially if you suffer from colour-blindness
Use the mouse-wheel to zoom the minimap and zoom out the map automatically after 20 seconds (or so).

Click here or leave a comment to submit a bug report or request a new feature.

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tag v2.6.1
Ethan Centaurai <>
2014-09-21 15:35:41 +0100

Tagging as v2.6.1.


Ethan Centaurai:
    - Delete gitattributes.
    - Update gitignore.
    - Whoops, forgot to remove that from there.
    - It is now possible to show/hide the boss frames again.
    - It is now possible to resize the quest tracker again.
    - Position: Disable boss frame movement until I can figure out what the hell is wrong with it.
    - Position: Boss frames no longer become huge when movable.
    - Position: Boss frames should now stay in the place you put them.
    - ShowHide: Parent the buttons to a hidden frame instead of hiding the button or making it invisible. No more combat taint, no more dead zones, no more buttons being shown when they shouldn't be. In theory.
    - ShowHide: Fix the Movie Recording indicator.
    - Core: Fix the Rotate Minimap checkbox.
    - Appearance: Fix the Wider Objectives Tracker checkbox.
    - ShowHide: Fix vehicle seats default setting.
    - ShowHide: Frames are now hidden as well as made invisible.
    - ShowHide: Minor cleanup and comment updates.
    - Position: Boss unit frames can be moved around again. Code still sucks. Deal with it.
    - ShowHide: The vehicle seats indicator can be shown/hidden again.
    - ShowHide: Boss unit frames can be shown/hidden again.


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  • #1266

    Hi, I have version 2.6, on my Chinchilla map settings the left column does not show Quest tracker catagory.  I seem to have the rest though like Position, Range Circle etc.

    I was looking for this as I wanted to resize my quest tracker frame.

    What can I do to get this working?

    Thank you for your help!

  • #1269

    I removed it a few versions ago as I felt the functionality was beyond the scope of the addon's purpose.

    However a lot of people have asked me to bring it back, so I may end up doing so. ;-)

  • #1276

    I agree that this is out of scope for your addon; there are others that do this. You do still have objectives settings mixed in with minimap appearance settings, though. It'd be nice if they were differentiated in a more obvious manner - maybe a heading or box to separate them.

  • #1265

    Newest version on the project site fixes the errors, by disabling boss code until he can figure out whats going on.


  • #1264

    I'm having an issue with boss frames. I can move them around, and if I do it right before a pull, they will sort of temporarily be in the correct position... But if a new boss unit is added, the boss frames reattach themselves to the bottom of my minimap...which is at the bottom of my screen, making the boss frames not visible any more.

    I don't have any other addons that have boss frame control, near as I can tell.

  • #1261

    Many of the functions under "Show / Hide" are malfunctioning, constantly. Buttons repeatedly show up, and I have to go in and Uncheck/Recheck "Enable" under Show/Hide.

    Any clues?


  • #1262

    Not many clues sadly. :(

    I have changed the way buttons get hidden a few times in recent releases but everything worked fine here.

    What version are you using? Does it happen when Chinchilla is the only addon enabled? Are there any errors?

  • #1256

    I just wanted to report that apparently the "Shape" options for Chinchilla seem to be missing from the appearance tab.  Don't know if it was moved to a different tab, but I thought I'd mention it. :D


  • #1257

    Nope, it's definately there! It's in between "Opacity" and "Show collapse button" on the third row. :)

    It's just in a different position than the screenshot here on Curse. >_>

  • #1260

    D'oh!  You're absolutely right.  Thanks!

  • #1255

    I have found some problems using the Chinchilla. I have been unable to move enough the Quest Tracker, and this has troubled my use of this addon, forcing me to turn it off. This occurred shortly after the update to patch 5.4. Please, I ask you to review how the Quest Tracker can be arranged on screen. The functions "horizontal" and "vertical" do not move enough. Thank you!

  • #1258

    The "horizontal" and "vertical" sliders have never worked properly sadly, especially with the minimap. :(

    As far as I know nothing changed in Patch 5.4 that would cause that to happen... I'll see if I can increase the amounts the sliders accept.

  • #1259

    I think the problem isn't the position, but the size. The addon doesn't allow parts to go over the edges of the window, which is fine, but the quest tracker window is very tall, so you can barely move it up and down. If you can make the size of it adjustable again (like it was if I remember correctly), then the positioning shouldn't be a problem.

  • #1250

    Not sure if this is related to this addon or not, but when I hover over a tracking node on the minimap, of any kind, I get no information on what it is, what the name of the node is, npc name ect ect. If i move my mouse over the tracking dot really fast it'll show up sometimes very quickly, really annoying :(

    Last edited by urbanchaos on 9/19/2013 9:23:28 AM
  • #1251

    It is very unlikely to be Chinchilla to be honest. Chinchilla only changes the artwork and size of the nodes.

    That said, try changing the blip size in the Appearance section of the config. I can't promise it will fix anything but it's worth a try. :)

    Let me know what happens.

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